Victimless Crime File: “Former Governor of Atlantis” Arrested for Soliciting Sex with 6-Year-Old

I’ve known dozens of pot smokers in my 37 years and without exception all had some crazy, paranoid belief that they usually feel stupid about supporting if they ever sober up and go a significant amount of time clean. I’ve heard everything from harmless “I think my neighbors are going through my garbage” to the life crippling “The government has a satellite that can make you think what they want, man!” and without exception those that then got sober sheepishly admitted they were just being paranoid or delusional within about a month of being clean.

This isn’t to say, as some unemployed pot smokers who like to rub out the error riddled missive in the comments section about what a fascist I am claim, that I think getting high absolves people from their personal responsibility to control their own behavior. I and anyone rational do recognize however that getting high does make it harder to both control your behavior and interpret reality. Chronic drug or alcohol use changes the way you perceive the world.

Long term drinking and drugging also affects your moral center. The dozens of pot smokers I’ve known were untrustworthy, shiftless and suffered from such an extravagant sense of self-entitlement that they could not function in society.

Which brings me to Brandt Owen DeBoard. I saw the story of Brandt over at The Dead Kids of MySpace which has a great post up that tracks all of this degenerate pervert’s online moves. Though he has a long and varied history of bizarre online behavior right now he is most famous for his most recent online shenanigan:

LONGMONT, Colo. — A Longmont man accused of using an online chat room to solicit a mother and her 6-year-old daughter for sex was arrested Thursday in an undercover operation, Longmont police said Friday.

Brandt Owen Deboard, 30, was arrested at a Longmont hotel on suspicion of felony attempted sex assault on a child.

Cmdr. Tim Lewis said Deboard arranged the hotel meeting while chatting with a Longmont mother online.

“He was on the Internet looking to hook up with mothers and children,” Lewis said. “He had explicit discussions with the mother about what he wanted to do with her 6-year-old daughter.”

The woman called police, Lewis said, who sent an undercover female detective to meet Deboard at the hotel. When he showed up Thursday afternoon, police arrested him.

“His intent was clear,” Lewis said about Deboard. “He repeated over and over the explicit sex acts he wanted to do. He took a significant step by going to the room to meet with them there.”

Lewis described the online conversation that lead to the meeting and arrest as “very spooky,” and unusually brazen.

Spooky is an apt description, though peculiar, strange and sad are also adjectives that can be used to describe DeBoard, who claims to be the reincarnated Governor of Atlantis among other things. If you read that little piece of his, which includes his “knowledge” of how the assassinations of both John and Bobby Kennedy and MLK were planed by the victims in their previous incarnations in ancient Egypt, you’ll see that in typical stoner fashion DeBoard is cobbling together a grandiose fantasy-that liberally steals from-the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Patricia Cori.

DeBoard also penned a sinister screed called Blood Covenants/Spilling of the Blood on conspiracy mongering website Godlike Productions where he claims blood letting is the only way to contact beings from the “outer realms” in yet another haze distorted interpretation of popular stoner fare, this time the delightfully mad occultist Kenneth Grant who posited something almost similar in his hard to find books Outer Gateways and Hecate’s Fountain. He ends his essay with the disturbing line “Power is in death, and in the blood, the two things people try to avoid the most.

I make the literary connections not only to be pretentious but to show that DeBoard, like many pot heads I have known, created a fantasy world that was only possible for him to live in if he totally disconnected himself from reality with drug use. His Godlike Productions page shows that he’s also an anti-Semite with a unhealthy fixation on “Octomom” Nadya Suleman, both something I’m 100% sure many pot smokers share in. I can guarantee that at least one pot smoker reading this will read his writings and agree with them.

More disturbing is his personal blog on which his last two posts are unsavory quasi-pedophilic picture galleries featuring girls around the age of his intended victim. This picture in particular is one of the creepiest pictures of an adult with a child I’ve ever seen and you don’t need to be Sigmund Freud to be uncomfortable with his gallery of little girls with telescopes entitled Heaven on Earth.

Now I’m not saying smoking pot “causes” people to rape children as some will accuse me of, but people who may harbor such evil in themselves are not who you want lowering their inhibitions with a blunt a day. I will argue that although many people will say he is simply crazy, Brendt DeBoard is a product of the drug culture, he is what chronic users of any substance become. After a month or two of being sober DeBoard will not believe the things he claims, and may even be sincerely contrite about trying to arrange the rape of a child (though I doubt that) and that should teach people who like to get high a valuable lesson in moderation.

But it won’t and therein lies the real problem with drug use.

8 thoughts on “Victimless Crime File: “Former Governor of Atlantis” Arrested for Soliciting Sex with 6-Year-Old

  1. i just have to ask. since you are a blog which is exposing and fighting sexually-related crimes, why do you have girls who look like hookers advertising for dates on your site? is there a joke or something i’m just not getting?

  2. Sally, how can you possibly equate attractive adults advertising a dating service with child crime victims? In what way does running dating advertisements detract from Rob’s advocacy on behalf of victims and skewering of criminals? Shouldn’t he run whatever legal ads provide the best compensation for his tireless efforts to expose predators?

  3. Oh Sally, you’re so silly. It is your determination that these women “look like hookers” which is based on some sort of catty misogyny. But even if I did advertise actual hookers how can you equate raping children, in this case raping a six-year-old, with adults paying other adults for sex?

    Your claiming adults dating on the net is the same as a sex crime indicates your need for therapy to say the least.

  4. Hold on! I enjoy your blog and was not trying to criticize! I was genuinely asking the question. I am all for capitalism, and I think you should make the most off of advertising that you can. The ads just didn’t jive to me with the purpose of your blog. Since I got married before internet dating became the norm, I obviously don’t know what type of pictures people post when trying to attract a date. More power to you, and more power to the girls looking for a relationship or a date or whatever. Jenn, my question had nothing to do with the story. It was simply where I asked the question. I suppose I should have sent the question privately rather than attach it to a story.

    And Rob, I have no misogyny toward my wonderful sex. LIke I said, I am unfamiliar with how people date on the net. But now I know.

    No harm, no foul. I love both your blogs. And Jenn, I hope to meet you someday at a political gathering.

  5. No offense but I just get a lot of complaints (evenly split between Social Cons and Feminists) who equate Internet dating ads (or pin-up ads etc) with molesting children. It’s a sore spot with me and I didn’t mean to come down so hard.

    I’ve been spending so much time doing the crime stuff I guess I’m becoming over sensitive. I apologize.

  6. Sally, I’m accustomed to seeing pedophile apologists trolling Rob’s comment section just looking to pick a fight, so forgive me if I sounded harsh in defending him.

    It’s nice to hear that you read and enjoy my blog. Are you a member of Smart Girl Politics?

  7. Yes, Jenn. And your blog is what brought me to this blog. Both are now in my favorites. Thanks to you both for the time and energy invested in what you do. We live in the same town, and I do hope to bump into you someday.

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