Robert Von der Ohe Likes European Style Economic Planning, 13-Year-Old Girls


Not that I’m saying the two are necessarily related. Robert Van der Ohe is a professor of Economics at Rockford College who once had this to say about a proposal to cut the gas tax in Illinois:

Rockford College Economic Professor Dr. Bob Von der Ohe tells 13 News, “If we really want to conserve, we do what the Europeans have done, which is simply raise the price of gasoline with taxation. That will set a floor that the gasoline prices will not fall below that particular level. That would provide significant incentives for consumers to move to the more fuel efficient cars.”

I wonder what sort of incentives he would have us provide for people to not molest children:


A prominent professor of economics and business ethics at Rockford College is facing a felony count of aggravated sexual abuse, police confirmed Monday.

Robert Von der Ohe, 67, was arrested and charged Wednesday. He turned himself in after the warrant was issued, posted 10 percent of his $50,000 bail and was released from jail the same day.

According to Winnebago County Court documents, the first report on the case was taken Feb. 24. Rockford Deputy Police Chief Greg Lindmark said the alleged incident — which he described as “inappropriate touching” of a 13-year-old girl — occurred early this year. Lindmark also said the investigation is ongoing.

Von der Ohe was unavailable for comment Monday. His attorney, Frank Martinez, said he hadn’t seen any of the evidence in the case yet.

“He’s going to stand on his presumption of innocence, and we intend to proceed accordingly,” Martinez said.

Von der Ohe is an expert on the local and national economy and has appeared often as a source in local media outlets, including the Register Star. He also consults in the United States and internationally, and is often called upon to speak at seminars.

The college issued a short statement on the matter Monday, saying Von der Ohe made the school aware of his arrest and the nature of the charges.

“At this point, this is the only information we have regarding this situation,” the statement said. “This is obviously a serious matter. The college intends to monitor the situation and will act appropriately, consistent with its legal obligations to Professor Von der Ohe, the college’s students, and the rest of the college community.”

It’s nice that the college and the courts in Illinois can be so civil.

If the charges are true Van der Ohe wants to redistribute income, tax Americans into becoming more like himself and thinks child molestation is no big deal. I guess he’s with the Green Party.

Lizard found this story and posted it in The Dreamin’ Demon forums. I wish I had a crack stuuff like that damn Morbid.

12 thoughts on “Robert Von der Ohe Likes European Style Economic Planning, 13-Year-Old Girls

  1. I’m very disappointed with this post. It is vulgar and downright disrespectful. Granted Prof. Von der Ohe may have made some decisions we are all not necessarily fond of thinking about, he was an excellent educator, and it was my sincere hope that people would not exploit him as you have done with this webpage.

  2. Not exploit HIM? Really?

    He’s charged with exploiting little girls. He’s charged with molesting children. It’s his alleged actions that are vulgar, not the reports of that behavior.

    It isn’t that people aren’t “fond” of what raping children Ashley; it’s that raping children is the ultimate betrayal of trust, the most disgusting example of people in positions of power abusing that power for their sadistic gratification. Van der Ohe went out of his way to attempt to ruin a child’s ability to have a normal sex life because it tickled him if the police are to be believed.

    The point of my post is this sort of sexual sadism, this lack of boundaries, is unsurprising coming from a man who believes that other people should be penalized into doing what he thinks is right. His taxing Americans into driving less plan flies in the face of the most fundamental American value; freedom. It shows him to have an unseemly love of authoritarianism.

    As does molesting children. There is no more anti-American, authoritarian act than to impose your base sexual deviancy on a helpless child. The belief that he in concert with the state has the right to force you to do what he wants is the political expression of his lack of morals and character, the two things which if he had he wouldn’t have, allegedly, raped a little girl.

  3. Rockford College employs creepy teachers. I did not stay there because the Business Department had dirty old men posing as educators. I feel sorry for parents who send their kids there, do not learn anything and waste their hard earned money, hoping that their kids are getting a good education. If the administrators look deeper into the quality of their instructors, they are in for a rude awakening. Van der Ohe is just the tip of the ice berg.

  4. Mr. Rob Taylor. You should shut up your dirty mouth. Reporters like you-the disaster for America.
    They didnt found him guilty , ok. I would like to talk to you when jurry will find him innocent (and i am sure thisgoing to happen). This aquasitions is the result of nasty divorce of his daughter. So you better shut up loser.

    He is the most talented and bright professor of Rockford College.

  5. If he’ so talented, why can’t he help you with your piss poor English?

    It’s hard to divine the meaning from the angry word jumble you’ve submitted, but the “you better shut up loser” seems like some sort of threat. Is it?

    What will happen if I don’t “shut up?” You and Van der Ohe gonna’ come molest me?

  6. Settle down now Mr. Taylor. It’s one thing to publish a story on this forum to alert the masses of a potential predator… it’s a completely different thing to open that opinion piece up to the masses to comment on, and then attack them for being ignorant.

    Some people can’t help it! Frankly, I liked your comparison, albeit pretty far fetched, it was absolutely true. What I didn’t particularly care for was an author who then beat up on someone who had a genuine care for a person under attack and another who couldn’t spell, let alone put together a sentence.

    I received my undergraduate degree from RC, and made every effort to stay away from this particular economics Professor. Consequently, it’s easy to reflect on the creepiness factor or a guy who had a technicolor vest for every day of the week. That’s not normal!

    My point is, you know the issue, but only what you’ve read and discovered. Until you have more facts surrounding the accusations or the incident, lay off the public bashing of what I would consider your customers! Stick to reporting facts and refuting any responding comments to those facts with more facts (about the topic), not more ignorance.

  7. You clearly aren’t familiar with blogs. They are a vehicle for commentary on news items, not a news outlet themselves.

    The person I bashed left a threat here. “You’d better shut up” implies that if I don’t I’ll be sorry. Though the Internet is rough and tumble place I am under no obligation to let someone who is high vomit forth their frustrations here unchallenged. Nor should anyone, younger people these days think that they are simply allowed to insult, threaten and attack anyone they disagree with and have been taught to be thin skinned enough to be shocked when people give it right back to them.

    I don’t it takes away from the blog to mix it up with detractors; I think it’s better for everyone.

  8. Rob, I apologies for previous posting. Please forgive me for nasty language. That wasnt right. But , I still disagree with your article.

  9. Yet you don’t disagree with molesting 13-year-olds. If you think he’s innocent please give us some reasons why, but I believe it’s likely a person who puts forward the theory that the government should tax people into doing something he thinks is right lacks the moral and perhaps emotional boundaries that would stop him from molesting children. Let me explain:

    Van der Ohe is in essence promoting the idea that the freedom you and I enjoy to make choices can and should be limited by what the elite, in this case college professors, considers good.

    Van der Ohe’s theory of economic planning is neo-Marxist at best, and is based on the idea that there are certain classes of people who have a right to dictate how you live your life. That’s what all Marxist pretty much believe.

    Sexual abuse among Marxists is considered no big deal. Marx himself and early Marxist philosophers put forward the idea that marriage should be “communal”, in other words women would be available for the pleasure of all. Manuel Ortega was elected president of Nicaragua running on a Marxist platform even after it was widely acknowledged that he molested his step-daughter from the time she was a child until the early 90s. In Red China prisoners are used for their organs.

    People like Vander Ohe are separated from “conservatives” like me by one important belief, the sanctity of private property, which includes the one piece of property we all own; ourselves. Leftist thought promotes communal ownership, which in cases of our person means that we don’t have an absolute right to decide what we do with ourselves.

    Once you accept that world view, why would you respect the boundaries of others? Why would a professor, part of the Marxist elite, not think he was entitled to taking pleasure with a girl? Conversely, why wouldn’t a person who was interested in molesting children adopt a world view that excuses it?

  10. As anyone with a third grade education knows, Mr. Von Der Ohe has been charged with a crime and NOT YET been proven guilty. The author of the original post is either a fool or a fraud.

  11. …and just in case the author is an honest fool it should be pointed out that the title of this post ignores the above fact.

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