Bernie Ward’s Degenerate Wife Claims His Light Sentence Unfair!

I guess she thinks his downloading torture porn featuring children and sending child porn to others during masturbation sessions isn’t worth a measly seven year bid. Bernie doesn’t think so either and he’s revamped his “I was writing a book!” defense by claiming that his research “lost its focus” due to his alcoholism.

Trading child porn and fantasizing about raping your own children is losing focus in the Ward household.

Ward’s soul mate inartfully touches on three lefty canards that, in her mind, excuse Ward from being a pervert:

A) The Department of justice hasn’t caught “the real terrorists” which I guess means she thinks Ward’s off to Gitmo.

B) Bush lied, etc. So obviously Ward should be able to break child porn laws and maybe molest a few children.

C) They (the DOJ?) can’t “control the economy” or gas prices. Not sure what this has to do with being married to a pervert but I assume Capitalism isn’t popular in the home of a man who makes a living getting people to listen to his asinine opinions so that his radio station can charge fees for businesses advertising their goods and services.

She goes on to claim the government has destroyed her family. The government not Bernie Ward. Not the man who sent a horrified Internet mistress child porn, not the man who claimed in an Internet chat with said mistress to like to masturbate in front of his children, not the man who fantasized about his son’s friends “cocks” and his daughters getting other boys hard. It was the government that destroyed her family. Read The Smoking Gun report to see who’s really responsible for Ward’s family problems.

Yeah. That makes sense. The show starts at 1:50 if you’re busy, but the whole report is worth it:

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