There’s No Such Thing as Gay Panic: Allen Andrade Knew Angie Zapata was Transsexual Before Having Sex with Her


This is another I told you so from me to all the naysayers who throw caution to the wind and claim I’m wrong. I blogged before about Allen Andrade, who is a cold, calculating killer who knowingly picked up a young male to female transsexual (a ladyboy in the parlance of people who are into that) to have a day long sex session with then rob and murder. We only can speculate on why Andrade likes to have sex with then kill transsexuals but the evidence of the case pointed to that being basically what happened.

Then the murder groupies showed up on my previous posts with comments like this:

Liz said,

on August 15th, 2008 at 12:55 am

Who do YOU think YOU are saying that Allen Ray Andrade deserves to die? Granted…he should not have killed JUSTIN but JUSTIN should not have been deceitful either! Search Angie Zapata on myspace….its not private. On HIS profile HE states HE is female and straight! What part of that is NOT deceiving? On many television interviews, Justins family states that they were always concerned with HIS lifestyle! WHY? Like if they knew HE would purposefully deceive men and somehow knew that someday HE would deceive the wrong man and possibly end up hurt. By no means, do I totally blame Justin for his own death, but i do feel he played a big role that led upto it! As far as this being a hate crime…i dont think so. Andrade did not target Zapata because HE was gay and then killed HIM for that reason! Come on now! And just because he had served time in prison before….that doesnt mean he went out “criusing the web looking for teens!” For petes sake…quit making up stuff! Now someone tell me this… some articles MR. Zapata’s age is 18 and in others HE is 20! How old was HE really? And why is there such a conflict with HIS age? Was that also part of the deceit? As for Zapata’s family, my heart truly goes out to you because I feel you all are the true victims here!

It should be noted that I did not edit the above, it was left on my blog with random ellipses. What this was responding to is my belief that Andrade knew Zapata was a transsexual well before they spent the night together and that even were it true he didn’t know, it is simply impossible for a man to spend an entire night with someone and not know they had a penis. The very idea is irrational.

But not to Andrade groupies, swooning on the Internet over the career felon who they hope will one day father their illegitimate children. You can read my exchange with “Liz” and other people who are friends of Andrade in that original post, which as you would expect consist of them calling me disgusting for suggesting the brutal murder of a 20-year-old should be punished. But then this guy show up with a challenge:

Amazed said,

on March 11th, 2009 at 1:18 am

Mr. Taylor,
I have spent over an hour reading your blogs I came past trying to have an unbiased point of view. However, your many arguments have been weak and illogical. Many of the things you have brought up about Andrade have been speculation on your own part (i.e., practically all of Blog #1) and unless you prove to me you are some how directly associated with the case (for instance if your God, a judge, lawyer or some kind of prosecutor ) and know details of what happened FOR CERTAIN then your speculation has no foundation for those reading. Andrade is not who your making him to be and neither is Zapata. Any person who can read and can think logically can see that. 

Semi-literate legalese that it is (and that was the most readable part of a 20-paragraph opus that included Bible verses and severe misinterpretations of the legal code) I took it to mean that were I proven correct in my assertion that Andrade was just a guy who likes to have sex with then rough up transsexuals “Amazed” would bow down before me as his new god, since only God, a lawyer or a judge would know the facts of the case. On your knees Amazed, you have a new god:

Deputy District Attorney Brandi Lynn Nieto told the jury that Andrade knew for 36 hours Angie was biologically male. He even attended a court hearing for a traffic ticket where clerks called for the case against “Justin Zapata.”

“You’ll hear a call to his girlfriend that demonstrates his hatred for homosexuals,” Nieto said. “It will give you a window into the defendant’s mind. It will show his bigotry, his prejudice and his bias against homosexuals.”

Nieto showed the jury transcripts of those calls, including one that said it was not like he was shooting a teacher in cold blood or a straight, law-abiding citizen.

“He makes it clear there is a difference between killing someone who’s homosexual and someone who’s not,” Nieto said. “He knew for some time she was transgender, and he brutally killed her because of it.”

What’s that? You say Allen Andrade was in court with Zapata and heard him called by his given name Justin? He had a girlfriend he talked about killing gays with? It seems like he knew Zapata was a transsexual before they had sex? Sounds exactly like what I said happened, so sorry Andrade lovers your big manly hero who “went insane” after learning of Zapata’s gender apparently had sex with Zapata between learning about her transsexual and the murder.

There is no such thing as Gay Panic and while Homophobe is a convenient word to lob about to describe bigots who don’t like Gays there really isn’t anyone suffering from a crippling fear of Homosexuality. There are people who uses these pop culture delusions to excuse their proclivities which often include preying upon gays violently and often sexually.

As long as we accept the idea that drag queens and transsexuals are “fooling” poor innocent straight men so oozing with machismo that they are blinded with rage when they “find out” someone is not female the Andrades of the world will have a cheerleading section of stupid people defending them. To my fabulous friends I say, sorry girls, but unless someone is coming from an isolated village of very tall extremely feminine women who love Cher I just don’t think it’s possible that straights are being fooled. I think some straight men want to be fooled for their own reasons.

Likewise transsexuals are only “fooling” people who desire to be fooled, who are invested in the deniability that comes with claiming the biological man they just had sex with was such a good woman that anyone would have done the same.

But Andrade knew Zapata was a transsexual as surely as the men who go to dragshows know that’s not really Judy Garland on stage. Andrade sought out a young transsexual he desired, had sex with her than killed her in the ultimate fulfillment of his sado-homoerotic fantasy. Andrade is evil not tormented, sadistic not sick and he deserves to die for this murder.

Andrade deserves to die not because his victim was gay or a transsexual, but because his victim was an innocent person brutally murdered. His “gay panic” defense is just another attack on the victim of his crime, and an idea which should be abandoned by right thinking people.

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  1. Rob Taylor,

    Even if he honestly did not know, he still would be guilty of murder, period. Homophobia is no excuse.

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