Dear Mark Schollenberg: Make Me

I don’t like to bore people with minor blog related annoyances but around 11:30pm on Sunday night I got this email:

Mark Schollenberg wrote:
I would suggest you take those defamatory comments you made concerning myself
Mark Schollenberg off your website. You just don’t have any clue do you? Keep
your assumptions and presumptions
to yourself concerning me.  When I return to
your site those comments better be gone.

Govern Yourself Accordingly
Mark Schollenberg


Amusing, but also annoying because I had no idea who Mark Schollenberg was nor did I remember making either assumptions or presumptions about him. So then I had to comb through the archives for Mark’s mention because he was too stupid or high to tell me exactly what post he was talking about.

Turns out he was high. Mark Scholleberg appeared in this post I wrote about a year ago in my Victimless Crime File category. Mark is a Canadian on disability for a “bad back” and was partaking in five grams of medical marijuana a day for the excruciating pain that could not be tamed with any other intoxicant which is proven to be both habit and delusion forming.

Mark was featured in a article on CNews (now lost to the ravages of time) about medical marijuana users stiffing the Canadian government for their dope, which makes sense because unlike a regular dealer Canada isn’t going to stick a gun in your mouth and demand you pay for product. Here’s the relevant quote about Mark, who proudly pleaded his case to the world:

Mark Schollenberg, 42, of Stoney Creek, Ont., uses marijuana to control chronic pain from a series of workplace injuries. Unable to work and on disability, he initially used street marijuana but changed his mind

“I thought instead of causing myself any problems, I should get a licence and do it legally,” he said in an interview.

With a doctor’s approval, Schollenberg got a licence and ordered his first batch of Health Canada dope last summer assuming Ottawa would cover the costs.

He was cut off in October, now owes $3,962.34 including interest, and is back on the street to purchase his “medicine.”

“I can’t even afford the black market,” he says of his five-gram-a-day requirement.

Now here’s my commentary on his story:

Wait, so basically this is a guy on disability because his back hurts (I’ve never seen that scam before) who needs five grams of pot a day? When I had surgery on my stomach for a hernia (in which my hack surgeon gutted me like a fish) I was given a week’s worth of Vicodin and pat on the back. When my prescription ran out I took Ibuprofen and smoked clove cigarettes until I didn’t feel like there was six inch gash in my belly.

But I guess Canadians are just a little more delicate than a big strapping tough guy like professional blogger Rob Taylor.

Yeah. That doesn’t seem defamatory to me. I think Mark’s real issue is that he was just a passing mention in a longer post. But that’s because his story isn’t particularly interesting. We’ve all known people who sit around getting high all day. We all know people who are on disability. We all know people who sit around getting high all day while on disability don’t pay their bills. Boilerplate.

We also know that no one needs five grams of weed a day. Medical marijuana was meant to help patients at the end of their rope (or their lives really), not help the state keep some douche in a state of permanent adolescence.

But in answer to your request Mark, no. I won’t be removing these statements (which are not libel) and nothing will happen when I don’t. Fuck you and fuck Canada for never setting you straight. I suppose that’s defamatory as well.

I’m sure while sitting around collecting welfare, oh sorry, disability, and getting high you come up with all sorts of nonsense you convince yourself is true. But the reality is that someone mocking you on the web isn’t defamatory. The reality is that a grown man who lives his life like a 15-year-old is disgusting and beneath contempt. The reality is that Canada can’t pay for you, and the thousands of degenerates just like you, indefinitely no matter what your favorite politician claimed.

And telling me I’d “better” do this or that just makes you look like the pathetic loser you are. I mean what’s going to happen here Mark? Are you going to pay a lawyer in food stamps to drag me from America to Canada, then “prove” to a court I’m wrong and that you indeed need five grams of weed a day to function? Are you going to come down here and kick my ass? Write a nasty blog post about me?

Or aren’t you really just going to keep sulking in your government housing?

I’m not picking on you Mark, but this is a good example of why drug users are looked down on. Because you’re scumbags. You rip off the medical marijuana dispensary for almost four grand of pot, which is four grand worth that some cancer patient isn’t getting, then have the nerve to complain about getting cut off. Then you have the unmitigated gall to email me and demand I stop “defaming” you by accurately reporting how you live what can only loosely be described as a life.

People with arthritis find jobs all the time, but you can’t because your back hurts. It doesn’t hurt so bad you can’t hunch over a keyboard though huh? It doesn’t hurt while you’re stoned out of your mind playing World of Warcraft or spinning conspiracy theories on the Canadian Injured Worker’s Alliance forum. At least not like the backs of the working Canadians who pay for you to sit around rubbing out missives on the Internet.

Grow up Mark. Go do something with your “life” like the millions of other disabled people in the world who are productive, respectable and sober. You don’t like people like me looking down on you? Too bad. You do something worthy of respect and you’ll be respected. Sit on your couch getting high all day and I’ll call you what you are, a no good piece of White trash.

I hope that response is satisfactory.

14 thoughts on “Dear Mark Schollenberg: Make Me

  1. Your response just proves what an idiotic, hateful, so called professional blogger you are.
    Who would pay an idiot like you to spread YOUR BELIEFS that are not verified to be true.
    Your world is full of presumptions and assumptions, and anyone, with half the brain you have, would consider your blogs worthless, and full of mis-information.
    Your just a waste of time and a waste of life. You should sit back and smoke a big fatty, maybe that will put you in the right perspective, and stop you from believing everything that you have spinning in that space between your ears.

    Hardly worth the time
    Mark Schollenberg

  2. Translation: Pointing out that I’m a immature parasite who burdens society while never giving anything back in return makes me sad. I’ll instead say this is all lies and sulk for days while high. Why should I change my life? I’ll be happy when I die having spent the majority of my life doing less than a high school student every day.

  3. More assumptions and presumptions.
    The only thing your helping out is your ego.
    Knowledge is power. Believing in something without truly knowing is just plain ignorant.

    Peace and Love
    Mark Schollenberg

  4. “More assumptions and presumptions.”

    Is that from a book or something? You say it alot but it doesn’t seem to mean anything.

    “The only thing your helping out is your ego.”

    My ad revenue hasn’t been bad either.

    “Knowledge is power.”

    Really? You’re going to pull out that Saturday morning cartoon nonsense? Grow up.

    “Believing in something without truly knowing is just plain ignorant.”

    But you believe not working and getting high all day is consequenceless, yet you don’t know it to be so. Are you ignorant?

    I have a better saying: People without much to say often resort to vomiting pablum.

  5. More assumptions and presumptions.
    Get a dictionary if you don’t know what those words mean.
    Maybe I won’t have to keep repeating myself. But then again, maybe I will.
    Cause you just don’t get it.
    I keep my responses short cause your really not worth the effort.

    “But I guess Canadians are just a little more delicate than a big strapping tough guy like professional blogger Rob Taylor.” hahahahahahahahaha

    I’m done here
    Mark Schollenberg

  6. I know what the words mean, I’m just not sure how it is an assumption of mine that you’re a thieving shiftless pseudo-addict when the newspapers report your story and you basically said just that. You stiffed the Canadian government for $4000 in pot. How am I presuming that you suck for doing that?

  7. #
    Mark Schollenberg said,

    on June 22nd, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    More assumptions and presumptions.
    The only thing your helping out is your ego.
    Knowledge is power. Believing in something without truly knowing is just plain ignorant.

    Peace and Love
    Mark Schollenberg

    Is it me, or is that post almost entirely made up of catchphrases?

    Rob, I got a chuckle out of this before… you know, that you’re not worth the time, as was stated in the first comment. Yet, if you’re really not, why comment at all? And here he is still, a day and two more comments later, still saying the same thing.

    Seems like a sad case of “too much time on his hands”. Wanna start pool on whether or not he comes back? *WG*

  8. Good call, DodiaFae. Only a pothead of this magnitude would believe that peppering his comments with silly catchphrases like “knowledge is power” would help him make a case for … anything.

  9. It’s funny reading this blog about Mark Schollenberg and his hardships of life. Next time you chat it up with him, ask how much of that pot money goes to his children? Oh ya you will probly have to explain to him what child support is all about. According to the grape vine he was also responsible for ratting out someone who was growing for personal use. Even though this person has a job, a life and is quite responsible. He even started telling people that he was responsible for sending him to jail! (funny thing, that person didn’t even get charge. Cease and destroy his small 2 plant operation was it. That is how Mark Schollenberg works, if someone else is better off he will do what’s necessary to ruin a positive time. It’s quite a kick in the face that someone who claims back injury also is capable of lifting objects when no one is looking. I even heard he would threaten violence when he didn’t get his own way! Hmmm.. still can’t hold a job and is in debt for pot with the Ontario government. Maybe the government should look closer at the losers that it tries to help. This guy is nothing but a fraud!! Don’t be fooled… Take care and have a great day

  10. LMAO!
    One would only have to ask my children what kind of father I am.
    Its funny how that last post did not want to be identified.

    I would appreciate if you would remove this blog Rob because of the defamatory comments that have been damaging to me, and have no standing.
    If you think that making money through your ad revenues is not enough reason to remove this BS, I will find a lawful way, that will give you reason.


  11. I’m not “removing my blog” which is this site in its entirety. Nor am I removing this post on my blog which is not defamatory because in fact everything I wrote was either true (articles about you and your own writings) or my opinion of those true facts. To defame you I would have to – pay attention here because this is important – knowingly make up a lie about you that I spread with the intention and result of causing you actual harm. And I won’t be removing any comments on this post.

    You’d have to prove that A) you “need” five grams of pot a day to function B) that my public skepticism of that has caused you some form of injury and C) that I know that articles published about you and things you published yourself are untrue.

    What damage are you going to show? That when you were already publicly known to have ripped off the government for more than $4000 in pot me pointing to that fact to make a larger point stopped you from getting a job? You yourself in our email exchanges all but admit that you will never go out and look for a job.

    What’s more just to prove my point about how lazy, shiftless and unmotivated you are you wait over four months since the last comment to even get upset over this? What happened?

    Look, in America we have free speech which means unless I’m making up all these facts about you, and I’m not they are in the newspapers and on the forums in your precious Canada, then I’m not doing anything wrong. If these are all lies sue the newspapers I got them from.

    I have used your own words to paint an accurate picture of you. You don’t like seeing it so you want that picture eliminated so you don’t have to deal with how pathetic you are. None of that’s my problem, it’s yours. Either change your life or don’t but you can’t expect other people to change to make your life seem better than it is.

  12. Problems @ home, Problems paying for pot, Paranoia with Workers Compensation Board (is that because they won’t pay for your weed? lol
    Does East Hamilton Kiwanis housing know you use pot?
    This has nothing to do with been a good father. It just shows you care for yourself before others. It is funny what you can find out about a person on the world wide web without even knowing that person. I guess that’s what you get for signing all those anti-petitions

    de facto law92 N/G Mark Schollenberg N/G N/G N/G N/G Sep 09, 2008

    Mr. Mark Schollenberg [edit]
    Join the movement demanding justice; help end the corruption. The WCB hides from the public

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