The Third Jihad – Full Movie

This is the movie that Hamas linked CAIR is demanding not be shown to police as part of counter-terrorism training because it’s “anti-Islam” according to them. That’s a lie, of curse. The movie is narrated by devout Muslim and American Patriot Dr. Zuhdi Jasser and very clearly talks about radicalism in the Islamic community being introduced into America by Saudi-funded Wahhabi schools and other militant groups. It is a factual, reality based review of the internal drive toward imperialism that certain schools of Islam are afflicted with and how the West, in ignoring these facts, empowers radical Islam and dis-empowers patriotic Muslims like Dr. Jasser.

Ayan Hirsi Ali, Rudy Guiliani, Tom Ridge, former Islamic terrorist Dr.Tawfik Hamid, former Clinton era CIA director Jim Woolsey, Melanie Phillips, Dr. Walid Phares and Bernard Lewis are among the host of experts interviewed about such wide ranging topics as Saudi funded schools teaching radicalism, prison recruitment by radicals and the 30+ militant compounds like “Islamberg” that are bases for religious paramilitaries in our own country. Anyone seeking an understanding of militant, political Islam needs to see this film: