Degenerate Gets Probation for Viciously Raping 3-Year-Old Girl

Disgusting. The rationale is that the criminal is 16-years-old and thus technically a child himself, but this soulless pervert will rape again, with the aid of the judge who thinks child rapists just need a little therapy:

CLAY CENTER, Kan. — A 16-year-old boy has been sentenced to three years probation for raping a 3-year-old girl.

District Judge Bill Malcolm sentenced the Clifton teen to probation for his conviction on raping the 3-year-old. He was also convicted of attempting a sexual act. Malcolm also ordered the boy into counseling. The sentencing was last week.

County Attorney Rick James said he asked for the teen to be sentenced to one year in juvenile detention. James said three years of probation is more probation than what a juvenile typically gets. But he said rape is one of two crimes in Kansas considered so severe that the judge can sentence any amount of time.

Adults, or in this case quasi-adults, cause extreme physical damage to children this young during a rape, in fact I’ve covered a case where a man paralyzed a baby via rape. Probation does not fit the crime in this case. Castration might, but if the judge thinks this degenerate is “mentally ill” he should be committed to an asylum where he can’t rape another child.

h/t Crime Scene KC

15 thoughts on “Degenerate Gets Probation for Viciously Raping 3-Year-Old Girl

  1. The only thing aside from Leftists trying to run for office in the USA, is the pro-criminal justice system. It’s just too draconian to the victims of crimes, but also allows subversive groups to promote favortism toward them.

    I don’t care if it’s the Ku Klux Klan or the National Lawyers Guild and the American Civil Liberties Union. I’m also quite no fan of the jury system either, too confusing and beuracratic, I learned the hard way on that.

  2. There’s only one way to deal with disgusting people like this, and it involves a knife, a lot of screaming on their part, and eventual death. It’s as simple as that. How someone cannot believe in the death penalty after hearing about people like this is beyond me.

  3. I think moving our current justice system toward somewhat like Jewish/Christian law represents such as Halakha law at least on these brands of crimes. Thugs like this would never see the light of day ever again.

    I’m not a religiously observant Jew, but I’m damn tired of this justice system letting down it’s victims.

    Rob, you may also wish to look at how Marxist radicals defend cop-killer and homeless beater Troy Davis who is to be executed Monday, of this week, meaning today. Disgraceful that he seems to be proclaimed to be a “political prisoner”. Under the Halakha system, at least in the sort of crime he commtited, he’d not have such a fan fair, and I’m also sure O.J. Simpson would also not receive a fan fair either.

  4. mah29001, you don’t think that’s bringing church and state a little too close together? I personally don’t think religion and law should ever, ever mix. It’s just wrong.

  5. I just don’t think there’s no compassion with the current standards of the justice system. That’s all. It’s too strict, and too broad.

  6. I understand the frustration. For me the problem with the criminal justice system is that criminals are treated as victims themselves under the creeping Marxism that has permeated the system under the guise of social work. My mother is a social worker and I’m telling you she’s one of the people pushing Marxist class warfare and she doesn’t even know it.

    I grew up in the 70s in an all Black family and my Grandparents generation was very conservative, they wanted people to work for what they earn and extended families were the safety net. It was considered a last resort to take government aid. Now my mother thinks nothing of allowing people who have abused their kids and are on welfare more access to “treatment” programs under the assumption they just need help. One generation and a college degree was all it took to turn my family from proud poor people who looked down on lazy child beaters into people who “helped” them. And yes the family reunification policies of NYC that social workers support has led to many children’s deaths.

    This case is the same. The rapist is not a victim that needs help but he’s being treated as such. It’s time we punished criminals and saved our treatment dollars for the victims.

    You should check out Richard’s blog for more stories like this, and the Perverted Justice folks have a blog called Absolute Zero United that I think you’d both like.

  7. I also laugh at the fact at how the justice system can be hard on jury people who accidentally miss a jury date to show up can easily get an arrest warrent, but not have the judge punish or the jury itself punish violent defenders.

    Sounds hypocritical doesn’t one think?

  8. How sad that this judge thinks counseling will help this young man. At age 16 you know very well right from wrong and if this person can’t distinguish either then he can’t roam the streets. Where the holding accountable for the crime has gone? today there are more excuses for crimes and criminals that people are staring to lose the concept of who the victim is…

  9. good lord! this is terrible. i baby-sat a lot to make money and because i have a lot of cousins and family friends, but wow! i did it through my teen years and never NEVER did anything like this happen ever, and i come from a broken home life with few role models. the idea the baby didnt die is… i dunno how the baby survived. i do know this, no one is ever watching my kids EVER!! because i dont want to think about who i would become, and what i would do if i came home to wow i just want to cry. this is awful.


  11. This kid is doomed, he needs to be castrated….no matter how much his family loves him they should come to the realization and as their duty to their community as is the justice system’s duty to make sure he never is ever around another child as long as he lives…he will only become more cunning and deceitful as he grows older with his perverted actions. Castration!

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