Here’s How White Liberals Talk to Black People When They Think No One Will Find Out

Zo reads some of his hate mail. I get the same thing and so does everyone else who strays off the Liberal plantation:

6 thoughts on “Here’s How White Liberals Talk to Black People When They Think No One Will Find Out

  1. Rob Taylor,

    The hypocrisy of many on the left is astounding. Personally those people who sent him hate mail really ought to do so sole searching. In the meantime, I’d recommend that they all take logic classes. For one thing to attack the messenger instead of the message is a major logical fallacy.

  2. Meanwhile, Republicans are steady handing out “Obama” dollars clad with watermelon, kool-aid,friend chicken, and donkey ears as well as a welfare-esque note on it.

    If you don’t believe me, google it. I was so disgusted that something like that could happen near were I live at an offical Republican convention. You people need to get a handle on your community because the truth is that kind of racism is turning away many a FREE thinker.

    I also posted on this on my blog.

    The person who created the Obama dollars denied it was racist. What an idiot.

  3. Gee Ariel you leave out the interesting facts like it was a Southern California Women’s group who released them other members of that group complained about them. Oh, and that those members of that group … were black.

    Maybe you should learn to read before regurgitating smears. Or did you already know this and didn’t have enough intellectual honesty to point it out.

    Shall I forward to you the emails where White liberals zebra, nigger, uncle tom etc? I suppose that’s OK too since you found some obscure story about a woman’s group in a liberal state.

  4. I’m so glad that Black Americans are seeing through the dirty games that liberals play….they are are the trickiest bunch of hypocrites I’ve ever seen! …they’ve been silencing conservatives with that racist crap for a long time….but its so over played now that even the liberals are scrambling for another evil angle…..what’s so unreal…is that conservatives are all about the human rights & freedom for all Americans….we will be the last ones standing fighting for freedom…no liberal will pick up gun to fight for you rights that’s for sure…….this man gets it!….does my heart good to see: ) I’m re posting this on my facebook….

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