Joshua Andrew Stepp is Pure Evil

Joshua Andrew Stepp is Pure Evil

Late in 2009 Joshua Andrew Stepp made a 911 call claiming his 10-month-old daughter was choking on toilet paper. The girl died and no crime blogger was surprised when allegations were made that the evil bastard above stuffed the toilet paper in the child’s mouth in the first place and likely during a sexual assault.

A couple of weeks ago the autopsy results were released and they were worse than even the most jaded crime watcher thought:

RALEIGH — A 10-month-old girl whose death in November led to first-degree murder charges against her stepfather died from “abusive head trauma,” according to a state medical examiner’s autopsy report.

Cheyenne Emery Yarley died Nov. 8.

Her stepfather, Joshua Andrew Stepp, 26, of 1223 Silver Sage Drive, Apt. 303, was charged with first-degree murder and first-degree sex offense after the incident.

When Stepp called 911, he told an emergency dispatcher that the infant had choked on toilet paper and was not breathing. After several attempts to calm Stepp, the dispatcher talked him through emergency measures until paramedics could arrive at the Villas apartments in West Raleigh, where he lived with the baby, his 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and Cheyenne’s mother. Despite resuscitation efforts, Cheyenne was pronounced dead at WakeMed in Raleigh.

The autopsy report indicates that paramedics and emergency room personnel at WakeMed found injuries to the child’s right ear, face, vagina and anus.

This man beat and raped his 10-month-old daughter vaginally and anally. That’s just pure evil. Truly it is the end of days.

h/t Dodiafae from Pagans Against Child Abuse

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  1. Oh my God. I learned about this story only this month, and I live in Raleigh where the murder/rape happened ~ 13 mi from my own apt. I have a 9 mo. old daughter; the age Cheyenne was when she was brutally raped and murdered by this malicious bastard “step-father”. I cry when I see her pictures on myspace, where her mother Brittany Yarley posts blogs. I am so sickened over this case. This baby who endured the ugliest parts of life, the unthinkable–Never to enjoy this spring time coming, to be alive on her first birthday (Dec 21 2009). I ask Lord, why?, and I cry. I don’t know why such evil is amongst us. They say it’s not our place to ask Why? God Bless you baby Cheyenne. I pray the Angels carried you away before you felt pain.

  2. This family lived in the apartment above. Its so painful to think I was home while this was happening and did not know to help this child. 🙁 Justice is in the Lords hands.

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