Allen Andrade Deserves to Die


I was reminded when I came home from my trip to check in on the brutal murder of Angie Zapata when I found that at some point “Wow” left this comment on my original post:

I can’t believe how many people are saying that Zapata seems to have no partial fault in the resulting death. I don’t have to worry about telling someone my genetic (XY/XX) status. I would think that someone who had started out live as one and was turned into the other, would say,”oh btw, i was ‘X’ and now i am ‘Y’.” I think it would show something about that someone.
Things people should say upfront;
I am divorced
I am an ex con
I have (insert STD)
I was once a (genitalia description)
So the (bio)man gets the shock of his life. And no one seem to be saying. just maybe (non bio) woman should have said something sooner. instead we get, “it is a macho thing. (bio) males are dumb and can’t resolve shocks without violence.” just WOW

Really? What “Wow” is implying is that Zapata bought this on him/herself which is ludicrous and sinister apologia for people who think violence against gays, women or some combination of the two is acceptable. His idea that the murderer was a shocked lover is in direct opposition of the facts of the case as they stand. As I said in the original post, Zapata’s killer had sex with her, then killed her to cover up his own peculiar predilections:

Allen Ray Andrade, 31, was arrested in Thornton on Tuesday and faces second-degree murder and aggravated motor vehicle theft charges.

In an arrest affidavit obtained by 9NEWS, Andrade admits to police to killing Angie Zapata, 20, who was living as a woman but born as Justin Zapata.

Zapata was found beaten to death in a Greeley apartment in the 2000 block of 4th Street on July 17. Authorities say Zapata had suffered fatal wounds to her head and face.

The affidavit says Andrade met Zapata on a social networking site, MocoSpace, and the two arranged to meet July 15.

Zapata picked Andrade up in Thornton where he lived and the pair returned to Zapata’s Greeley apartment together. Andrade told police Zapata performed a sexual act on him.

The following day, the affidavit explains, Andrade started to look at photos in the apartment and questioned Zapata’s sex. That night, Andrade questioned Zapata directly, according to the affidavit, and Andrade says Zapata responded, “I’m all woman.”

At which point he say he grabbed Zapata’s crotch, found a penis and then beat the 20-year-old to death.You know, because after spending the night with Zapata he had yet to notice that Zapata was a man living as a woman. Right. Of course. That’s totally possible.

Or maybe Andrade developed a taste for the lady boys on one of the many bids he did in prison:

Andrade has a lengthy record that includes attempt to commit first-degree criminal trespass, attempt to commit theft from a person, possession of a contraband, attempted escape and attempt to commit theft by receiving. He served time for each of the convictions.

Make no mistake, Andrade knew Zapata was a male to female transgender the whole time and planned on killing her after sex, just as he likely assaulted and beat his rape victims in prison. The hate crime charge many groups want to slap on Andrade plays right into his defense lawyers hands by claiming this was the reaction of a homophobe and not the cold blooded planned murder of Zapata by a sexually sadistic killer.

Allan Andrade trolled MoCoSpace for victims, he found a person who I say he knew was a male-to-female transsexual and decided to victimize Zapata because he knew Zapata would be submissive to him. He knew he could dominate Zapata and as the last ultimate act of domination he killed the 20-year-old and stole her car.

Zapata’s living situation is inconsequential to this crime. Andrade would have found some other victim had he not found Angie Zapata and he would have done the same thing. Allen Andrade will kill again if given the chance and like the rabid dog he is he should be put down.

Allen Andrade deserves to die, not because Angie Zapata was transgendered and certainly not because various groups are using Zapata’s death to “shed light” on the plight of transsexuals, but because Zapata deserves justice and justice can only be delivered through the death of Allen Andrade.

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  1. And you are?? Saying that Andrade should die. Who made you God? I read about his criminal record. No indicators that he ever did any kind of assault, or rape. And his stays in prison — that you and I paid for — were not long enough to develop a taste for males in my book. What it comes down to is this: don’t lie about what or who you are — to yourself or to others.

  2. What? He murdered some kid after having sex with him (and don’t pretend Andrade didn’t know he was doing a “ladyboy”) and stole the person’s car. He’s a thief, a murderer and the worst kind of degenerate; one who takes advantage of people much younger than himself who have self-esteem issues.

    If I were God I’d strike him down then give him a chance to repent. But I follow a different path and the Old Ways and in my estimation justice demands the evil Andrade should die for killing a person who he knew wouldn’t defend themselves.

    If you really think that trannys who “fool” people deserve to die (and I think that no one is really fooled by them) then you must agree also that thieves deserve to be hanged, 31-year-olds who cruise the web for people who look like teens, as Zapata did, deserve to be flogged and people like Andrade who can’t keep themselves out of trouble should never have been released from jail in the first place. Right?

  3. First of all who made Andrade God to take a life… I believe that this guy deserves a harsh punishment.Wheather he gets it from the people or God… which that day will come but he does need a punishment that would not let him come back out to kill and steal and be a threat to society. In the end he is a murderer.

  4. Who do YOU think YOU are saying that Allen Ray Andrade deserves to die? Granted…he should not have killed JUSTIN but JUSTIN should not have been deceitful either! Search Angie Zapata on myspace….its not private. On HIS profile HE states HE is female and straight! What part of that is NOT deceiving? On many television interviews, Justins family states that they were always concerned with HIS lifestyle! WHY? Like if they knew HE would purposefully deceive men and somehow knew that someday HE would deceive the wrong man and possibly end up hurt. By no means, do I totally blame Justin for his own death, but i do feel he played a big role that led upto it! As far as this being a hate crime…i dont think so. Andrade did not target Zapata because HE was gay and then killed HIM for that reason! Come on now! And just because he had served time in prison before….that doesnt mean he went out “criusing the web looking for teens!” For petes sake…quit making up stuff! Now someone tell me this… some articles MR. Zapata’s age is 18 and in others HE is 20! How old was HE really? And why is there such a conflict with HIS age? Was that also part of the deceit? As for Zapata’s family, my heart truly goes out to you because I feel you all are the true victims here!

  5. Are you retarded? Are you really saying Zapata could fool someone into thinking he wasn’t a transgender? Because when I saw the picture of Zapata I knew right away, just like that scumbag Allen Ray knew.

    Allen Ray SPENT THE NIGHT with Zapata, he knew way before morning that Zapata had neither a vagina nor natural breasts (if he had breast at all) so get real darlin’ your precious Allen WANTED to have sex with a tranny then kill said tranny because that was no doubt part of his sick depraved fantasy.

    Not only does he deserve to die, but he’ll be burning in Hell while I dance on his grave. I only hope his execution is botched and painful.

    The fact that you think it would be acceptable to kill a person who “fooled” someone into sex just means you’re a degenerate. By your logic when you lie about knowing who the father of your several illegitimate babies are to make yourself seem more stable for dating the guy you “fooled” would be only partially responsible for killing you later. Maybe women who have a cheating spouse should be able to kill them? And what about that Chris Angel? He fools people all the time; can I kill him for it?

    Who raised you to think it was civilized behavior to bad mouth the dead, especially victims of a murdering psychopath? What the hell is wrong with you? If Andrade killed Zapata because he was in shock why’d he steal the kid’s car? Why was a 31-year-old man cruising a second rate MySpace for teens? I mean by the gods lady are you kidding?

    You are as disgusting as Andrade for even suggesting that Zapata had it coming. And you’re dumber than dirt if you really believe Andrade didn’t know Zapata was a man.

  6. No, Mr. Taylor, I am not related and youre a liar when you said you could tell Mr. Zapata was a male just by looking at his picture! HE looked like a very attractive female! And maybe you are blind too….you can see in almost all of his pictures that he had cleavage, so unless you just fell off the turnip truck and have never seen a pair, then you should know he had breasts! And those breasts were more than likely bought…you can buy them now you know! I guess that turnip truck has never been by Trinidad, Colorado.

    Yes, Mr. Andrade did SPEND THE NIGHT there, but can’t you read? He didnt spend the night in the same room nor the same bed with Justin. AND I never said it was acceptable to kill someone for fooling another into having sex! I just believe that Justin should have never portrayed himself as a female and it was that deceit that led upto his death! As far as you saying Andrade knew he was a man….you don’t know that! I know of many girls that are teases and play hard to get! And as for Chris Angel, when he does his thing, do his actions attack anyones masculinity? That was like comparing apples to oranges, you weirdo!

    One of my close relatives is a homosexual, and he too, will sometimes wear womens clothing but he says he makes it very clear, from the get go, that he is MAN! AGAIN, I dont think it was okay that Andrade killed Zapata, but I do believe that it happened in a fit of uncoltrollable anger! As far as it being okay for a spouse to kill his or her cheating spouse, no, its not okay, but unlike you, I guess I live in the real world….and it does happen! And it happens because not everyone is strong enough to be able to deal with it!

    Oh and now he’s a murdering psychopath? Boy you are quick to label! Maybe now I should ask you if you are related? Or perhaps, one of Zapata’s boyfriends?

    I never said Zapata had it coming! Again, I just believe his deceit played a big role in his death, making him partially responsible!

  7. So you think it’s natural for men to kill people if something “attacks their masculinity” or kill a cheating spouse? In the real world we know hundreds of people DON”T kill people when they get cheated on or conned, but Andrade did.

    And then he stole the kid’s car. What’s your explanation for that one? He was in such shock he just had to steal a car to calm down?

    And they slept in separate rooms? Are you kidding me? You believe that? Why would they have sex then sleep in different rooms? That’s taking your credulousness too far. I’m beginning to suspect you’re just a troll who doesn’t just wants to yelp.

    And send me a link to a picture where Zapata looks like a woman, because in every picture I’ve seen Zapata looks like every other drag queen in New York. And as a woman you should know how easy it is to create cleavage sans boobs. By the gods woman female impersonators don’t get breast implants but create the illusion of breasts all the time.

    By claiming Zapata did something wrong you are implying Andrade didn’t set out to murder someone and you and I know that just isn’t true. He murdered some kid because he likes killing people. Period. He deserves to die for robbing the Zapata’s of their child.

  8. CHILD? Anyone over the age of 18 is no longer a child! And if he was old enough to give Andrade a blow job then he shouldnt be called a kid! Andrade admitted to everything else, so why would he lie about not sleeping in the same room? And how in the hell did you come up with knowing that Andrade likes to kill people? Are you an idiot? He had never killed anyone before! Maybe you nor I would never kill anyone for any reason, but not everyone is alike! ONE MORE TIME, because you seem to be a very stubborn person…IN NO WAY, do I feel Zapata deserved to die…..I just feel he is part to blame!

    As for why he stole the car, hmmm…I dont know…MAYBE because he wanted to get away and back home before Zapata’s body was discovered? DUH! If it was really his plan to murder Zapata and then steal his car….wouldn’t he have gotten rid of the car? I believe that the theft of his vehicle was a last moment decision. And while I’m pissing you off….I might as well tell you that I also believe that the fact that Andrade didnt ditch or get rid of the vehicle shows that he was somewhat remorseful and wanted to get caught! Let me guess Mr. Taylor, either you are the father of a transgender child or are a sibling to one. Because you sure have a strong opinion for someone who doesn’t know the full details of the story!
    Its sad that just because he has done time in prison, you think he is murdering psychopath! I guess if you think along those lines, then that puts Martha Stewart in the same category, right? Another thing, I cant believe you really don’t think Zapata did anything wrong? You must really see this world through rose colored glasses! Dont bother replying….you’re pathetic!

  9. In another blog, this guy stated it best:

    Murder is never justified, but you shouldn’t put yourself in such a position. My mother always taught me honesty is the best policy and if Justin had been honest with this guy in the beginning this could have been prevented. By simply saying that he was born male but now lives his life as a female this guy would have probably went about his merry way and left him alone. There are individuals who appear to be attracted to transgendered individual and that should be what people who have are classified as such should seek after. Based upon what I read I don’t believe this was pre-meditated at all. If the defense can show that this person did not have a violent past or ever displayed any hostile tendencies towards transgendered individuals I can’t see how this could be first degree murder. For me they would have to show that this guy went over there with the clear intention of using a fire extinguisher as his weapon of choice to kill this young man. I think he met him thinking he was going to see the “woman of his dreams” and was hoping for this whirlwind romance, maybe even having visions of getting married and having children. And in one revealing moment all those dreams were gone. You simply can’t have heterosexual relations with someone with your same genitalia. I probably would have said some harsh words and walked off but not everyone is so even tempered when it comes to such things. Unless he gets some bumbling attorney, I can’t see a first degree murder charge sticking, nor a hate crime charge because he did not attack him because he was transgendered but because Justin was deceptive. Most jurors would probably find him guilty of manslaughter.

  10. No matter how you spin it you’re mitigating what Andrade did because of your own homophobia. Andrade would have killed you if given the chance, but like the women who still wait for Manson to get out you’re blind to the evil Andrade has inside of him.

    A homophobic murder groupie willing to make excuses for a brutal killer calling me pathetic. I won’t lose sleep over that.

  11. Reading this blog is a little upsetting to me. First things first — Let me state that I do NOT condone the killing of Justin. I’m sure we’ve all learned that taking a life is a mortal sin, for which Andrade will answer to God for.
    However, I’m a bit concerned that you, Rob, are playing Judge, Jury, and Executioner. In the police affadavit, Andrade did refer to Justin as an “It.” (Let me pause for moment because at this time, the world stopped turning on its axis.) “It.” I guess “It” can be used as a deroagatory term if you want it to be. I think Andrade referred to Justin as an “It” because he didn’t know what to call him. I came to this conclusion after reading the fact that Justin’s had bought some breasts. I put myself into Andrade’s shoes for a moment, and pictured — well, an UGLY picture in my head. Can you imagine seeing a girl with the breasts and all, to seeing that girl with a penis and testicles?? And No Justin was not a girl. When God makes girls.. They evolve into WOMEN. He gives WOMEN the right to co-create with him. WOMEN have a special thing called a UTERUS!! But hey, that’s just my take on life. Anyone who feels differently, can argue with God when that time comes and ask Him why He messed up. Ironically, I see that the last blog date just so happened to be August 19. Did you catch the interview on Univision? Justin’s siblings were on. His SISTER mentioned that Andrade DID NOT know that Justin was a boy. She had warned Justin to come clean with Andrade. Justin in reply stated that “It wasn’t the time.” She also stated that Justin got out of receiving oral sex from Andrade by saying that it was “the time of the month.” All Justin did was lie….from the very first moment Andrade made contact with him or vice versa. Did he deserve to die for that? No. A good asskicking would have sufficed. Oh, and as for Andrade’s record, Justin had one too. He was involved with gangs, drugs, and arrested for prostitution. ( I wonder how many STRAIGHT men would have wanted to recieve a blow job from Justin.) My my my what a tangled web we weave. So no, Rob, Andrade does not deserve to die and neither did Justin. They were both NEGLIGENT in this case. I think Andrade was remorseful. After all, he didnt’ hide.

  12. Well I didn’t catch the Univision special because I don’t speak Spanish. But Andrade’s sister wasn’t there (I hope) and you’re forgetting that the whole night Andrade spent with Zapata, Zapata was erect so let’s stop with the B.S.

    It doesn’t take the entire night to get a blowjob, Andrade is lying about not knowing. But if even if he wasn’t how can you say this is normal. If it were possible to be fooled I wouldn’t then beat a person over the head with a fire extinguisher, then wait around and when I saw the person was still alive beat them to death. That’s what Andrade did, he finished off Zapata after beating him unconscious

    If a woman “fooled” you would your first reaction be to beat her bloody, then when you saw she was still alive finish her off? What if a man told you he was single but was married? Would it be your reaction to kill him?

    You’re allowing petty bigotry to blind you tot he truth and the truth is that Andrade is an animal who will kill again if he ever gets out. Since you mention God in your comment what about “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?” should Andrade pay for taking that innocent life with his?

  13. “An eye for an eye, and tooth for tooth.” You’re right that is in the Old Testament. The Old Testament was written long before our Savior Jesus came to us in the New Testament. He teaches us about not judging, forgiveness, and to repent. Ultimately, I think of the story of people throwing stones. Anyway, fortunately, I am not from a middle eastern country and I do not practice the Islamic faith where this law is still upheld. Had I been tricked by another woman, of course, an asskicking on my part would’ve followed shortly after. I can’t tell you what Andrade was thinking. I wasn’t there, I wasn’t in his head. To be perfectly honest, I think that you’d have to be insane to kill another humanbeing. Maybe he was at that moment. I don’t know. I never will. As for Justin being erect, I think that Andrade got what he wanted out of the date. Why would he wish to satisfy Justin? Especially if his sister stated that he got out of being intimate by saying that he was on his period? I guess to answer your question, No. I don’t think Andrade deserves to die for taking another man’s life. Andrade will ultimately have to answer to God for his actions. God and God alone will judge Andrade. This case has opened a lot of eyes — it’s had a lot of people talking/thinking. It’s sad that it took something like this to realize that you should always be honest.

  14. Oh my….this Rob guy is quite the character! Because I DO understand and speak Spanish….I did see that interview on Univision! JUSTIN’S sister stated that Justin told her that Andrade DID NOT know he was a male and when JUSTIN’S SISTER warned her to come clean with him…JUSTIN said it wasn’t time yet!

    And as far Justin’s erection, you seem to be pretty computer savy (or at least act like you are) so look up how transgenders are able to “hide” or “tuck” the penis away! That could be done pretty easily, especially if the male isnt well endowed and wears tight underwear!

    As far as killing a man or woman for lying about being married…no it wouldnt be “ok,” but come on lets face it….MANY men are homophobic in a sense that as long as they are left alone by homosexuals…than everything is ok. But when the homophobic man is hit on by a homosexual….than thats where the problem begins! This case is being compared to the Matthew Shepard story…and it shouldn’t be!! Those idiots in Nebraska targeted, looked for and planned to kill Shepard! For God only knows how long, Zapata had Andrade believing he was a female! Andrade couldve been really falling for Zapata and in one moment, had his masculinity attacked and his emotions turned upside down!!

    As for me being a groupie, I dont think so! I’m married and have 3 children and I’m not making excuses for him, Im just telling it how it is! To me it seems like, perhaps, youre the one who is the groupie here!

  15. So you’re blaming the gays for getting bashed? Outrageous.

    You’re entire theory is based on the idea that we men are little more than animals unable to control ourselves and worse that Andrade is indicative of all men. He isn’t.

    And look if you want to pretend that Andrade was an innocent dupe that’s your business. But don’t base it on what he told someone (Charles Manson told people he was Jesus, is that true) at least think it over. Not to be overly graphic, but do you think that a man spending the night at a “woman’s” house wouldn’t have touched her genitalia? Do you think a 31-year-old would still be naive enough to think there was some girl on a dating site who just wants to suck dudes off without getting off herself?

    This story doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

    Look, you’re bending over backward to defend a 31-year-old man who, even if you were to accept his story, was online trying to hook up with girls much younger than him and then beat the person he met unconscious when he turned out to be a guy. The attack was over when he noticed Zapata was still alive, so he finished him off. Then he stole his car rather than walk home (or turn himself) and then blames the person he killed for his own actions.

    You might be married, but you’re defiantly the groupie here. You sound just like those women that send serial killers love letters. What does Andrade have to do to get you to see he’s evil? Kill a straight person? To blame Zapata, even in part, for Andrade’s actions is exactly like saying women in short skirts, or women who meet men on the Internet, are to blame for their rapes. You might not be a Muslim, but you sure sound like one in this case.

    Andrade would have killed again if he wasn’t caught; the savagery of his attack proves that. He’s a self-loathing “ladyboy” lover who sadistically killed a person he had sex with, and you for some reason think that’s the normal reaction any other man would have. I think this is less about Andrade and Zapata and more about your incredibly cynical view of men.

  16. Darn it! You are one stubborn, sorry excuse for a human! Why dont you quit comparing this case to Charles Manson, cheating spouses, women in short skirts & everything else under the sun?! Now, not only am I under the impression that either youre a transgender yourself or a 40 year-old virgin…because evidently you dont know very much about women, do you? I dont know of very many men who would want to touch a woman’s genitalia when she is on her period! ESPECIALLY if the man hardly knows the woman! I’m goona jump on your speculating bandwagon and assume that perhaps Andrade did try to initiate full sexual contact and when he did, Zapata gave the excuse that HE was menstruating and instead offered Andrade oral sex. I dont know of one straight man that would refuse that!

    And there you go bringing up him stealing the vehicle… know, they say one can take Vitamins B6 & B12 to improve memory. Its obvious he stole the vehicle to get out of Greeley…DUH!

    And also Mr. Psychic….I dont think I have ever read or heard that Andrade blamed Zapata for his own death! Nor have I ever read or heard that Andrade said Zapata deserved to die! Andrade just gave the full details that led to Zapata’s death.

  17. Who said anything about periods? My point is that when a man spends the night with someone he touches or sees her crotch at some point prior to morning. You can call me names all you want but the only women who that isn’t true for is hookers.

    Not to be vulgar I also assume you have never heard of the Hell’s Angels tradition of “blood wings.” Would you say that they aren’t “real men?”

    But all that is nonsense because Zapata has no periods. Zapata has a penis. If you’re having sex with a woman and she won’t take off her panties and is only willing to blow you she’s either a hooker (which you should know before hand) or a man. Your speculation (designed to make Andrade seem more palatable to you which makes you a groupie) is asinine because why would a woman on the rag be trolling the Internet for casual sex?

    And don’t you see that making up stories to mitigate Andrade’s actions is an attempt to make Zapata in part responsible for Andrade being a vicious, soulless monster?

    Also, don’t start a criminal career kid, because only a moron (like Andrade) would steal the car of the person they just murdered. Andrade could have explained his prints at Zapata’s house by saying he knew her, but once you’re found with a murder victim’s car you can look forward to a really long jail sentence.

    And Mrs. Murder Groupie I never said Andrade claimed Zapata had it coming, I claimed YOU did. In that respect I guess you’re worse than Andrade…

  18. Thank goodness for copy & paste, here is what you said: Then he stole his car rather than walk home (or turn himself) and then blames the person he killed for his own actions.

    You must really have a comprehension problem, BUB! Zapata’s sister, herself, stated that Zapata had not informed Andrade that he was really a male! She said ‘it wasn’t time.’ That was the first time they had actually met! You seem to think you know all the facts about this case, yet, it doesn’t seem like you have read anything that the media has released!

    1. They met on the internet and were conversing on a regular basis. Zapata was portraying himself as a woman! Zapata’s sister said herself that Zapata was looking for love. He wasn’t trolling the internet seeking casual sex! Zapata’s sister said he was hoping to find that right man that would accept him for who he was.

    2. At some point, Andrade probably initiated sexual contact and because ‘it wasnt time,’ for Zapata to reveal that he was really a man….he lied and said ‘she was on her period!’ At no point, have i ever known or read that Andrade was part of the Hell’s Angels! So get the heck off of that comparing crap already!

    3. And one more time, as for him stealing the car….what are you bitching about? He got caught!

    So, I guess since your speculation designed to make Zapata seem like he did absolutely nothing wrong AT ALL by deceiving Andrade would definitely make you a groupie of Zapata!

    So, Mr. Probably Never Had A Date In Your Life & Secretly Have A Thing For Transgenders But Can’t Admit It Cause Then Your Bible Thumping Parents Will Disown You, I’m pretty sure you’re a miserable person and just hate, judge and criticize anyone and everyone because you don’t have a life of your own! Let me guess….you probably have about 50 cats at home and don’t own a car cause you never learned to drive!

    Like Andrade had no right to take Zapata’s life, you have no right to say that Andrade deserves to die! You call him a soulless monster among many other things, but yet you feel you have the right to say crap like that! Andrade has only to face and answer to God! You, nor anyone, else has the right to judge him, you hypocrite!

  19. Darlin’ I’m glad you think your fantasy boyfriend isn’t a murderous fiend but I’m telling you that the pictures of Zapata LOOK LIKE A TRANNY. I’m telling you it’s impossible to spend the night with a woman and not notice that “she” HAS A PENIS. But you don’t want to hear that because it spoils your fantasy of writing to Andrade and getting letters back from him covered in his tears and man musk.

    So O.K. I give. Andrade, a man who trolled the net for anonymous sex with “women” who look like and act like boys pretending to be women and happen to be more than 10-years younger than him, was just gob smacked to discover the penis he was inches from all night while having had sex multiple times with said transgender. So shocked was he that he beat the victim over the head, stopped for a break (to rifle through the victims house no doubt) then saw the victim was still alive so finished him off.

    That’s perfectly understandable. Who wouldn’t have been fooled by a pre-op transsexual whose penis was inches away from him and likely erect all night? And having been fooled who wouldn’t resort to murder?

    Only a fool would think that Andrade planned on robbing and killing the victim in advance, targeting people like Zapata because he knew cretin, sorry concerned citizens, like yourself would defend him and count the days until he’s out so you can physically fellate him as opposed to the metaphorical tongue bathing you give him every time you perpetuate the “gay panic” myth which will be the cornerstone of his defense.

    Since it’s the second time you’ve attacked me I’ll stop ignoring your jibes and just say that I don’t like or dislike drag queens and trannys, they’re people just like anyone else. I went to school in NY when I was a kid and saw lots of them. That’s how I know most people who date them aren’t “fooled’ they just want to pretend they were for the same reason guys who have sex with fat chicks always say they were drunk.

    As for your other “charges:”

    I haven’t had many dates, but mainly because I married my high school sweetheart. We’ve been together almost 20 years now. I think the secret to our longevity as a couple is that she’s not a bitter harridan who goes all gooey inside for murders and rapists.

    My father died when I was still in the womb. Thanks for bring up that memory. But anyway my mother wasn’t actually religious so there was no bible thumping at my house. I myself am a polytheist, not a Christian. I assumed the category called “Pagan and Proud” would be enough evidence of me not being a “bible thumper” but apparently it isn’t, nor the several posts where I clearly state I’m a Pagan.

    I don’t consider it hateful or evidence of misery to judge murderers. I think you might be confusing the term “misery” with “morality.” Misery is what drives you to troll blogs in support of a tranny f*^%king killer, morality is what makes me sure that Andrade must die to set the scales of justice right.

    I had two cats but my wife’s allergic. Now we have a dog. I’m not sure what my pet preferences have to do with the case though.

    Growing up poor in the inner city, then living in NY and spending a good deal of time pursing higher education I have not owned a car. Luckily my wife does. Maybe when you move out of your parent’s house and stop working a dead end night shift job you’ll have to choose between Apartment/tuition and a car. I guess you’ll choose car which is why I have a Master’s and a successful business and you have a chip on your shoulder and a lot of time on your hands.

    Like I said before I’m not a Christian so I don’t care about God’s claim to be the only person to judge people, nor do I accept the Easter Bunny’s claim to own all chocolate eggs (that smug bastard) but if you do aren’t you the hypocrite for judging me? If I have no right to judge Andrade why do you have a right to judge me, or Zapata?

    Also are you really equating smashing in Zapata’s head with writing an opinion? Really?

    If we have no right to judge then by all means let’s let Andrade out! No courts and juries we’ll all just let rapists and murderers ply their trade and we’ll clasp our hands and pray that God will protect us.

    Well I’m sure you’ll type out a scathing retort calling me a gay virgin pedestrian, I mean once you’re done masturbating to the thought of Andrade getting out of jail and chocking you during sex. But before you do why don’t you read all this stuff you wrote and then pretend that your daughter wrote it about some other murderer. Would you be O.K. with her “compassion” for (read crush on) a violent felon? Would you think it was normal, healthy behavior?

    Tell Jesus I said “’sup” when you see him. He’ll be the guy sending you to hell to spend eternity in a cell with Andrade.


  20. Oh my….I hit a nerve! Your last “poor me” blog explains why you feel and say the things you do….you don’t believe in God! Poor you.

    And for your information, I dont have to write to Andrade….if I want to know anything about him, I will just ask his sister, as she is one of my best friends!

    And like I’m not judging Andrade, I have never judged Zapata! I have never said I disliked lesbians, homosexuals or transgenders! And nor do I believe that Andrade should merely get a slap on the wrist…my point is that I dont feel like YOU have the right to say Andrade deserves to die!

    Talking about having time on my hands? Who just said they have several posts where you state you are a Pagan? Sounds to me like you’re the one with too much time on your hands! As far as a chip on MY shoulder….I dont think so. You’re the one who writes and blogs about crime news, criticizing and judging others for their mistakes (only because it probably makes you feel good about yourself)! Not only do I have a job that helps support our family but also helps pay for OUR vehicles and OUR home, I also take care of my family. I was fortunate enough to have found a husband that doesn’t freeload off of me!

    You fail to acknowledge that, like Zapata, Andrade is someone’s son, brother, uncle, grandson….and you spout out awful comments about Andrade and say you believe he deserves to die! If you feel that way and have NEVER talked, met or even seen Andrade…. because you are so filled with hatred, I dont even want to imagine what you would do to someone who did you wrong!

    As for your message to Jesus, tell him yourself when your time is up! I’m pretty sure he’ll forgive you for ALL of your mistakes and ignorant ways!

  21. I don’t think you really know what “hit a nerve” means. But you do realize killing someone isn’t a mistake, right? It wasn’t an accident that Zapata died. Andrade decided to kill him.

    And why does blogging here mean I have too much time on my hands. This site (among others) is my job. It’s how I make a living.

    Andrade is multiple time felon who murdered someone. You think that’s cool and then spout off nonsense on how your imaginary god is the only person with the right to judge him all the while making harsh judgments on the victim. You’re lucky there isn’t a Jesus around to hear you blaspheme in his name, since he’d want you to love Zapata and me as much as you love killers and then he’d tell Andrade he’d have to “render unto Caesar” which means he would pay the penalty that state says is appropriate for murder.

    Also, if there was a Jesus he wouldn’t forgive people who didn’t call him the lord. Basically theology kid, we pagans don’t get (or luckily need) Jesus’ forgiveness.

    Zapata was murdered brutally by Andrade and you think he’s being judged to harshly on a blog. I suppose if someone were to kill one of your loved ones you’d cruise the net telling people not to judge them as well.

    Andrade deserves to die for what he’s done. Society has given him multiple chances to change his ways and we were rewarded with him murdering a young person. If Andrade ever gets out of jail he’ll kill someone else. Like a rabid dog he’s simply too dangerous to live among us.

    And what do you think he’s doing to his fellow prisoners right now? Raping and assaulting them no doubt. I suppose I shouldn’t judge him for that either though. I guess no one should judge him, until he does something to you or one f your family members that is. Mad dogs always bite the hands that feed them eventually.

  22. okay, first of all, I’m sad enough to have to say I actually know Allen. He is the boyfriend of someone I used to know. Rob, you are totally right! How can you not know Angie was a man just by looking at the picture. Allen is trying to claim “temporary insanity”, even though after sitting at angie’s apartment all day after realizing angie was a man, he plotted his little plan. then when he felt the penis he punched her, hit her with a fire extinguisher, and then after he realized she was still alive, hit her another 2 times, and tried to clean up the evidence. They found the fire extinguisher in his girlfriend (who is coincidentally also named Angie) ‘s apartment! How the FUCK is that “temporarily insane”. He’s just insane!! I know the guy, he’s a murderer, whether or not Angie told him her real sex or not. yes, it should have been brought up beforehand, however that is NO REASON to take someone’s life, and then to top it off, he had the nerve to steal her car, phone, and credit cards and USE THEM!!!!!

  23. Ouch. I didn’t know about the credit cards. I’m glad you wrote this because this is exactly my point. No matter what happened Allen is a degenerate murderer and thief who will do the same thing given the chance.

  24. Okay Disgusted — He had to be insane at the time when the murder occured! What person in their right mind would beat someone to death? But stop and think: what caused him to lose his mind at the time and or what caused him to go insane? The answer: the fact that he found out Justin was really a male! And how do you know he sat there and plotted his little plan? MAYBE he was hoping when “Angie” arrived back at the apartment “she” would prove to him that “she” was female & everything would be fine…but when that didnt happen….he snapped! As for the fire extinguisher….its called temporary insanity NOT temporary stupidity! I agree….Justin did not deserve to die but he should’ve been upfront from the get go and all this could’ve been avoided! Quit judging!

  25. What I’m sayin is: only someone who’s insane, whether it be temporarily or not, is capable of beating another person. Who in their right mind could do something like that? No one. Andrade was not in his right mind and probably never will be after what all has happened.

  26. But that’s not true. People murder people all the time and many beat people to death. What you’re doing is claiming that there’s no such thing as a bad person, a person who does things you wouldn’t.

    Your position releaves violent criminals of moral and legal responsibility for their actions, which is what people like Andrade WANT you to do. The fact is people can do horrible things and still be perfectly sane. Communists have killed 100 million people world wide in the last century, are all of them insane? Are none responsible for their actions?

    In Muslim countries women are stoned to death and thieves mutilated. Are all Muslims temporarily insane while committing these acts?

    Were all Klan members insane when they lynched people?

    Insanity is a rare condition, but I would put forward evil is not.

  27. I am astonished by the nastiness of the “person” called Liz.
    You hate so much people like Angie that you try to justify in every way whatever bad action against her or other transexuals because of the condition that they live.

    Idiot, you should know what you are talking about before you do with such arrogance and hatred.

    What if your mighty god was a Transexual god ?
    How can you be sure it is not ?
    …only because your favorite charlatan told you it is not ???

    enough said

  28. Mr. Taylor,
    I have spent over an hour reading your blogs I came past trying to have an unbiased point of view. However, your many arguments have been weak and illogical. Many of the things you have brought up about Andrade have been speculation on your own part (i.e., practically all of Blog #1) and unless you prove to me you are some how directly associated with the case (for instance if your God, a judge, lawyer or some kind of prosecutor ) and know details of what happened FOR CERTAIN then your speculation has no foundation for those reading. Andrade is not who your making him to be and neither is Zapata. Any person who can read and can think logically can see that.

    As with the other VERY logical thinking women on this site (LIZ and JUNE) I DO NOT condone Andrade’s actions. However, I don’t feel you or anybody else should make judgments on what “just” and “due” punishment is for Andrade’s life. Zapata’s death has seemed to move you enough to write an article and several blogs about HIS life, you would think LIFE meant more to you then death. Obviously it doesn’t which you have made very clear in how deeply you explained Andrade should be dead. But tell me who are you to judge one man’s life more valuable over another’s? I’m also curious to know the “proper” way Andrade should have reacted when he found out Zapata was with a MAN? Because I don’t think anyone can honestly say how they would react, we can only predict. I only want to know because you seem to know A LOT of things. I’m sure you have thought of the appropriate way a person should act when they are tricked by a transgender. I’m nearly positive no one can predict how they are going to react to this uncommon scenario. Zapata was not a perfect person and certainly did not deserve death and I don’t feel Andrade does either.

    I surely hope you are not teaching an up and coming generation your own views of judgmental hate…I’m sorry Rob but all the things you have said about Andrade have reflected only on what resides in your heart…Animalistic rage and anger. So you are actually the person that you have described Andrade to be, but hey I may be wrong. The crazy thing is you have not been deceived or tricked by anyone. Andrade is not LYING about what he has done. He admitted it therefore giving you reason to be on this fine blog here. He is being held accountable, but thank the Lord he is not being held accountable by Rob Taylor. He is not as lucky as “polytheistic” you having to answer to no one.

    No one is arguing with you that death is okay you’ve argued enough with yourself about that. In case you need some memory jarring “Death for Andrade” “Zapata didn’t deserve to die” make up your mind. You need to figure out yourself if death is okay or not.

    ~~Things for you to think about…

    “People only JUDGE what they don’t know”

    Highly recommend that you Study the Bible and then you will know grace, mercy and forgiveness (on top of the other stuff you know). You yourself may be in the position to need them one day. Crazy unpredictable stuff happens in life all the time.
    Grace: disposition to kindness and compassion
    Mercy: leniency and compassion shown toward offenders by a person or agency charged with administering justice.
    Forgiveness: is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or mistake, and ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.

    Just in case no one has ever shared it with you before I will…There is a Jesus and he is indeed the VERY REAL son of God the one and only. Not looking for an argument on this or any thing else I’ve said just wanted you to hear the TRUTH since you are unclear what it is.

    John 3:16-21

    16″For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. 19This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”[h]

    ~”Philippians 2:9-11 (New International Version)
    9Therefore God exalted him to the highest place
    and gave him the name that is above every name,
    10that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
    in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
    11and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,
    to the glory of God the Father.

    I hope you find this to be true before it’s too late. Oh and I already know what you are thinking maybe Andrade should hear this. I assure you he already has and he will again (And no I’m not writing him love letters or any letters for that fact nor do I fantasize about him). And to your disagreement if he seeks Gods forgiveness it will be given to him, even if he spends his life in prison and he will only die a death that only God ALLOWS not the one you think it should be.

  29. Dear Amazed. Your comment (note it isn’t a blog) is as funny as it is long. I was simply going to ignore it but I have an extra five minutes so…

    “However, your many arguments have been weak and illogical. Many of the things you have brought up about Andrade have been speculation on your own part (i.e., practically all of Blog #1) and unless you prove to me you are some how directly associated with the case (for instance if your God, a judge, lawyer or some kind of prosecutor ) and know details of what happened FOR CERTAIN then your speculation has no foundation for those reading.”

    This is Pseudo-legalistic mumbo-jumbo that when deciphered would mean that unless I was a witness to a crime or God I couldn’t comment on a story. To make it more asinine you think anyone who isn’t a witness yet has been assigned by the state to be involved in the case has more of a right to comment on a situation than other Americans. This is basically communism.

    But more disgusting and evidence of your immorality is you assertion that I am misrepresenting a man who murdered a tranny than stole that persons stuff after having sex with them. You can’t sugar coat murdering someone, sorry. And as for your implication that Zapata, who is dead, should be treated as morally equal to Andrade, that’s simply evil.

    “As with the other VERY logical thinking women on this site (LIZ and JUNE) I DO NOT condone Andrade’s actions. However, I don’t feel you or anybody else should make judgments on what “just” and “due” punishment is for Andrade’s life. Zapata’s death has seemed to move you enough to write an article and several blogs about HIS life, you would think LIFE meant more to you then death. Obviously it doesn’t which you have made very clear in how deeply you explained Andrade should be dead. But tell me who are you to judge one man’s life more valuable over another’s?”

    This is childish in the extreme. The other women were here weren’t ‘VERY logical” they were homophobic murder groupies who thought killing someone when your angry even though there is no threat to your life is just fine. They are bad people, as are you for suggesting the same. The life of a young person, no matter how full of chaos, is ALWAYS worth more than a murderer who already had multiple felonies on his record. If you can’t see that you’re either letting your bigotry blind you or you’re simply retarded. And by minimizing his behavior you are in essence condoning his reaction, just as the two trollops you are so impressed with did.

    “Zapata was not a perfect person and certainly did not deserve death and I don’t feel Andrade does either. ” This is moral relativism at its most heinous. By your logic if a Klansman lynches a Black man he is no more deserving of death than the Black man he lynched. You are equating the victims of crime and the perpetrators, making criminals as valuable and deserving of our support as those they prey upon. I wonder if you’d feel the same had Andrade murdered a loved one of yours.

    “I surely hope you are not teaching an up and coming generation your own views of judgmental hate” You’re basically claiming it’s understandable to kill transsexuals, that you can still be a good person after beating one’s head in with a fire extinguisher and dare to call me judgmental and hateful? You’re a hypocrite, and if Andrade killed a straight kid (which he would have eventually if he didn’t get caught here) would you be looking him up and defending him and his right to life?

    “I’m sorry Rob but all the things you have said about Andrade have reflected only on what resides in your heart…Animalistic rage and anger. So you are actually the person that you have described Andrade to be, but hey I may be wrong.”

    So being disgusted with murderers means I’m full of rage? Really? So people who think Bernie Maddoff should go to jail are secretly thieves? What you’re again doing is equating the normal reaction to evil with being evil. This is morally reprehensible because it mitigates the responsibility of both evil-doers and society. In your world when someone commits a crime it’s acceptable to not intervene, to not call the cops or help the victim because to do so is “judgmental” and this is why Andrade is the person he is today.

    There is right and wrong and murdering a person who is no threat to you because you’re angry is wrong.

    “He admitted it therefore giving you reason to be on this fine blog here. He is being held accountable, but thank the Lord he is not being held accountable by Rob Taylor.” I’m sure Zapata’s mother feels differently. So if I kill someone, then admit to it, I’m a decent person deserving of your respect? By your logic had I simply killed Andrade and “accepted responsibility” (which Andrade only did when he was caught) it’d be better than blogging about it.

    “He is not as lucky as “polytheistic” you having to answer to no one. ” That’s not what Polytheistic means.

    “No one is arguing with you that death is okay you’ve argued enough with yourself about that. In case you need some memory jarring “Death for Andrade” “Zapata didn’t deserve to die” make up your mind. You need to figure out yourself if death is okay or not.”
    Here you’re arguing that there is no qualitative difference between Zapata and Andrade. This is driven by your own bigotry. Zapata didn’t deserve to die, but murderers do. Unless you think a Tranny blowing people they met online is equal to murder which is what you and the other murder groupies are essentially saying.

    I have a degree in Religion so there’s no need to quote Bible verses to me.

    “I hope you find this to be true before it’s too late. Oh and I already know what you are thinking maybe Andrade should hear this. I assure you he already has and he will again (And no I’m not writing him love letters or any letters for that fact nor do I fantasize about him)”
    Bullshit. The lady doth protest overmuch. In poker this is called a tell. I didn’t think you were doing any of that until you preemptively claimed it.

    And lastly you say “And to your disagreement if he seeks Gods forgiveness it will be given to him, even if he spends his life in prison and he will only die a death that only God ALLOWS not the one you think it should be.” But hasn’t Andrade disobeyed God by killing Zapata? Why no anger with him? Because you like bald gang bangers?

    What would Jesus say to you after reading this? Didn’t he care for the weak and vulnerable? And of the two who was most needy?

  30. I think allen andrade does not deserve to die because that angie girl first of all didnt tell him she was A FREAKN GUY!!!!!! Also she told him that the news said she was ALL WOMEN!!!!!!! And second of all allen andrade i think had the right to freak out cause common people put yourself in that situtation would you freak out because i would finding out that a girl that said she was all women and freakn find out that she was not so i really think he had the right to freak out. Though Im really sorry for the family for her but she should have told him she was a guy.

  31. Allan Andrade does deserve to die because he’s a lying murderer. Why would Angie tell him he was “all woman”unless Andrade already had doubts for example.

    Yesterday I “freaked out” when some kid startled me by falling against my window while riding his skateboard. Do I have the right to kill him? If someone caught you with his old lady is he allowed to kill you?

    You’re just like Andrade, turned on by thinking about having sex with and then killing an OBVIOUS tranny. You can give Andrade tongue baths in hell (were you will both be going), but not here.

  32. I have just watched the TV coverage of Andrade being found GUILTY of First degree murder !!!!

    Thank God the jury saw Andrade for what he is, a cold hearted murderer! I think he wanted to be with Angie knowing fully well what he was doing and who he was doing it with! No DNA found on the victim but Andrade”s, and only Andrade’s “body fluid” (DNA) that was found all over Angie’s pink vibrater told why he decided to take the life of this beautiful young woman. He was in fear of others finding out about the fact that he had sexual contact with her. I think this wasn’t his first gay experience and now that he has been found guilty, it will not be his last. Being sentenced to prison for the rest of his life, all his future sexual experiences will be gay! I think he got what he deserves. I will continue to keep the Zapata family in my prayers and I ask others to do the same. Thank You to the jury for seeing this case for what it is! God bless you all !

  33. i am a transgendered woman.that means im NOT a man,NOT a dude,guy,and definetly not an IT.My heart goes out to the Zapata family for their staggering loss at the hands of a heartless creature that is called Allen Andrade.”It” deserves to be publically drawn and quartered,”it’s” body parts then thrown into the local landfill for rats and buzzards to dine upon.”It” isnt worthy of even being classified as a human being like the once beautiful,vibrant young woman “it” slaughtered and left to die.For those who try to defend this need a reality check.The Andrade Creature had no “right” to “freak out” and kill,especially in such a brutal manner.Any one who can say she deserved to die at the hands of this “thing”,this “beast” is also deserving of death.Anyone who can turn their head at this beautiful flower being trampled and extinguished is just like the thing that killed her.

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