Adalah Protest Met With Patriotic Resistance

The Socialist/Islamist front group Adalah have been frustrated by patriotic counter protesters from the United American Committee and allied groups who defended the Jewish owned businesses targeted by the anti-Semites who hope to destroy Leviev Diamonds for the “crime” of being owned by an Israel supporting Jew.

Pictures (courtesy U.A.C. Chapter leader Pamela Hall) are worth a thousand words and the images of these degenerate leftists promoting Islamist causes should shame all Americans:




These are American citizens carrying the flags of Palestine and trying to shut down a Jewish business. The protest are I.S.M led hate fests designed to drum up support for Hamas, a terrorist organization responsible for persecuting Christians and desecrating churches in Gaza.

The U.A.C. counter protest was much needed but there were some disturbing reports of the police issuing citations to passerbys who engaged the pro-terror camp. New Yorkers, given the history of violent terror aimed at them, were understandably outraged by the demonstration and those New Yorkers who see such filth on their streets should be at least allowed to excercise their 1st amendment rights to challenge Adalah.

Speaking of not respecting the First Amendment, it was also reported that Adalah members tried to have one of the U.A.C. protesters removed by trumping up phony charges that the person was a undercover detective(!?!). The police saw through such paranoid ramblings and left the good Chaplin Desiree, the intended vicitm of the frame up, was left unmolested.

The police have been extra accommodating to the protesters according to Pamela Hall, raising speculation here that they’ve been given orders to not incite what are clearly dangerous and probably litigious individuals.

Adalah has video of their obnoxious and childish protest available. They are surprising proud of displays such as this:


Or this little ditty which is a lament at the loss of glory of a “Palestinian” Ramallah:


Singing songs about the glory of a people lost to the Jews while attempting to destroy a Jewish business while ignoring the evils of Palestinians who fire rockets daily into Israel killing scores of Jews.

Why isn’t this considered Nazi-esque?

Atlas Shrugs has more on the heroic counter protest. Support the U.A.C.