Deepak Chopra is Either Insane or Evil

If Wicca has become the bush leagues of the occult, as I often maintain, then the slow pitch soft ball league has got to be the sad and silly New Age industry embodied by scumbag grifter Deepak Chopra. This little niche occupied by Chopra, and several other authors who should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, services the aging trophy wives and bored baby boomers who make up significant portions of sub-urban hipsterdom. What they sell is easy to attain “enlightenment” which one receives by reading some overpriced books, attending some expensive workshops and learning to regurgitate platitudes no one really understands. And when you don’t these 50+ year-old Yentas shake their head sadly and tell you to read the next book on Oprah’s book club list.

This version of the New Age is worse than role-playing because the people involved don’t know that this is a fraud. I have little sympathy for people too stupid to realize enlightenment can’t be purchased from some cretin who pimps his books on MSNBC but I do think selling spirituality the way Chopra does is disgusting. He charges people money to tell them what they want to hear (like the hooker he is) which in turn keeps these idiots from growing spiritually. He makes a living helping stunted people devolve into the douches you see lecturing people about genetically modified foods at organic groceries and who will tell you cancer is brought on by the cancer victim’s “bad karma.” And yes, I have witnessed both these things.

And to prove he is indeed a slug I bring you, via Gateway Pundit, his take of the recent earthquake which killed several people. From his Twitter account:

“Had a powerful meditation just now — caused an earthquake in Southern California”

I’m sorry? People just died in an earthquake and you’re trying to take credit for it Deepak? That’s just evil.

According to AOL News Chopra explained himself thusly:

And then, to clarify: “Was meditating on Shiva mantra & earth began to shake,” he tweeted. “Sorry about that.”

Really? People died in a disaster, people lost their homes and businesses and you take credit for the disaster and throw out a “sorry” even as people are burying their loved ones?

Look, we all know Deepak Chopra not only can’t cause an earthquake, but he probably doesn’t even really meditate on a regular basis. Like the con artist he is he sought to impress his followers with his supposedly supernatural abilities, but all he ended up doing was exposing how self-involved he is.

Using a disaster to pimp your get enlightened quick business is wrong, doing so when people die in it is evil. If Deepak Chopra really believed he caused this earthquake accidentally, that the earth responds to him alone and his very stray thoughts moves mountains, he’s insane. It’s one or the other.

But Chopra fans will say he really did cause the earth to move with his meditation. Then he murdered several people if you’re correct. If that’s the case he is evil, especially since his reaction is not to give a crap about the people who died.

No matter how you slice this one there is only one conclusion to draw, Deepak Chopra is either insane, evil or both. Stop buying his books and grow up.

9 thoughts on “Deepak Chopra is Either Insane or Evil

  1. Rob, that was probably just an excuse, a way to cover his ass. I told him if it was really a joke, that just meant he was an asshole as well as an idiot. Because if he really believed he was responsible for it, he would have to be pretty idiotic. I never liked the guy, he’s nothing but a typical New Age quack who was just fortunate enough to get the Oprah seal of approval. If not for that, he’d be selling real estate and probably trying to recoup his losses by now.

    Every time you see him on one of these round table discussions, he has the same line of crap. “Christ wasn’t a Christian, Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist”, yada yada yada like he thinks he’s come up with something really brilliant.

    Somebody ought to pipe up and ask him, were either of them phonies?

  2. Rob Taylor,

    Its possible that Deepak Chopra is just an extreme jerk isn’t it? I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he is either insane or evil.

  3. At least he’s not baking doofus hipsters in homemade sweat lodges yet. But yeah, eastern mysticism is all a bunch of hooey.

  4. Wow… Thanks for making us look good, Deepak (because you know that most non-Pagans lump all Pagans and New Agers, etc. together).

  5. Deepak Chopra wants to extract values from his Mother culture..Hinduism. But never wants to credit her. He is like a blood sucking mosquito. Mosquito is better because it is nature to it. Deepak has developed this skill for his fake self esteem.

  6. this guy is going to hell no doubt by leading people on the masses, he claims he has read vedic literature leading people on a spiritual level but all he has done is lead them on a material level, he does not even mention krsna as the ultimate supreme being. he is a fake evil money hungry fool. and for mysticism it is very real, jus Google man not eating or drinking water for 6 years.

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