Latino Street Gangs Targeting Blacks in L.A. Pogrom

Influenced by the policies, and racism, of the Mexican Mafia, Latino gangs from the brutal inner cities of Los Angeles have been engaged in an ethnic cleansing of once predominantly Black neighborhoods. Smaller Latino gangs, like the Avenues often follow the edicts of the Mexican Mafia, a prison gang considered the “big leagues” for aspiring gangsters, and due to both a long standing animosity with the Black Guerrilla Family, and perhaps a friendly relationship with the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia has turned into a virulently racist organization.

That racism has trickled down into smaller gangs that owe fealty to it.

A little spoken of consequence of our massive illegal immigration problem is the terrorizing of our Black communities by racist thugs, many of whom crossed the border illegally and go on to commit crimes on American soil. All too often the victims of these crimes are Black

Often those on the right who want secure borders are called racists, but it is the White, middle-class “liberals” who turn a blind eye to the hell they’ve unleashed on African Americans in their mad rush toward “solidarity” with their Marxist allies. It is African-Americans who are paying the price for the armchair radicals vainglorious fight against border security, and who will continue to pay the price, in blood, until we control our southern border. In my mind, that makes the open border lobby the racists.

h/t Dissecting Leftism

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  2. It`s about time that the American youth, got up off it`s arse and fought back, fuck the latino`s they are ALL “BLACK ARSEHOLES” that live in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES and then come to the good ole U.S.A. and create trouble. AMERICA “REMEMBER PEARL HARBOUR” fight these motherfuckers and cocksuckers.

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