The High Cost of “Anti-Zionism”

“Anti-Zionism” legitimizes the hatred of Jewish people. European countries have embraced Islamic “anti-Zionism” whole heartedly and have the spike in crimes against Jewish citizens to prove it.

Smooth Stone reports that yet another European country has become a nightmarish hell hole for Jews as a new study finds them more likely than any other group to face “discrimination.” The study also find that only 12% of the perpetrators were “right wing” leaving us to guess the demographic of the other 88%.

I have a theory myself, but I’ll let everyone decide for themselves. I know what the (somewhat hysterical) JTF will say:

Over the top? Definitely. But does he have a point?

One thought on “The High Cost of “Anti-Zionism”

  1. When Europe says “never again” they mean they will not allow Muslims to be treated the way the Jews were in the Nazi era. The “never again” banter seems less and less to apply to Jews.

    It’s scary.

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