The Newark Murders: More Black Blood on White Liberals Hands


The above are two of the victims in the Newark slayings, Iofemi Hightower and Terrance Aeriel. This was taken at their prom, which was in 2006. They were both still kids whose lives, along with Dashan Harvey, was ended by a murderous gang Latino thugs which included Jose Carraza, an illegal immigrant who was previously arrested for assault and child rape. From Fox News:

NEWARK, N.J. — A Peruvian national in the U.S. illegally and who was previously charged with raping a 5-year-old girl pleaded not guilty Friday in the execution-style slayings of three young college students, a day after he surrendered to the Newark mayor.

Jose Carranza, 28, aka Jose La Chira, entered his plea before Essex County Superior Court Judge Michael Casale. A second suspect, a 15-year-old boy, has been held pending a detention hearing, and authorities said more arrests were “imminent.”

Carranza, of Peru, was being held on $1 million bail. He turned himself in to Newark Mayor Cory Booker after his fingerprints were lifted from a bottle in connection with the shootings of four college students on Saturday. Three were killed but a fourth survived and was hospitalized after the shootings in a Newark schoolyard.

FOX News has learned Carranza, who has a fake Social Security number, had been arrested on charges of raping a 5-year-old girl and then threatening the child and her parents. In that case he faced a 31-count indictment.

In another, he was arrested on assault charges stemming from a bar fight.

Immigration officials apparently were aware of Carranza’s illegal status since his prior arrests, according to Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura.

Leftist claim it would be racist to deport people like Carraza. It doesn’t occur to them that Carraza himself is a racist who selected the victims because they were Black even though the Southern Poverty Law Center sounded the alarm on this issue long ago in their report on Latino gangs committing hate crimes against Black Americans. From the S.P.L.C. report:

A comprehensive study of hate crimes in Los Angeles County released by the University of Hawaii in 2000 concluded that while the vast majority of hate crimes nationwide are not committed by members of organized groups, Los Angeles County is a different story. Researchers found that in areas with high concentrations, or “clusters,” of hate crimes, the perpetrators were typically members of Latino street gangs who were purposely targeting blacks.

Furthermore, the study found, “There is strong evidence of race-bias hate crimes among gangs in which the major motive is not the defense of territorial boundaries against other gangs, but hatred toward a group defined by racial identification, regardless of any gang-related territorial threat.”
Six years later, the racist terror campaign continues.

The Latino pogrom against Black Americans is an issue I’ve blogged about before, and I along with many others have even sent e-mails to news shows like Geraldo’s weekend abortion, but it get very little coverage. There is a media blackout on reporting this story as it makes obvious the fact that being concerned by the unchecked immigration of criminals from third world hell holes isn’t racist at all. It is the White leftists who are the racists, covering up the ongoing genocide of Blacks by the Mexican Mafia affiliated Latino gangs that comprise a significant portion of illegal aliens.

But how do I connect this horrendous slaying to racist gang activity you ask? Let’s look at some evidence. Also from Fox:

Carranza’s attorney, Felix Montalvo, called Booker on Thursday to arrange his surrender.

“He said, ‘Mr. Mayor, we’d like him to be turned in directly to you,’” Booker said Montalvo, who also is a close friend, told him.

On Wednesday night, police arrested the 15-year-old boy who along with Carranza is accused of murder, attempted murder, robbery, weapons offenses and conspiracy to commit the crime of robbery, Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow said. Authorities were seeking to have the minor tried as an adult.

Dow said she doesn’t believe there is any familial relationship between the two in custody.

The teen, who is Hispanic, is an American citizen with a Newark address, Booker said.

Now I’ll take it slow for some of you liberals out there. Two Latino men in their late twenties, one of whom is a child rapist who attempted threatened the family into silence and just happens to be friends with a lawyer, take a fifteen year old boy out one night to kill some Black kids. If these older men were in a Mexican Mafia affiliated gang (and the M.M. is the defacto leader of all Latino gangs with a significant prison population) the membership would be “blood in, Blood out” meaning that you had to kill someone to get in the gang, and die to get out.

In 1998, the Mexican Mafia “green lighted” Blacks, all Blacks, as part of their long running feud with the top Black prison gang The Black Guerrilla Family. This ruling means that their affiliates are allowed to murder any black person on sight, any time they want. This makes Blacks the most likely targets of Latino gang crime, especially when it’s an initiation where a crew is looking for someone to murder.

Now Carraza, who for some reason is unafraid to go to prison (because the M.M. will protect him maybe?) but seemingly afraid to be out on the streets (Newark is Blood territory, or was last time I was there) gets a Lawyer to walk him into the Mayor’s office. The Mayor’s Office. Ballsy, and a message to Blacks in Newark no doubt. They’re taking over and even the Mayor can’t do anything about it.

This was a hate crime, but while many are rightly concerned about the illegal angle and Newark’s sanctuary city policy that made these murders possible, that fact will be lost. Carraza shouldn’t have been here and he isn’t just a statistic, a small percentage of bad apples in the barrel of hard working “undocumented workers.” He’s part of a organized movement to exterminate Blacks in the inner cites, part of a network of gangs taking orders from the Mexican Mafia, and those orders include finding Kids who are hanging out having a good time and murdering them in cold blood.

This is more blood, more black blood, on the hands of “immigrant rights” activists and other White liberals who get to sit at home and shrug when Blacks are murdered. For those of us with family in Essex county, hard working Blacks who may be being stalked even now by these Latino klansmen, we can’t be so blase about the inner cites being ethnically cleansed.

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24 thoughts on “The Newark Murders: More Black Blood on White Liberals Hands

  1. Amazing story… but the despicable Left is so convinced of their superiority and intellect that they don’t mind a bunch of peons getting killed along the way to their utopia!
    That’s what those wonderful “progressives” invented the guillotine and the gas chamber for, taking care of retrograde non-conformists like us!
    Keep up the great work! And feel free to leave a trackback or link anytime at Dumb Ox Daily News.

  2. Latino klansman?oh c’mon these 3 poor soulds were the 58,59,and 60th murders in Newark this year yeas the over 50 were black on black,wheres the blog?are you useing this senseless and horific story for your own good?

  3. Latino klansman?oh c’mon these 3 poor souls were the 58,59,and 60th murders in Newark this year yes and over 50 were black on black,wheres the blog?are you useing this senseless and horific story for your own good?

  4. Stop repeating yourself.

    And I know Newark well, I was in fact shot at in Newark on night myself, in the early ’90’s. The point is that Mexican mafia affiliated gangs, like the Avenues and Latin Kings, are racist organizations that attack Black people, including my familly some of whom are from the Newark area. So yes that’s my purpose, to protect my relatives from gangs of miscreants who hate blacks. You got me .

  5. “The growth of MS-13 has caught the attention of the media and law enforcement. The US government, as well as the governments of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, are enacting tough measures to target such gangs. But the migration factors that made the growth of the gangs possible — MOST IMPORTANTLY, US deportation policy — have been overlooked.

    In combination with poor social and economic prospects back “home,” deportation of gang members has allowed US-based gangs to establish themselves in Central America and subsequently funnel both new and old members back to the United States through illegal channels.”

    (see National Policies and the Rise of Transnational Gangs).

  6. So we should let them stay and kill as many Black Americans as they want? If Central American Marxists hadn’t spent decades destabilizing the region with thier on going “revolution” maybe the government there could have delt with these gangs effectively.

    But by your logic Black Americans should pay the price, in blood, for the supposed responsibility of America in making Central American countries amenible to having violent racist gangs roam the streets there. Disgusting.

  7. micguevara
    Your response is quite offensive. First and foremost the topic at hand is not black or black crime. How dare you minimize the senseless slaying of human life. These Latinos whom are klansmen as far as I am concerned would not be here if the US tighten up their borders. I am Latina and I happen to be a Latina whom is Black. My family is from Honduras Central America, we are of African descent therefore are black. I must add we arrived here legally.

    These thugs are racist and hate the blacks in there own country. I am a target and so are my family and friends. People need to be concerned. Light skinned Hispanics like yourself need to be concerned. You guys are so ignornant and believe you are white; in your country you are considered white in this country you are not.

    Black and Latinos must stand up against these crimes against Blacks. Hispanics in particularly light skinned Hispanics from, Central America and Mexico must keep in mind that when people feel threaten they will attack first. What this basically means is that light skinned hispanics may become targets. As far as I am concerned if I see a gang of Hispanics coming my way and they even look like they are planning to do anything “freshy,” then I am going to do my best to attack first.

  8. Well said Julie and I should add that while my primary concern is Latino gangs who are connected to the Mexican Mafia, or in this case it’s being reported MS-13, I’ve worked with Black and Latino teens fairly recently and their is a surprising amount of racism from both sides. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with and not swept under the rug like the MSM is doing now.

    I feel for you Julie, I grew up in an all Black area but being bi-racial and “lookong White” I was targeted by racist too. And most og them were gang members (wannabe anyway) influenced by those gangs affiliation with Black nationalist movements. I learned to be aware and prepared like you I imagine.

    Be safe.

  9. Black americans need to stop being so docile. Step your game up. The world looks down on you. Don’t be so accepting. Protect your own.

  10. It’s hard to protect your own in Jersey, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country (It’s basically impossible to get a firearm permit if your Black) and has no real self defense protection built into the laws. If so dudes jump you, and you fight back and hurt one in Jersey, they can press charges on you. At least that’s what it was like in the 90’s, which is when I got out of there.

  11. Well you have to do something. Just can’t roll over and die. Legally or illegally you have to defend yourself.

  12. I agree, but the government should be making it easier, not harder, for Black men and women to stand up for themselves and their families. If a man defends his family, then has to go to jail, who’s going to watch out for his family then?

    You’re right, but that’s still only a short term solution. America, especially Democrats, need to decide who’s side their on, Black Americans or the groups that are killing them.

  13. these latino gangs are the new klansmen. for a long time i always thought that blacks and latinos were cool with each other, but as i read more and more about gang violence all i see is latinos killing blacks for not apparent reason. black people need to stick together, and stop acting scared. black people have come to far. from slavery to KKK and now the mexican mafia. this is BULL CRAP.

  14. I’m with you William, we need another Malcolm that will say to the Latino gangs and the White establishment that allows them to run amok that enough is enough!

  15. “The despicable left?” What about the ‘despicable RIGHT’ who for love of an oil deal let them in knowing they will behave this way towards African/Americans and their own underprivileged white kind? Come on, this is DEATH you are describing, ‘death’ at the hands of Latin American SAVAGES who by the way, are allied with Middle Easterns who are doing the same thing to blacks.

    For love of oil deals in Latin America and the Middle East bush and the right-wing allowed these filthy abominations to flood the shores of America. They could care less and therefore have the greater evil.

    As for the ‘despicable left’, yes they are ideological fools who are into ‘let all the nice foreigners come in’, not knowing they are holding hands with their murderers. They so despise the ‘despicable racist mentality of their white brothers of the ‘right’ that they automatically and to their own, and black people’s detriment lend to far to the extreme to withstand them.

    Nonetheless, make no mistake about it but that the fault lie with the ‘despicable SATANIC RIGHT’ who let these foreigners in for love of oil deals i.e. greed. The despicable left is so full of ire at the hate that they know so well exists in their wretched brothers/sisters of the right (as many were reared in such homes) that they are in essence ‘cutting off their nose (and black people’s nose) to spite their faces.’

    Tthen again, who can blame them for hating the haters of the despicable right? It’s just that it has blinded them to the new savage Latino/Middle Eastern/Asian enemy who has infiltrated with their African/Bahamian hacking slaveboys to boot who also are killing African/Americans.

  16. There’s no oil in Mexico but thanks for playing.

    I’m of the right, I’m not a racist. Nor are the many right leaning people I know. Don’t let steriotypes blind you to the truth about the Marxist left. MArx hated Blacks and his bigotry has infected all leftist. All White liberals are racist by their very ideology which claims individualism is less important thatn group indentity. When a lefty see me he doesn’t see Rob Taylor, he sees a person who’s half Black, period.

    The right has some good people fighting the ggod fight without being racists, try talking to them instead of ranting about them and you’ll see that.

  17. How does one decide if they are “left” or “right”. Is it if they vote Democrat or Republican? I have almost exclusively Democrat in the past, 2008 I plan to vote Republican. The Democrats are not enough in line with my “moderate” views.

    Does that mean I suddenly switched from left to right?

    The rich elite in both parties are for illegal immigration. They do not have to deal with the reprecussions, the like the cheap labor. They prefer they get benefits from the government so they can avoid the costs of the cheap labor.

    Blaming should not be what the objective is here. The blame game does not solve the problem, nor does victimization. All need to stand together, and say no to violence. If a person from my race commits a crime, especially violence, they are the ones responsible, and just because they are the same race for me does not mean I accept or condone their act.

  18. That’s crap. It’s like saying individual klansmen are responsible for their crimes but the Klan isn’t. MS-13 and the Mexiac mafia gangs are racist narco-terror outfits who are benefiting from White liberals wrongheaded “tolerance” while Black people die.

    I’m for guest worker programs, but I want gang affiliation to automatically disqualify a person from citizenship. Latin America is full of law abiding men and women dwelling in poverty who want to be Americans, and a drug dealing gang is the main benefactors of sanctuary city policies. The left needs to step up and say no to criminal aliens. The left needs to step up for rule of law.

    Now is Bush and company wrong on this issue as well? Damn right they are. But if you think Bush wouldn’t deport MS-13 in a heartbeat you’re spending too much time at Think Progress.

    White Liberals in the MSM are the ones covering up the racism of these gangs, White Librerals are organizing protest of border enforcement, WHite liberals are the people who called Black Minutemen “niggers” at the Columbia incident and at several Minutemen events and White Liberals have called me a racist for caring about these poor kids. They have the majority of the blame in these kids deaths.

    And I applaud your independence. I myself voted for Lieberman last cycle (a protest against the anti-Semitism in Lamont supporters)

  19. blacks in america are nothing more than bunch of thugs and out laws that goes for over 98% of them……this country will be better off without blacks i live with them and worh with them and i got to know them over a 16 years they are the most ungratfuul group of people i have ever met the most te racist group of people witout a doubt they hate all races they think that all foreigners shouldn’t be here in america but since they already here then foreigners owe them so we have to understand their mentalty they go and rob ,kill a foreginer they don’t see anything wrong with that they are only taking part of what foreginers owe them some of blacks they rob mexican on weekends because they hate mexican claiming that mexicans took .their jobs from them..blacks are nothing but bunch of welfare recepients.they hate whites beyond belive……

  20. Except that in the case above it was a group of Latino gang members who were doing the racist killings. I’m not surprised an arab Muslim thinks this way though, as I’ve blogged about the Arab Imperialist impulse in islam before.

    If you don’t like it here though, why not go back to your back water country?

  21. Ouch! Your rapier like wit has wounded me and forced me to rethink my position.

    Well argued “Chozen” well played. I bow before your mighty intellect.

  22. I am latino and think this was a hate crime. I am Puerto Rican and feel that there are also racist blacks have also attacked mexicans and other south american latinos. Its a major shame

  23. Why don’t blacks ever talk about racist monkey niggers out there killing Hispanic Immigrants, Indian Merchants, Korean Businessmen, and Arabs in Zanzibar? Seriously, you racist chimps. I’m tired of the fact that all Non-Blacks owe blacks something. No nigger, I don’t owe you shit. You already have rich niggresses like Oprah or Tyra Banks to help you. Atleast Mexicans have have history you baboon fucks. Aztecs, Mayans, Incas. All you niggers had before slavery was huts and fucking animals, which caused AIDS. I use to be one of the people who use to blindly support blacks and pity them, but after living with them I know who these devil niggers truly are. Now to be honest, I don’t hate all blacks, I’ve nothing against the educated ones and priestly class ones. Just got problems with those ghetto hood rats.

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