Russia Warns World of Stolen Uranium

The article is from WND which can be a tad alarmist, but it’s quoting Douglas Farah so I give it the benefit of the doubt:

LONDON – British intelligence agents at stations across Europe are spearheading a hunt for enriched uranium that may be missing from Russia’s poorly guarded stockpiles.

The hunt began when a joint Slovak-Hungarian police hunt arrested three smugglers carrying what has been described as “an amount capable of making a dirty nuclear bomb,” confirmed Martin Korch, a Slovak police spokesman. He placed the value of the seized uranium at $1 million.

The recovered material has been identified as that missing from a nuclear storage site at Chelyanbisk-70, deep in the Ural Mountains.


Experts believe there have been about 1,000 cases of nuclear theft since the 9/11 attacks, and an MI6 report says Osama bin Laden long has wanted to use a nuclear weapon.

Canada is also having a problem keeping track of radioactive materials. We’re not having a better time of it as there has been some high profile thefts of radioactive materials here. I’ve blogged before about the possibility of terrorists stockpiling WMDs for a large scale attack, and this theory looks more and more viable every day.