McCain: Obama’s a Goddamn Communist

I’m paraphrasing, but even sweetened up for the stump this is what we all wanted from McCain for the last several weeks:


The only thing that could make this more awesome is if he said “We didn’t fight the commies for 50 years to let one take over now!” or something similar. Country First! Vote McCain/Palin

3 thoughts on “McCain: Obama’s a Goddamn Communist

  1. I came across the weirdest thing yesterday – apparently, Communists support Sarah Palin (and I would assume John McCain, too). How odd is this? If anything, you’d think that they would be supporting Barack Obama and his plans to create a United Socialist States of America – under the iron fist of the Democratic Party. It starts with universal health-care, but where does it end? Collective farming? Destruction of the traditional family unit? Outlawing religion?

    Anyways here’s the link (thought you might find the whole idea of communists for Palin interesting) –

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Seems like an extremely lame attempt at a joke. These specific Communist are of the non-Obama worshiping variety. Remember most of the Communists that are supporting Obama are Maoist, while groups like ANSWER, WWP etc are Stalinist. I think what you’re seeing in some radical quarters is the old splits from the mid-20th century.

  3. TO: PaleoCon II said,
    on October 28th, 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Conquest of LIBERTY in America is all about tactics. It is very clear which candidates support more socialist values, than the others. That is unless you do not know what socialism is?

    If a segment of the human population choose to pursue COMMUNISM as their ultimate form of government. It is good tactics, not to show your true agenda.(even though there is in existence a list of GOALS and OBJECTIVES). Some democrats are not afraid, to identify them self’s, as SOCIALISTS, but none are willing to identify them self is as COMMUNISTS.

    The term Socialists Democracy has been used many, many times during this election. As I recall Democrats have used this term in justification of helping others. My Question would be How the hell will creation of dependency (similar to drug addiction) help recapture and preserve LIBERTY?

    All the things you mention in your post have already taken root. CIVIL WAR is about stopping this CRAP.

    It will make no difference who is President. “CORPORACRACY” has already defeated LIBERTY. Now is time to Organize and reset the Constitution. Only this time, it shouldbe write it in BLOOD.

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