Jewish Teen Beaten in Hate Attack … In New York

And thus the liberal “anti-Zionist” activism of groups like Adalah-NY bear their poisonious fruits at last:

A 16-year-old Yeshiva student who told cops he was beaten by five black teens shouting hate-filled slurs said Sunday the attack has left him terrified – fearful of even walking outside his Brooklyn home.

A medical staple juts from a deep gash in the side of Samuel Balkany’s head, a grim reminder of the ambush in Crown Heights at 10.30 p.m. on Friday.

“They were saying, ‘Oh, little Jew boy, you think you own this neighborhood,'” Samuel said. “‘Who are you, f—ing Jew?'”

Samuel, a Lubavitch Hasidic, said he exchanged no words with the teens before the attack.

They were not trying to rob him, he said.

“I was just getting clobbered,” added Samuel, who said doctors told him the attackers must have used a rock or some other sharp object.

“I was screaming for help but nobody was there.”

After the beating, Samuel ran to his friend’s house, where his pal’s mother called 911.

“I have a lot of deep holes in my head, one deep gash,” he said. “All over my body, I have black and blue marks.”

Cops were investigating the beating as a possible hate crime.

“A possible hate crime” they say. It’s more than possible but New Yorkers are unwilling to admit their pretensions about an inclusive and diverse New York are largely a lie built upon the willful blindness of New Yorkers to the poisonous atmosphere their radical leftist propaganda has created. Jews have become a popular target for scape goating amongst the left once again, with attitudes like this from the Daily News comments section on the above story not as rare in the Big Apple as people would think:

nothatdumb Jan 30, 2008 10:01:01 AM

if jewish people like or not my position of not supporting them or their claims. I just don’t by their **** and pity claims of being victims of the evil of the world. Maybe if they loose their arrogant and greedy attitude, people will sympathize with their claims when something bad happens. The world isn’t that evil to decide to conspired against jewish people, is the jewish people that has conspire against all who are not like them. If you go to any part of the world, if you look to any time of the world, if you look into all the different cultures, all of them have expressed dislike towards to the jewish people, isn’t something limited to just one people, just to one culture or just to an isolate incident in the history, it has been like this always, at least for 3000 years, and will always be until the day the jewish people decide to fit into the world and not try to make the world to fit into them.

I’ve heard rants like this several times from New Yorkers, usually high school kids who “learned some facts” from one of their teachers. I guess diversity training for teachers skips over Germany in the early 20th century.

The teen was a Hasidic Jew and of course the insular, volatile community is nearing a boiling point. Comments on this story from a local Jewish website call for violent attacks on Blacks:

rage wrote:

we should show them what a good beating means.
here’s what we do. we rome the streets. if we find more then three colored teenagers walking together, we confront them. start asking them questions.
and ask them to go home.
if they refuse, that’s when the beating should start.
none of them should be able to walk after the beating. they must be hospitolized…
just pump the streets with fire. fight fire with fire.
Kahana Chai.
“every jew- A 22”

01/19/08 – 19:41 –

I bet replacing the ideal of assimilation with multiculturalism doesn’t look so great to New York liberals now.

h/t Save Brooklyn Now!

4 thoughts on “Jewish Teen Beaten in Hate Attack … In New York

  1. a jew gets beaten by blacks in crown heights and it’s adalah’s fault because they oppose the occupation of the west bank?!

    what kind of stupidity is this?

  2. The anti-semitism disguised as “anti-Zionism” is to blame.Adalah is but an example of the creeping left wing anti-Jewish ideology that is infecting Americans. As I said in the post, when I worked with “at risk” teens almost all of them had learned various anti-semitic myths not from their peers or community but white liberal activist teachers who were trying to impress on them how wrong the “occupation” is without realizing (or caring) that they were teaching kids to hate Jews as opposed to questioning Israeli policies.

    Adalah is a group that dispenses propaganda designed to make Jews look greedy, heartless and imperious. The attack, as well as the desecrations of synagogs and Jewish graveyards that have happened recently, are the result of this sort of activity.

  3. Sorry, I don’t see how opposing settlements is some left-wing anti-semitic ideology. it’s a matter of upholding international law and convention. Palestinians are genuinely suffering because Lev’s settlements are taking their lands. Is that heimishe?

  4. Your thesis ignores the constant rocket attacks by Muslims into Israel. The protest are far left because they are set up by International Solidarity Movement and afew Socialist groups. Unless you would argue that the ISM and Marxist groups are right wing this is a lefty stance. It’s anti-semitic because it is a ploy designed to help move rocket positions closer to Israel so that more Jews could be struck by rockets. I was always under the impression that setting out to kill Jews was anti-semitic, but I rekon’ I could be wrong.

    Palestinian Christians are suffering under Hamas, with their churchs being desecrated and their daughters being kidnapped and raped. Where’s your protest about that? There isn’t one because you don’t care about Palestinians at all, only killing Jews. If you cared about the Palestinians you’d want to help them develop an working economy by putting aside Islamist and Communist systems and allow the free market to help them advance from poverty.

    You aren’t interested in that. You don’t want Palestinians doing well, you want them downtrodden and angry, you want them to be rocket firing murderers. As long as Jews die in the attacks you’re happy.

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