Child Rapists Should be Eligible for the Death Penalty

A disgusting story from Connecticut where two degenerates were raping children as young a three months old as part of what looks like a child porn production scheme. The men had no “type” or age preference only a sadistic desire to inflict sexual violence on people who were weaker and more vulnerable than themselves. From WFSB:

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. — Two men in police custody who sexually assaulted a 3-month-old girl posted proof on the Internet, police said.

New Britain police announced the arrests Thursday of Harold Spurling, 39, and Jeffrey Brisson, 29, both of New Britain. Both men face charges that date as far back as eight years ago and involve children.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Len Besthoff reported the assistant state’s attorney in the case revealed more about the character of the pair during arraignment at New Britain Superior Court on Thursday.

The prosecutor said about one of the men “he had significant sexual contact with minors.” About the other man, the prosecutor said, “He is a grave danger to the community.”


Investigators said evidence seized from the pair includes pictures that depict child pornography and a video that police said shows Brisson sexually assaulting the 3-month-old girl.

Both were charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and risk of injury to a child by sexual contact, in addition to tampering with evidence and interfering with a search warrant. The arrest warrants for both men were sealed as they were set to face arraignment in court on Thursday.

Detectives received anonymous information that the pair were involved in pedophilia that involved the Internet this month. Police said the pair sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy.


“The two accused knew the police were outside and were refusing to allow access into the apartment,” New Britain police Sgt. Darren Pearson said. “It’s believed that they were trying to dispose of the evidence, start the encryption process while the police officers waited outside. The officers forced entry and went inside.”

Officers said they saw thumbnail icons of child pornography on a computer inside the apartment, and detectives said they watched the video that showed Brisson and the 3-month-old girl.

“When they looked on the desktop, there was an icon that they believed depicted child pornography,” Pearson said. “Upon further examination of that video clip, they determined that Mr. Brisson had sexually assaulted that 3-month-old, that infant that was on scene.”

They raped infants. They raped teen age boys. They’d probably rape adults too if given the chance. These two are not mentally ill pedophiles who can be rehabilitated with treatment, but are soulless monsters who choose to inflict pain and suffering on children for profit.

They are a danger to the community now, they will be a danger to other prisoners when they are incarcerated, and they will be dangerous to anyone they come into contact with in the future. The only way to end their reign of evil is to end their lives and take from them the ability to spread their taint further.

6 thoughts on “Child Rapists Should be Eligible for the Death Penalty

  1. I agree with you, this two should be put to death a 3mo baby. See I don’t understand how the supreme court could turn over the death penalty for creeps like these. I am for the death penalty at least with it we make sure no other child end up being a victim from pieces of trash like these two.

  2. Hi, Rob. Thanks for posting!

    Actually, people like this don’t assault adults – not their preference – and cannot be rehabilitated.

    Pedophiles can never be rehabilitated. They play a game and are believed, are released and strike again and again. In many cases where the state claims someone was rehabilitated, it was discovered they were, in fact, still assaulting children but the state was covering up for them so they could continue to claim rehab works. It does not. It has been proven time and time again.

    Clinical castration doesn’t even work. It isn’t about sex. It’s about a mental disorder that makes them want to dominate and torture children, but even doctors can’t get law makers to see this. (Note: there have been pedophiles in government serving in top positions. Speaks volumes.) In cases like these, the criminal will then molest and rape with foreign objects and their fingers.

    Infant rape is nothing new and it happens in newborns, as well. It’s more common than any decent person would ever want to hear and in all parts of the world. Infant rape has gone on in South Africa for hundreds of years. In Japan, the sexualization of little girls is not only okay, it is their culture. Look at anime. Child prostitution begins as young as 1 and exists predominately in Cambodia, Thailand, and other Asian countries but exists everywhere. In India, parents prepare their daughters as early as 2 to become sexually provocative for potential husbands. Molestation is considered a rite of passage and the right of any man interested in marrying the little girl. In Arab nations, girls as young as 2 and 3 are dressed scantily and dance provocatively for money, and are then sold for sex once they reach 5 to the highest bidder. Child rape is notorious in Egypt, Jordan, and surrounding areas, and any child or parent of a child who comes forward is put to death. Europe and America are no better, either. We import the filth from other countries and travelling American and European business men make up the majority of clientelle of child prostitution in Asia.

    Infant and child rape is a global crisis, made worse by countries that either turn their back on the problem or bear it as a cultural icon.

    And please know that child porn is not limited to images of naked children, as many believe. Child porn includes photos and videos of child/infant rape and torture.

    Thank you, again, for posting this. Stories like this NEED to be publicized so the world will not forget and the pedo/rape rings will always remember they are being watched.

  3. This article isn’t altogether accurate. Mr. Spurling preferred boys between the ages of four and nine.
    They raped AN infant (not that that’s any better, but we need accuracy here).
    Harold raped at least two boys, one for an extended period of time. One of the boys just happened to be a teenager now, but he abused him as a child, as well.
    I appreciate the previous post, thank you for telling people the truth. These men both say that they cannot stop what they are doing. Harold is an activist about it. Pedophiles can’t stop and won’t stop. God help us. I was abused as a child as well.

  4. You can’t be serious. Spurling filmed himself raping an infant multiple times, was actively abusing a teen and was likely involved in a sexual relationship with his partner in crime. Spurling’s supposed preferences never stopped him from raping anyone at any time which is the point.

    “Pedophiles” do not have an orientation. Rapist in general are oriented toward rape. Their so called attraction is simply the desire to have power over others, sadism dressed up as preference. The fact that he “preferred” boys (according to him) is no comfort to other people he abused is it?

    Pedophiles can stop i they want. They CHOOSE to do these things just as people choose to rob banks or murder people. They cannot be given a way to avoid moral responsibility for their evil.

  5. These men should be killed. I would encourage anyone feeling suicidal to wipe out one of these scumbags first. Are you a decent person that committed one crime and stuck on death row? kill these bastards

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