Green-Rainbow’s Creepy Uncle Platform

Sure the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts has a lot of controversial platforms, and by controversial platforms I mean half-baked pseudo-Marxist doctrines regurgitated by people who may not quite understand what they’re saying. There’s the Green’s statement that intervention in the on-going Genocide in Sudan would be racist imperialism, for example. Or what I like to call their “killing Jews” platform that states that Israel should be dissolved, that Israel has no right to use force against terrorists and that the rockets being lobbed into Israel are part of legitimate resistance, and thus morally justified.

Certainly these wild-eyed forays into Mansion-ville hippydom have caught the attention of Frontpage’s P. David Hornik and the wise and just Solomon.

But I’m more concerned about their call to repeal truancy laws. They claim, in a short blurb on page 10 of their platform that truancy laws interfere with the civil rights of children.

They of course mean those kids rights to cut school and hang out with the 45 year old Green who lives in his mothers basement and is technically not allowed to be around children. Since when does having a parent know a child’s whereabouts constitute a civil rights violation? When did children wondering about unsupervised, meeting up with adults who promise them beer and pot if they come back to their (parents) place become a civil right?

What kind of person wants to give children the ability to disappear all day with no way for the parents to know what they’re doing or who they’re doing it with? Hmmmm, could it be someone like this?

All I know is that no one from the G.R.P. should be allowed within 100 yards of a school or playground until they explain themselves.

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  1. Yeah, I remember this particular Green Party chapter often are big shills for totalitarian governments. I believe there’s a few party members of this chapter are heavily involved in protesting against anyone who criticizes the government of Sudan on charges of genocide.

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