Where is Your Savior Now Obamunists?

I have gotten several emails and comments since the elections where Obama cultists, I mean ardent supporters, said I was in essence a Rethuglican, Capitalist, Fascist, Neo-con, Communist, red-baiter who wasn’t giving fellow Biracial person Obama a chance because I hated Black people. In general the points these fans try to make are:

  1. Obama will never nationalize banks
  2. Obama will never cozy up to brutal dictators or their murderous flunkies
  3. The Democrats won’t start a lie-filled campaign to take our guns
  4. Obama and the Democrats won’t abandon Israel
  5. The economy will turn around under his genius guidance

Frankly all of this was premised on the messianic image Obama cultivated, so I’d say to all those people in light of recent events: where is your savior now?

One thought on “Where is Your Savior Now Obamunists?

  1. Obama’s the classic politician. He has so many fans that adore him, he often regularly lies to them. Obviously his supporters haven’t heard how corrupt a political background which Chicago really is, where Obama originally started his political career.

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