Liberal Crank Beats Wife, Lefties Strangely Silent

Talentless sports caster and part time HuffPo contributer Jim Lampley, 57, was arrested earlier this month for violating the restraining order his 28 year old girlfriend had against him following a domestic violence complaint. According to AlaskaReport, police were conducting a follow up interview with the victim when Lampley wandered in to the residence. I guess the term restraining order means something different to celebrities then it does the rest of us.

GatewayPundit covered the story, including the fact that HBO will continue to let this degenerate work, but the blogworld is otherwise sparse in it’s coverage, especially the left side of it. HuffPo hasn’t mentioned it, D.U is otherwise occupied, and fellow HuffPo contributer Alec Baldwin is more concerned about Valerie Plame’s “outing” then the actual crime of beating the hell out of a woman, but then we already knew where his heart lies in that respect.