But Pot Doesn’t Hurt Anyone! (Unless You’re Dating Christopher Gardner Beaman)

I just posted an article that claims marijuana use can lead to violent behavior and mental illness. In it I point to recent research that links habitual pot smoking to all manner of mental health issues:

A study published in the British Medical Journal found those using cannabis before the age of 15 are four times as likely to develop psychotic illness by 26. A Lancet study in 2007 estimated that 14 per cent of 15- to 34-year-olds affected by schizophrenia are ill because of heavy cannabis use. And recent analysis of 35 major studies concluded that cannabis use increased the risk of psychotic illness later in life by approximately 40 per cent and by up to 200 per cent among heavy users.

Many experts in mental health say they now have more than enough evidence to understand that cannabis is not the safe drug of popular myth.

‘We have been campaigning for many years about the links between cannabis and psychiatric illness, and highlighting evidence that the drug may not only precipitate psychotic breakdown but cause long-term mental damage,‘ says Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of the mental health charity Sane.

The article was specifically about England, but as if in answer to the post I found this piece at Psycho for Love about the case of Christopher Gardner Beaman, a rich kid whose behavior is so extreme and violent that his daddy’s lawyers couldn’t get him out of jail time:

A violent spoiled rich kid from Massachusetts was sentenced to one year in jail for beating his girlfriend. 24-year-old Christopher Gardner Beaman punched his girlfriend in the stomach so hard that it lacerated her liver, put her into the hospital, and confined her to a wheelchair for a short period.

It seems that Beaman has a history of violence. He allegedly pushed his own mother down a flight of stairs. Mom supports her son by the way. Way to be an enabler mom. He broke a girl’s arm in the eighth grade. He assaulted a therapist. He also has an arrest record as long as my arm and I have pretty long arms.

When his then girlfriend asked him to take her to the hospital he just dropped her off at her place and gave her two Tylenol.

His lawyers tried to claim that he has “intermittent explosive disorder” or as I like to call it made up woman beater disease. Apparently he thought the charges against him were no big deal because in February he requested that his ankle monitor be removed because it hurt when he played Frisbee.

Did you get all that? Pushes mom down steps, breaks girl’s arm in 8th grade and now he lacerated the liver of his girlfriend in a vicious attack. Then he thought he could get his ankle monitor removed so he could play Frisbee.

And what exactly is “intermittent explosive disorder” anyway? A quick Google of the term leaves one with the distinct impression that it’s the medicalization of people who are bullies. But is it related to drug use?

According to Beaman’s lawyers you bet your ass it is:

Beaman’s attorney, Charles H. Riley III, said his client was diagnosed by Dr. Michael J. Ostacher of Massachusetts General Hospital with intermittent explosive disorder, depression and marijuana dependence, which is in remission.

Clinicians at Bridgewater State Hospital, where Beaman underwent a 40-day evaluation after the attack, concluded he does not have intermittent explosive disorder, but instead diagnosed him with an anti-social personality disorder, Riley said.

Huh. Go figure I guess doctors that examined him say he’s just a cretin who gets high too much. That’s why he almost killed his old lady, and his own mother. Beaman had a long history of doing what many pot smokers tend to do, minimize their criminality and blame others for their problems.

More importantly, Beaman had a history of recreational pot use that coincided with his escalating violence and criminality. The Judge in this case recognized Beaman for what he was:

In siding with the prosecution’s recommendation for jail time, Judge Maurice R. Flynn referenced Beaman’s long criminal record in two states and tendency to minimize his role in violent outbursts.

Flynn said Beaman broke a girl’s arm on a bus in the eighth grade, attacked a therapist in Colorado and has a history of assaulting his younger brothers. His criminal record in Colorado includes three pages of arrests for assault, larceny, forgery, theft, marijuana possession, probation violations and contempt of court, according to Colorado Bureau of Investigation records.

In February, Beaman asked the court to have his GPS monitoring bracelet removed because it “hurts my ankle” during Frisbee games, according to an affidavit.

“To think it’s not important that you put someone in a wheelchair for a week tells me something,” said Flynn. “I am left with a grave offense. I can’t minimize the gravity of the offense. I am also left with a young man who has behaved similarly in the past.”

It’s almost like this spoiled brat lives in a permanent fog where only his emotions and desires matter. It’s almost as if there’s something in his life that separates him from reality and the consequences of his actions. Hmmm.

There are some funny pictures of Beaman’s stunned reaction to being sentenced. It looks like it just dawned on him he won’t be smoking pot for a while.

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12 thoughts on “But Pot Doesn’t Hurt Anyone! (Unless You’re Dating Christopher Gardner Beaman)

  1. Sorry to bust your bubble. Chris wasn’t high when he nearly killed my sister.

  2. But as the article I link to clearly states long term drug use, specifically use of Cannabis, has been proven to cause mental illness in people who started young. That’s the point of the article, that smoking pot has detrimental effects on people and those effects don’t go when you’re sober.

    But I’ll let you follow the links and read that report for yourself. But I’m sure your sister appreciates you standing up for the rights of pot smokers everywhere and denying the very obvious fact that Chris Beaman’ s troubled history was in part influenced by his drug abuse.

    Stay classy.

  3. He was a long term drug user in the eight grade? I think you just disproved your whole theory on this guy he is just an animal.

  4. No, he was simply a drug user, and children shouldn’t take drugs. Then they can’t read an article and see that this isn’t “my theory” but a study done by the English version of the A.M.A.

    But I guess people like you will run through hoops to prove the pot they smoke won’t affect them. I’m sure your depression, anger problems and inability to achieve are all due to something other than weed.

  5. You may be right. I can’t think of a reason why admitting he was a pot head would have garnered any sympathy for him. Thing is that this kid is nuts. You seem so angry, especially towards the victims sister which as an outsider who doesn’t give a fig about pot seems to me, Rob to be kind of insensitive. It would be nice if you could apologize to her. I doubt she commented to defend pot heads or make pot legal. She probably doesn’t want some creep to have an excuse to lacerate her sisters liver. If you had a do over

  6. A) People signing in as “victim’s sister” are not to be assumed to be the victims actual sister. But that’s a minor detail.

    B) The point is not that Beaman does or does not have an “excuse” but to point out that pot leads to abnormal behavior. This doesn’t excuse him, because he is the one who started getting high in the first place knowing it altered his mood and behavior, but it does partially explain his inability to take the charges seriously.

    Even angry women beaters know enough not to ask the judge to do him a favor so he can play frisbee. He didn’t. He was a petty thief even though he was from a will off family, he had a string of drug beef. Sans pot he may have been an animal, but with it he became much worse.

  7. Read “The Emperor Has No Clothes” by Jack Herer….You’ll get the truth. Get off your soapbox, you dont know all the facts. This kid was just an ass…an abusive ass.

  8. People like this guy should be locked in cages and tortured, I have no sympathy or forgiveness for these monsters. clearly he was into a lot more than weed , and he probably abused everyone around him, not just his girlfreind. He admits to his fiendish drug habits on his website, http://www.ablessingindisguise.org so he’s clearly a waste of life. People like this don’t change, they were born monsters and will always be monsters, so we should just send them to the chair now and get it over with.

  9. Except he doesn’t. If that is his blog he basically admits he’s selfish and was out of control. Typical drug user behavior.



  12. I don’t drink actually and I’m married but frankly I don’t see anything wrong with being gay.

    Interesting though that pot is supposedly so mellowing. You’ve got a lot of hate in your “heart” and more importantly you should read Freud because your self-consciousness about your attraction to men is showing.

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