Born Bad: Audrey Eve Cahow

Audrey Eve Cahow had a long history of violence, often against the much older men she married. She assaulted and threatened numerous people with knives over the years and was a habitual drug user and a drunk. Despite that she was always treated with kid’s gloves by the justice system, receiving just three years probation for stabbing her 63-year-old husband in 1987. She was around 30 at the time.

For the next 21 years Audrey continued marrying, and stabbing, much older men. She also broke into a hospital in 1999 and chased a nurse around the building with a 16-inch butcher knife. But even that was not enough for the criminal justice system to take this dangerous woman’s propensity of violence seriously.

In 2004 she threaten to kill a neighbor and chased the woman with a knife. She was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

It should be no surprise that Audrey, now 51, is now a murderess:

DENVER — A 51-year-old woman was in jail Friday for investigation of first-degree murder after her arrest in connection with the fatal stabbing of a man in East Denver.

Audrey Eve Cahow was arrested Thursday afternoon at 2535 E. Asbury Avenue after police arrived to investigate a report of a stabbing.

Police found the body of an adult male, with multiple stab wounds in the home.

The victim was her most recent husband Anthony Martinez, 61, who got some good licks in himself considering she ended up in the intensive care unit. But why was Cahow allowed to continue a 20 plus year rampage with virtually no punishment? Why wasn’t the public protected from this maniac?

Dr. Helen says it’s an example of misandry but I’m not so sure that it isn’t more an example of the fallacy of rehabilitative justice than state enshrined bigotry against men. Rehabilitation, as anyone who has gotten sober will tell you, only works when one wants to be rehabilitated. Without the threat of severe punishment, and living in a society that coddles perpetual children like Cahow, she had no reason to want to change her life. Probation and mandated treatment didn’t change Cahow’s behaviour, it only made her angrier, more brazen and ultimately more dangerous.

The state cannot rehabilitate criminals. It is only the criminals themselves that have the power to change; we have no power to change them. The state should be in the business of punishing criminality not “helping” criminals, which in this case ended up costing Anthony Martinez his life.