At Least 142 Sex Crimes Committed by Illegals Who Were Released by Obama Administration

Also 19 Murders and hundreds of other crimes. But hey, small price to pay for compassion, right?

The Obama administration released illegal immigrants who went on to commit more crimes, including charges of 19 murders, 3 attempted murders and 142 sex crimes, the House Judiciary Committee said in a report Tuesday.

All told, 16 percent of the nearly 47,000 illegal immigrants the administration was notified of but declined to deport between 2008 and 2011 under its Secure Communities program have gone on to be charged with other crimes, the committee said.

And those are the ones who have been caught. We’re not counting the ones who haven’t been charged by are suspected in crimes or unsolved crimes where descriptions suggest illegals.

Stoned in Dearborn Link Roundup

A group of Christians staged a nonviolent demonstration at the annual Arab International Festival in Dearborn in June and were stoned by festival attendees. The police asked the demonstrators to leave instead of protecting them against the violence.

I originally came across this story at the Detroit Free Press. The author, Niraj Warikoo, put the usual Freep spin on the truth not mentioning the violent reaction of the Muslims, though he does mention some water bottles and pop cans being thrown and that “one boy then spilled some water on the missionary.”

I responded with this comment and a link to a video:

“I don’t support this Christian group but as per usual the Freep doesn’t tell the whole story. Here is another article with video. You can clearly see that the Christians are standing around holding signs and it’s the Muslims who start throwing things.”

That video I originally posted in my comment doesn’t show the reaction of the “religion of peace” as well as this one.



And surprise, I was called a bigot by a woman who left this comment with all the usual liberal name calling, condescension and obfuscation you would expect:

“It’s called “ethnic intimidation”, darling! How *else* are people supposed to react?  Furthermore, bigot, those perverts are about as peaceful as a pack of wild animals. Their hate was out there for all to see, precious! I wonder if you’d feel the same if people like them used the same tactics against YOUR church!”

Why is it that liberal women can never see how anti-feminist their language is to conservative women?  And not only does this mental giant seem to assume I’m a Christian, but she clearly has a problem with reading comprehension as I stated in the beginning of my comment that I don’t support the Christian group. I was simply calling out the Freep for not stating all the facts.

I appreciate that no one wants people telling them they’re going to hell at their celebration. But this was a public event and the Christians had a right to their demonstration as long as they were nonviolent. I don’t go to church but I remember Christians making similar statements at a new-age/Pagan convention in the Metro Detroit area many years ago. The attendees yelled back. They didn’t stone the Christians. They knew American law, which is something that us so-called bigots are considered egregiously hateful for expecting Muslims in this country to know and respect as well.

In fact, there have been plenty of times I’ve peacefully dealt with Christians stating their opinion, sometimes even hatefully so.  I didn’t even punch a Jehovah’s Witness chick who tried to stuff pamphlets in my car window while I was pulling out of my parking spot.  And one might even consider that stepping over the line of sharing her opinion into the area of messing with my private property.  But I’m not crazy violent so I just drove away.  No stones were involved.

The Blaze has more video of the stoning.  American Thinker and Front Page Magazine have more on this story. Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs have more info on the civil rights suit being filed by the Christians.

E.T. Williams of Whatever Happened to Common Sense on YouTube asks why the media is silent on this and we all know the answer.

“Small Riot” Breaks Out in Arizona Over Tough Immigration Bill

Don’t worry, MyFoxPhoenix says it was only a “small riot’ so it’s nothing to be concerned about:

Witnesses say a group protesting against SB1070 began to fight with a man who was for the controversial immigration bill.

Police tried escorting that man away from the scene, fearing for his safety, when they too came under attack by people throwing items, including water bottles.

A young man was arrested during that melee.

Things calmed down moments later, but riot Police remained at the capital to maintain some sort of order.

See? No big deal. Cops were run off by a mob, that’s all. Here’s video:

Arizona is now one of the crime capitals of the world largely due to an influx of immigrants who have no respect for America or American law, which is a result of neo-Marxist ideology that is fed to them on both sides of the border. In this article about the immigration bill they interview a 13-year-old who says this:

“It’s going to change our lives,” said Emilio Almodovar, a 13-year-old American citizen from Phoenix. “We can’t walk to school any more. We can’t be in the streets anymore without the pigs thinking we’re illegal immigrants.”

Pigs. Isn’t that what all the commies in the 60s called cops? Is it any wonder Arizona has lost control of much of its territory when we’re allowing children to embrace the attitudes that have made Mexico’s border towns hell on earth?

Update: More footage of the crowd attacking one lone biker and the several cops surrounding him. You can see the people actually hitting the cops with various objects. But they want our sympathy?

A.G. Eric Holder Protecting MS-13 Members Who Murdered Maryland Man

This is just outrageous. It goes beyond the hug-a-thug justice we expect from liberals and can only have sinister motives. MS-13 is one of the most violent and dangerous criminal gangs in the world and they are known to participate in racially motivated attacks on Black Americans and hate crimes again White Americans.

Holder doesn’t think this is something to be concerned with. From JudicalWatch:

Three illegal immigrant gang members who faced the death penalty for murdering a Maryland man last summer have been spared by the nation’s chief law enforcement officer who has ordered prosecutors not to seek the maximum punishment.

Attorney General Eric Holder intervened on behalf of the El Salvadoran gangbangers by directing federal prosecutors handling their conspiracy and murder case to rule out the death penalty, according to a Virginia-based news web site that broke the story this week. The three illegal immigrants are members of a notoriously violent street gang called Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) that has spread throughout the country like the plague.

Last summer they robbed and murdered a man in Virginia as part of a conspiracy to extort money from his prostitution business. A few months later the illegal alien gang members were indicted with federal racketeering and murder. Federal prosecutors indicated that they would seek the death penalty and a court-appointed attorney for one of the defendants was dismissed because he lacked the proper certification for trying a death penalty case.

Just a few weeks ago, defense attorneys prepared jury questionnaires that alluded to the death penalty and eliminated jurors who might discriminate against Latinos. But as the May trial approaches, Holder stepped in and ruled out the death penalty. He refuses to explain the last-minute order claiming that that the attorney general’s decision-making process and final decision involving the death penalty is confidential.

Court documents cited in the news report say that Holder “authorized and directed” the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, Neal McBride, “not to seek the death penalty” against the illegal immigrants. McBride subsequently filed a corresponding court document (Government’s Notice of Intent Not to Seek the Death Penalty) making it official.

What could possibly motivate this interference in the case? This is disgusting and will only signal to MS-13 that we are going to go easy on them which will not be good for the Americans who Holder is supposed to be protecting. So why is he doing it?

h/t Free Republic