The true face of the New Left


Canada has long been the standard the hard left compares the United States to. It is assumed by many radicals that Canada is a sort of liberal paradise of free thinkers and enlightened citizens who are decades ahead of Americans in terms of social and moral progress. The election of Stephen Harper, a conservative, was widely viewed here, as a step backward for a country many on the American left believes we should be trying to emulate.

The above picture is from the profile page of Canadian leftist blogger Viamund the Rake, who shares the angst of his brothers and sisters to the south over the state of the world during the “evil” Bush regime, the eroding of civil liberties by neo-conservatives, and loves to discuss the pretentious anarchist theories of Hakim Bay. He fears his great country is being hijacked by minions of the Republican party and is ready to fight against the encroaching fascism that Harper’s government is abetting in enlightened Canada with its restrictive laws. More specifically, the raising of Canada’s age of consent to 16 from 14 is what Viamund rails against, because it’s trampling the rights of the children.

Aside from his self described “boy love,” Viamund would fit in quite nicely with those who we term the far left in the United States. His post on why America is a Third World country could just as easily have been posted at Dailykos or Democratic Underground; his hopes for a united world under a more powerful version of the U.N. are the sort of Soros-inspired fantasy that the most radical of American leftists fill their daydreams with. On all major issues facing America and the world, Viamund agrees with Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore, except of course for one.

Viamund’s support of radicalism is a transparent ploy that any astute reader can see through after casual perusal of his Internet scribbling. Anarchy and “liberalism” (at least his version of it) would protect his interests, namely molesting children. He did not come to the conclusion that radical leftists would be supportive of him in a vacuum however, as this article from Counterpunch shows. That the communist propaganda site decided to publish this piece at all speaks to the depths to which Marxists will sink to expand their political base.

As self-righteous as any neo-communist, Viamund has created a “blacklist” of Internet companies who are “discriminating” against him and his fellow perverts. It ironically includes the site which is known to have had several incidents of child predation including the shocking case of 23 year old Jeremy Allan Steinke who met his 12 year old victim on the site and subsequently went on a killing spree with her in tow. It’s not a secret among “Goths” that the site is not monitored well at all, and it speaks volumes to Viamund’s on-line behavior that he was, it would seem from his anger, banned from the site.

Viamund has inspired me to make my own Blacklist of individuals whose behavior is so outrageous that Americans, and in this case our friends to the north, should avoid them at all costs. Perhaps if he sees this post, and my list, he’ll appeal to his comrades on the left for sympathy and support, and unfortunately there will be a few who will give it to him.