A Sad Day for Venezuela and American Security

The Devil’s Excrement has long been one of my go to blogs when keeping tabs on all things Chavez related, and their recent post, “A sad day for Venezuelan democracy or what was left of it” put into sharp perspective how dangerous Hugo Chavez is, and will become, to American interests.

In essence, Venezuela’s National Assembly has just granted Chavez 18 months of dictatorial power, the unchecked ability to make any law he wants without having to present it for debate. Just days after Chavez met with Iranian President Ahmadinejad to form an alliance dedicated to attacking American interests, and in a country which is already a stronghold for Iranian proxy Army Hezbollah, Chavez’s seizure of power should put Americans on high alert.

Publis Pundit has more on this story, and of course T.D.E. has another post showing just how benevolent the new Socialism is in Venezuela.