You Reap What You Sow, Allahpundit and Meghan McCain

My wife threw up her hands recently in disgust at the antics of Meghan McCain. She had originally defended McCain as well-intentioned if wrong-headed and took exception to the cattiness surrounding criticism of her (comments about her weight, etc.) which is a position I agree with wholeheartedly. My wife ably pointed out that being socially liberal doesn’t preclude people from believing in the ideals of limited government, free markets and free people.

Which in McCain’s case is only true in theory, as she proved time and again through a series of progressively (pun intended) more immature and hypocritical “Tweets” and Daily Beast pieces designed to make anyone who tepidly supported her right to not be called fat by “confirmed bachelorettes” look like down on their luck professional gamblers who pick horses based on a system of vowel to consonant ratio in in the jockeys’ names. By the time Megan McCain excreted this awkardly aching love letter to Congressman Aaron Schock which reads as such an obvious come on by a desperate groupie that I feel like I’m Johhny Depp’s wingman while reading it, whatever point McCain is pretending to make is out the window as she promotes a congressman who I assume she knows holds the very big “C” Conservative views which she eschews for her so-called “progressive” Republicanism.

Since I’m sure she’s “tweeted” several dozen complaints about not being ridiculed today I’ll take this opportunity to to say, you reap what you sow, my dear. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t attend the birthday party of Perez Hilton, don’t cavort shamelessly with people who called your war hero father a Nazi, and try sticking to one point for more than a week.

On a similar note, I found myself defending Allahpundit yesterday on this Headline thread where yet again Christian Conservatives were calling for him to be fired for daring to post stories about the Atheist view, which remain popular places for debate amongst those same people.

I have no truck with the unemployed God-botherers who seem to think Jesus takes personal offense everytime Allahpundit, Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins regurgitate some feel bad platitude about the essential meaninglessness of existence. But while Allahpundit acts as if he’s being unfairly maligned by people purposefully misrepresenting his views, I can’t help but note his own silence when Charles Johnson utilized anonymous European Communist bloggers as sources to “prove” Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and everyone who didn’t toe the lizard line were all in league with “Neo-Nazis” and racists.

Allahpundit and Hot Air were effectively silent as Charles Johnson claimed one of the most popular Jewish bloggers on the net was a shill for Nazis. Allahpundit was silent while Robert Spencer had lies made up about him by Johnson in an attempt to hurt his reputation. Allahpundit was silent while Charles Johnson’s campaign against good people gutted the counter Jihad movement and now when the same sort of smear campaign that no doubt interrupted Spencer’s Koran reading series on Hot Air threatens Allahpundit he seems shocked that such a thing could possibly happen.

You reap what you sow. I’m no biblical scholar, but it seems to me that if one were to take any bit of wisdom from that book that would be the one most relevant to people in general, Christian or not. In a few months, just ask Allahpundit or Meghan McCain.

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