Filthy Degenerate Gets Measly One year Sentence for Four Counts of Child Molestation!

What the hell is going on in Utah?

AMERICAN FORK — A former Boy Scout leader from Orem was sentenced Monday to one year in jail for multiple counts of sexual abuse.

Gary Wade Brown, 42, pleaded guilty in June to four counts of sexual abuse of a child and sexual exploitation of a minor, second-degree felonies, and one count of lewdness involving a child, a class A misdemeanor. Seven additional charges were dismissed as part of a plea agreement. Brown faced one to 15 years in prison for his crimes, but Judge Christine Johnson said Brown may benefit from treatment as a free man during his 36 months on probation.

“I think, in this case, that it is appropriate to consider probation for Mr. Brown,” she said.

Brown has already spent 8 months in jail, which will count toward his sentence.

The sexual abuse took place between 2005 and 2006, in which Brown touched a 12-year-old boy’s genitals and made the boy touch him. Brown also took illicit photos of the boy at least once and then deleted them after looking at the photos with the boy. Several of the incidents took place during outings with the Boy Scouts.

Johnson said a large factor in her decision was the psychosexual evaluation conducted by Dr. Peter Byrne, who classified Brown as a low to moderate risk for re-offending.

“Were it not for that finding, I would not consider probation at all,” she said.

The man has a history of selfish and impulsive sexual behavior, something the “doctor” examining him seemed to consider irrelevant:

The victim’s father addressed the court before sentencing, saying he hopes Brown takes the opportunity to get help. He spoke of the pre-sentence report, in which the writer said Brown may have placed some of the blame on the victim, as he referred to the boy as having a “similar mindset.” The boy’s father, however, said there was no way his son could have brought the abuse upon himself.

“He was just 12 years old,” the victim’s father said. “He was just a little guy when this started.”

The boy sought love and affection from male role models because his biological father was absent in his life, the man said. He looked for it with his stepfather and other Scout leaders, and Brown exploited him, he said.

“That was a need he was looking for — love and affection, not sexual abuse,” he said.


Kevan Allbee, a friend of Brown’s wife, Sheri Brown, read a statement from her to the judge. The couple is going through a divorce after 19 years of marriage, and Sheri Brown asked the judge to protect her and her children from Brown.

The woman wrote that Brown had an affair early in their marriage with another man, and he has never shown an interest in changing or remorse.

“Over the years, Wade’s behaviors have gone from being morally wrong to obviously illegal,” she wrote.

Sheri Brown wrote that her husband betrayed the entire family with his actions and asked that he be incarcerated. One day, his prison doors will open, she said, but his victim’s prison doors may not.

Despite the report’s indication that Brown may have blamed the victim, he told the judge he takes full responsibility for his actions, and no one else is to blame. Brown apologized to the Boy Scouts of America and to the victim’s family for his crimes.

Despite all this even the boy’s father is happy with this pervert getting “treatment” and the chance to turn his life around. Disgusting.

h/t Pagans Against Child Abuse

5 thoughts on “Filthy Degenerate Gets Measly One year Sentence for Four Counts of Child Molestation!

  1. I also saw this report, and was horrified (posted about it on PACA).

    OK, first of all, this is a guy who chose to become a scout leader… why does the judge suppose that is? I would be most surprised if he didn’t have other victims besides this boy.

    Second of all, he obviously only took “full responsibility” at trial on the advice of his legal council in the hopes that the idiot judge would be lenient because of it. They should go by his first statements when he tried to place blame on a 12 year old child. This disgusting PoS is far from being “low risk”.

  2. He was probably classified low risk because of the political climate involving homosexual scout leaders of the Boy Scouts, something the Scout organization as a whole wants to avoid, but which several more liberal judges want to encourage and are more than willing to rule in favor of. This has liberal activism written all over it. It’s a way of saying that this is no great cause for alarm, it’s an isolated, rare case, and shouldn’t be construed as anything profoundly or inherently dangerous. I’m actually surprised the guy got “punished” as much as he was.

  3. I think you’re right about that. The funny thing is that no one would object to the girl scouts not allowing heterosexual men to take the kids out in the woods. Argue that with a gay friend and watch the cognitive dissonance.

  4. yep… sacrifice the children to the cause… it’s why I now consider myself to be a “moderate” rather than a “liberal”. Anyone who thinks my child’s life or innocence is worth their “cause” better think again. It’s just not something that I’ll tolerate, or that anyone would ever, ever get away with.

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