Charges Dropped Against 1%er Who Threatened to Kill Woman Who Wouldn’t Get an Abortion

This was unsurprisingly a member of The Pagans’ Jersey chapter. The N.J. Pagans are the worst of the worst, known for raping strippers and pimping out their “girlfriends” to make money. They are also one of the most violent 1%er gangs in the state.

28-year-old Jonathan R. Stock of Hackettstown is carrying on their tradition of extreme misogyny and criminality. From Pro-Life News:

Bethlehem, PA ( — A New Jersey man who is formerly from Pennsylvania accused of putting a gun in his girlfriend’s mouth because she wouldn’t get an abortion saw the case against him dropped last week. Jonathan R. Stock, 28, of Hackettstown, New Jersey, appeared for his preliminary hearing, but the woman he was accused of attacking didn’t. That led to prosecutors withdrawing charges that included aggravated assault, according to the Morning Call newspaper. Authorities say Stock is a member of the Pagans motorcycle gang and District Judge James Narlesky’s hearing was held at the county courthouse in Easton for security. But without the testimony of now-ex-girlfriend Tammy Smith, 31, the prosecution’s case couldn’t proceed. ”She’s concerned for her safety,” Assistant District Attorney Patricia Mulqueen said of Smith’s absence. Stock had wanted her to get an abortion, they argued, and he attacked her, according to court records.

Not at all unusual for the Pagans. Pagan members are known to pimp out their old ladies (and they are one of the few clubs I know of that allows men to have multiple old ladies) and treat their “train honeys” even worse. Train honey may sound sweet, but what they are are basically sex slaves the bikers force through violence and threats to serve the club, where they are traded, loaned to others and forced to service any member at any time or face the consequences. Many are dancers who are forced to turn over their earnings to the club; when they don’t make enough they are violently gang raped.

The woman above will likely end up dead if the Pagans catch up with her so keep her in your prayers. There’s a heavily redacted gang intel sheet on the pagans here.  This site has a decent overview of the club.

13 thoughts on “Charges Dropped Against 1%er Who Threatened to Kill Woman Who Wouldn’t Get an Abortion

  1. Sounds like what the Communist terrorists in FARC would do to their women members who get pregnant. There was recently exposed that FARC terrorists were running an abortion camp where they’d literally kill the unborn.

    I’m not that much of an ideology on the entire pro-life issue, but this even outrages me. The punk here deserves to be charged with a crime.

  2. we know what they do,we know who they are,and we even know where they are at.yet law enforcment lets scum like this stay free men.but then i guess thats just how america rolls

  3. Agreed with both. I’m a moderate on abortion but this is disgusting. And the Pagans are allowd too much freedom, mainly because in Jersey they have mob connections. The A.T.F. will run undercover ops on gangs like the Warlocks while the Pagans are 1000x worse.

  4. hi i am tammy smith and i did not pass away but jon did get away with what he did but now since i have moved he has found me i have let the cops know but lets see what they do and if they will do their job this time now i have to fear for my safty and my childrens also

  5. Really, you people make me sick! Consider your sourse of information. Do a little research before you trust. How many men has this person thrown in jail? Tell me, do you all know? The only danger this person is in is being around herself because she is crazy!!!

  6. Are you really claiming 1%ers don’t a) target dancers and escorts specifically to exploit them and b) pimp out there old ladies. Sorry honey but I’m from New Jersey which is Pagans territory and I’ve seen them in clubs and spoke to people who knew the deal.

    The Pagans are criminals and one of the way they make money is by extorting it from dancers, who are gang raped if they don’t pay, and by forcing their “old ladies” to prostitute. I don’t know if you’re one of their mothers or one of their guttersluts but as “sick” as I make you believe me you make me sicker.

  7. If you did in fact know about them it seems to me like the “old ladies” are the ones who are protected more than others. I think you need help reading cause well, I haven’t claimed anything! Tell me how I make you sick? You don’t even know who I am.

  8. You think women who are forced by their supposed old men getting FORCED into turning tricks is being protected? Then you have to ask why you make me sick?

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