The Truth About Peace Protesters

There ain’t no such thing. Trench points us to this Star Tribune piece about some RNC protester arrests and the decidedly non-peaceful items confiscated from the self-described anarchists:

At least five suspected leaders of the RNC Welcoming Committee, a self-described anarchist group, were taken to the Hennepin County jail, and another was being sought, said Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher.

On Saturday afternoon, he displayed a number of the confiscated items: a gun, throwing knives, a bow and arrows, flammable liquids, paint, slingshots, rocks and buckets of urine.

“We know these things were going to be used as weapons,” Fletcher said, a charge protesters and their advocates vigorously disputed.

Fletcher however, stressed that he and other agencies had informants planted inside this and other groups for “a long period of time.”

Since they had informants placed in the anarchist groups “for a long period of time” I assume they have credible information on what these anarchists were up to, not that the anarchist didn’t publish their plans for mayhem on dozens of “underground” websites. So what does a peace protester do with a gun, a bow and arrow and some throwing knives anyway?

Just imagine if they had access to their weapons when this happened:

ST. PAUL –A protest near the site of the Republican National Convention gave way to violence Monday as demonstrators attacked members of the Connecticut delegation, smashed windows, slashed car tires and threw bottles during an anti-war march, St. Paul police said.

More than 80 people were arrested by police using pepper spray in some confrontations. Police were determining on a case-by-case basis how to process them.

Five people were accused of setting fire to a trash bin and pushing it into a police car, St. Paul police spokesman Tom Walsh said.

The violent demonstrators were mostly dressed in black and described themselves as anarchists. Most of the violence occurred in pockets of a neighborhood near downtown, several blocks from the Xcel Energy Center, where the convention was taking place. At the request of police, 150 Minnesota National Guard soldiers helped control splinter groups near downtown long after anti-war marchers had dispersed.

Protesters attacked members of the Connecticut delegation when they got off their buses near Xcel Center, delegates told FOX and a local TV station.

A group of protesters came toward the delegation and tried to rip the credentials off their necks and sprayed them with a toxic substance that burned their eyes and stained their clothes, delegate Rob Simmons told KMSP-TV.

One 80-year-old member of the delegation had to be treated for injuries, and several other delegates had to rinse their eyes and clothing, the station reported.

Black Bloc, the perpetrators of this attack, had to settle for trying to blind innocent people with bleach rather than shoot them or skewer them with arrows. But the attack proves that that’s exactly what would have happened. The so-called “peace movement” is nothing more than a hate cult and Black Bloc is a rich kid’s riot club. They are no more for peace than they are law and order and their main goal is to injure or kill someone as this incident reported at Gateway Pundit proves. Here’s a video report on the RNC bus attack:

Atlas has more on the rioters. Z.A.C. has a whole blog dedicated to exposing the leftist “peace” movement and their allies.

9 thoughts on “The Truth About Peace Protesters

  1. I appriopiately relabel this RNC Welcoming Committee, as the Al-Qaeda Welcoming Committee. Because what these “peace protesters” are doing are in fact inviting terrorists to use their threats of riots, as a cover to implement a terrorist attack.

    What if that Somali Canadian Islamic radical chook didn’t die of all that cynaide that was laying around? And instead used the cover of threats of riots to implement a biological terror attack? The same thing could be easily be exploitable in St. Paul with the help of these “peace protesters”.

  2. Rob Taylor,

    Truth is that I am not one hundred percent certain what motivates these people. The peace protesters may literally see themselves as pacifists and think that their violent actions are promoting genuine peace. People are not always very logical. They may not even realize what the enemies of the west truly desire. These people may actually be delusional enough to think that we are the aggressors in this conflict.

  3. As a proud liberal, I deplore the protesters’ thug tactics (even if I understand the basis of their anger). These idiots aren’t doing my cause (or anyone else’s) any favors.

    But concluding there “ain’t no such thing” as peace protesters just because these yobbos espouse violence is typical of Limbaugh/Coulter/O’Reilly demonize-em-all-with-one brush right-wing rhetoric.

    I happen to know firsthand that all conservatives aren’t cynical lying bullies, but if I judged them all based on the loudest, nastiest, most attention-getting spokespeople for their movement, I’d probably reach the same kind of oversimplistic verdict you’ve made about peace activists.



  4. Jim Akin,

    I happen to agree with you. Not all members of the peace movement are hypocritical, violent thugs. Still it doesn’t make the cause any less naive. I don’t support the peace movement because it is at best based on naive wishful thinking.

  5. But Jim there is no peace organization that isn’t tied into violent Marxist or Islamist radicals. Show me a peace organization that isn’t affiliated with one of the Worker’s World Party’s front groups. WWP supported Milosivic in his campaign to ethnically cleanse Muslims. how could any peace movement march with them?

    I see few pacifist in the peace movement ands plenty of people who think violence is acceptable when aimed at Jews, Americans or some guy who wants to get off a bus at the RNC.

    By the gods man they tried to blind an 80-year-old man! And in the face of that and being caught with bombs and guns you try make it out like they’re just some fringe element? Why is ANSWER trying to bail them out? Why is Amy Goodman with them? Micheal Moore?

    These “thugs” are the base of the peace movement and you know it. If they weren’t the peace movement would distance themselves from them but they don’t. They could ban them, make their movement one that officially endorses non-violence but they don’t. They invite people who espouse violence to all the rallies, whether it be ANSWER or Mumia. Doesn’t that speak volumes for what the peace movement is?

  6. Rob Taylor,

    I personally find it stunning that many in the peace movement idolize Che Guevara. He definitively was not a man of peace. Ghandi and Martin Luther king were men of peace, but you hardly ever see pictures of them at peace rallies.

  7. Dr. King would never have condoned the children of the the nouveau riche hurting people and destroying people’s livelihoods. Neither would Ghandi.

    These anarchists are nothing more than cretin who want to run wild like the characters in the video games they grew up playing. We have managed to raise a generation of psychopaths with no sense of personal boundaries or basic morality.

    Sorry to be so angry, but watching this is maddening.

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