The Slippery Slope Illustrated by Mary Duval

Mary Duval is the mother of Ricky Blackman, a young man who ended up on the sex offender registry due to a sexual relationship he had with a 13-year-old runaway when he was supposedly 17. There isn’t much on the net about the case that isn’t posted on pro-pedophilia blogs or those flamboyantly angry anti-misandry sites, which makes me think there may have been more to his conviction than most admit.

But this story is about his mother Mary who turned her son’s case into something of a cause celebre among “sex offender advocates” and various online degenerates. Feeling unfairly treated by the Iowa and then Oklahoma authorities, Mary did what any mother would do: fight to get her son removed from the registry. In fact if what Mary says about her son’s conviction is true, then I and most people would fully support her in that. But Mary allowed her anger and outrage to drive her to go beyond decency and well beyond common sense.

One of her first stops to garner support for her son was Internet pedophile gathering Boychat and sites like it where she became entwined with people like Derek Logue and their war on children. From there she slid from mother defending her child, to sex offender advocate, to promoter of pedophilia in just a short time. More to the point, she has gone from advocating for the removal of her son from the registry, to working for the abolition of the registry, to demanding the abolition of age of consent laws and threw in her lot with the most deviant predators who she pretends are nothing more than victims like her son. Stitches77 profiled Duval and her work on Absolute Zero United:

You think Mary doesn’t know? Of course she knows. She admitted she knows, not only that she has stated there should be no age of consent laws. There should be no registry, no residency restrictions, no GPS monitoring, no civil commitment, no polygraph exams on supervision. She has stated that victims and their parents should be “held accountable” while referring to the offender as “just a baby”. She calls child pornography a victimless crime and says maybe it helps someone not molest children. She says a woman who won’t allow her child to be alone with a bus driver is hysterical and to parents whose children have been abused as negligent. She says no law will stop someone from committing a crime………therefore what? Anarchy.

Mary is a joke. She has bashed John Walsh, Mark Lunsford and other parents of murdered children, not just the laws they’ve supported but on a personal basis. She has referred to victims as “snot-nosed teary-eyed victims”, she’s cold, she’s heartless, she’s despicable and she’s offensive to anyone except abusers and enablers.

If you have ever taken a course in logic you’ll learn that the Slippery Slope is a logical fallacy, that the idea of an ever worsening chain of consequences stemming from one action cannot be logically argued as true. But life is not an intellectual exercise and Mary Duval is not some logic problem to be solved in a classroom. She is a real person, filled with rage and hatred who has given herself over to evil. It is an unpopular theory today, more so than the Slippery Slope itself, but nonetheless it is true.

Evil is like a wool coat in the rain, its warm comfort soon giving way to a cold heaviness that drags on a person’s soul. I don’t know what sort of person Mary Duval was prior to her son getting in trouble for having sex with a 13-year-old runaway, but I have my suspicions. But I doubt when she started advocating for her son she would have thought she would end up insulting murdered children, demanding age of consent laws be abolished, and allying herself with people who have forcibly raped children. Now she is, and what will tomorrow bring for her?

In real life there is a slippery slope you slide down into your worst moments. Ask any addict and they’ll tell you they started drinking and smoking pot socially before getting hooked on hard drugs. Ask any woman in an abusive relationship how she got there and she can trace for you a string of ever more violent boyfriends. And Mary Duval started her career of advocating for child rape by trying to find a way to convince people her son wasn’t a child rapist.

The Slippery Slope, illustrated by Mary Duval. Loving mother, political activist, now advocate for the most egregious child exploitation.

3 thoughts on “The Slippery Slope Illustrated by Mary Duval

  1. “In real life there is a slippery slope you slide down into your worst moments.”

    Mary could have done something about “Romeo & Juliet” type crimes had she not got involved with Nambla. But her language and her actions tell us one thing, and that is her willingness to throw everyone’s children to the wolves in order to get her kid off the registry. If she intended to make people feel empathy for men like Ricky it has had the opposite effect. She’s sickening and offensive. It’s impossible to feel empathy for someone when the person speaking for them is making you throw up.

    “Evil is like a wool coat in the rain, it’s warm comfort soon giving way to a cold heaviness that drags on a person’s soul.”

    Well said.

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  3. Mary cut her throat and her cause the day she stood side by side with a guy who raped a four year old and her son. Left up to Mary, all sex offenders would have no restrictions, no oversight and the victims would be made to apologize to their offenders..Mary has turned out to be the worst kind of mother. She says she failed to understand her son’s plea bargin, and what it entailed..I find that ludicrous, she failed to educate her child to what is culturely acceptable and criminally possible, she then went on to defend every offender no matter how heinous the crime at the expense of every other child in this country. Mary Duval is no hero..she is as dangerous as a mother can be when she aligned herself with rapist, pedophiles and repeat molesters. This woman professed to “get justice” for her child, in reality justice was a long time coming for Ricky and others like Ricky due to her alliances with bad guys. Someone should tell Ricky “his mother didnt do him any favors”..

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