Filthy Jihadi Pervert Claims it’s Acceptable to Molest Children!

I wrote about this YouTube video a couple of days ago in which Northcali707 rambled on about how it’s a fine and decent thing to do to “marry” a 9 year old and have sex with her because she’s entering puberty and thus “mature.” Planning to shirk work that day, after doing a couple of posts I went to YouTube and began haranguing various people, which is technically marketing my blog because my screen name there links here, but in reality it’s just to see if I can make people cry.

One of Northcali’s supporters is 2dfaizi, a degenerate radical Islamists affiliated with the United Muslims forum. He claims that we can’t judge what another society does as wrong if everyone there accepts it isn’t (thank you multiculturalism) and that entering puberty means a girls ready for sex (married off to some older dude first of course) regardless of her age. I reasonably pointed out that by his logic slavery and Aztec human sacrifice was beyond reproach, and I put to him this simple question: If someone tried to marry a 9 yr old off to you, and she had menstruated (2d’s condition for sexual readiness) would you actually have sex with a child?

His response shouldn’t have shocked me, but it did:


What!?! He’s saying it might be unfashionable, but he’d probably have no problem marrying a 9-yr old. No problem getting it up for a child (pardon my language) and no regrets about forcing a child to fulfill his perverted desires. He’s arguing that even though he’s perfectly willing to molest children he isn’t a child molester, I’m just looking at things wrong.

He wants an exception to the law for Muslims to marry, and then rape, children. I know most Muslim men aren’t attracted to children, but this guy and his video making friend are painting sexual desire for children as Islamic, thus off limits for criticism.

“Who am I to judge?” he asks petulantly like some undergrad from a Woman’s Studies program offended by some dudes “no fat chicks allowed” t-shirt. What right does anyone have to lay down rules for the mighty 2dfaizi to follow? How do we dare question his sadistic desire to force a child into an unnatural relationship with an adult man who should be marring adult women?
According to my stats package, I get anywhere from 3-8 hits a day on this post about YouTube allowing Jihadi snuff films and underage girls in risque videos to be circulated because, in essence, they have a large audience of Muslims who enjoy those things. The hits mainly come from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Europe. They all are searches for terms like “underage rape” “Youtube snuff girls” or “13 yr old having sex.” I was careful in the original post to not make a sweeping bigoted statement like “Muslims dig that stuff” but the fact is that the Islamists, followers of Taliban style ideologies, do dig that stuff.

It’s part of their appeal, perverts like 2dfaizi and and his ilk can be free to practice their sexual sadism with the full knowledge and approval of their leaders. Every dark fantasy they have, like raping school girls and stabbing babies can come true for these degenerates if they follow the nihilistic death cult set up by their leaders.

Is it any wonder New Yorkers are so upset about the Madrassa being set up here? Will young men there learn that sex with a girl who’s 9 is acceptable behavior? That raping girls who “by their right hand possess” is not a barbaric practice from the past, but a part of Islamic society that we have no right to interfere with?

I ask that the civilized Muslims I know are out there deal with this issue, that people like this be told in no uncertain terms that rape, child molestation and murder are unacceptable, unforgivable, and hopefully unislamic.

7 thoughts on “Filthy Jihadi Pervert Claims it’s Acceptable to Molest Children!

  1. Rob Check this out.

    “Case of a 10 year old girl…

    Mr Clee said there was no doubt the girl consented to sex but because of her age the offence amounted to rape.

    You can consent to sex at the age of 10!

    Same can be said for Aisha, she was mature enough had reached her menses and was physically developed as a woman. Just like this girl at the age of 10. Even the judge agrees!

    Another myth destroyed by SONA! that very young girls can’t be physically and psychologically ready for sex.

    Do you see fool? Allah is giving you sings from with in your own “Kafir” pepole. And yet you still reject. The man walked free!!!” “

    I found it while looking for this article by Dr Sanity to link to for you. STICKING TO WHAT I KNOW BEST

    The men of Islam are obsessed with sex beyond even the wildest imaginings of the Western male’s mind. And the obsession is far from healthy and even further from reality.

  2. Thanks for this. We’re still waiting for the movers (my bloggin’ chair hasn’t arrived!) but when they get here I want to get back to this in earnest. There seems to be a growing movement on the net for child rape defenders to “initiate dialog” and I don’t like it one bit.

  3. what about all the Muslim children that has been raped by cruel soldiers?

  4. how many children has been killed by israel and american soldiers?

  5. Name three?

    This is a lie, and if you had any morals (which as a Wahabbist you clearly don’t) you wouldn’t use the evil actions of others to justify yours even if you believed Americans and Israelis raped and murdered children as a matter of course.

    Of course no rational person believes that. Arab Muslims travel to Darfur just to have the opportunity to rape and kill Christin and Polytheist children while Israelis drop warning letters on areas they are about to bomb. Muslims continue to marry children as young as 8-9 while “cruel” American soldiers spend billions of our dollars educating and caring for Muslim children.

    Only degenerates (Mohammad included) have sex with children. It is evil, and a religion that supports it is evil as well.

  6. Israelis in comparison to Muslims are saints. Muslims do not give warning of there deeds, Terrorism is more effective if they don’t know what your about to do. As far as Israelis intentionally killing children. I counted 0;
    As far as Israelis intentionally raping children, 0. Israeli girls are far prettier IMO. The proof is all around, the numbers don’t lie. We are not all Muslims. I am not a monster nor am I a pederast wich is what Islam is equated with.

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