Moronic Hackers Harass Innocent Couple “By Mistake”

Anonymous affiliated hackers posted the personal information of a middle aged couple on their site prompting their friends and fellows to barrage the victims with death threats. When it was later found out that they mistakenly thought these poor people were rival hackers, the G00Ns refused to accept responsibility in an unseemly display typical of the effeminate friendless deviants who make up the “hacker” community. From Wired’s Threat Level:

Anti-Scientology agitators have repeatedly harassed and threatened violence against a 59-year-old PG&E worker and his wife, who were mistakenly flagged as pro-Scientology hackers.

John Lawson, who lives in Stockton, California with his wife Julia, began receiving threatening phone calls around 2 a.m. Saturday morning. He didn’t know why until THREAT LEVEL explained that a hacking group calling itself the g00ns (goons spelled with zeros, not goons with the letter o) posted his home address, phone number and cell numbers, as well as Julia’s Social Security number, online. The obscene and threatening calls have continued through Tuesday, according to Lawson.

The calls are just one small offshoot of an ongoing, larger attack on the Church of Scientology by a ragtag group of Internet troublemakers who call themselves Anonymous. The group says it is targeting Scientology in part for its use of litigation to suppress unflattering documents on the Internet.

Over the weekend, the g00ns thought they had caught a hacker who had busted into a server being used to help coordinate the on line attacks and real world protests against Scientology. But Lawson says the callers have the wrong guy.

“I don’t even really know how to use a computer,” Lawson said.

His phone just keeps ringing, Lawson said, and when he answers, callers spout vulgarities and threats and then hang up. On Monday, he got a call that seemed to originate from the Virgin Islands. The caller threatened to kill him.

“They have got the wife really scared because they have my address,” Lawson said. “I think I am going to buy me a gun today just in case.”

He should buy a gun, but he won’t need one. Like most “hackers” and their hangers ons these callers are emasculated teens and 20-somethings who make threats like this because they have no ability to take physical action. Fear, self-loathing and stunted emotional development drive them to retreat from the world and lash out at it anonymously from behind the computers that, in most case, their parents bought them.

They’re already backpedaling, although as I’ve stated before, without accepting responsibility for their actions. Needless to say they’re not decent enough human beings to try to make amends:

UPDATE: 10:50 PST Members of g00n tell THREAT LEVEL that they immediately took down the Lawsons’ contact info after seeing this story, but emphasize that they had nothing to do with the harassing phone calls and that they have not been involved at all in the Anonymous attacks on Scientology.

They say their motivation for posting the info was to send a warning to the Regime hacker in order to help their friend at, whose website was repeatedly hacked by the Regime.

Well I guess their motivation was good so that makes it all better. I’d take issue with the idea that they had nothing to do with the harassing phone calls. That’s like saying a pimp has nothing to do with prostitution, or that the guy who sells an addict his crack has”nothing to do” with the crack addict’s overdose.

They are completely responsible for this couple’s plight but they lack the morals and character to take responsibility and try to rectify the situation. And if one of the callers makes good on their threat and hurts these people, I’m sure they won’t feel responsible for that either.

As for this hacker war against the “Church” of Scientology, with the web teeming with child molesters it’s time well spent I’m sure. There are better targets for the ire of a hacker on the net. Much better targets.