Kidnapped American Girl Found in Morocco!

Private investigators hired by the parents of Madeleine McCann found a girl they believe to be a kidnapped American. From the Daily Mail:

The insider at Metodo 3 said of the American girl: “Investigators came across her as they were working to find Madeleine and have tipped off Interpol. There is a long history of girls being kidnapped from Europe and ending up in Morocco.

“It’s a very secretive country and the area of the Rif mountains enjoys official protection because of the importance of the hashish production and trafficking that goes on to the country’s economy.

It was obvious to the investigators that this girl was not with her natural family. It’s entirely feasible that Madeleine could be in a similar situation.

“Seeing this other girl gave investigators a lot of hope that Madeleine too is alive.”

Metodo 3, based in Barcelona, currently has three men on the ground in northern Morocco, including a former head of the Spanish National Police’s organized crime squad. They are also thought to have an army of informers working for them.


“There are a thousand cases of children being abducted and ending up in Morocco. Blonde children are a very valuable commodity in places like North Africa. It’s the obvious conclusion to come to, not some far-fetched flight of fancy.

“The theory that Madeleine was kidnapped is now top of their list. And the possibility she is in Morocco is something they are considering.”

Last week Metodo 3 launched a phone hotline. Anybody with information should call 0034 902 300 213.

Many countries in the Islamic world still practice various forms of slavery with Christian girls, some as young as 11, targeted specifically to be forcibly converted than married off to Muslim men. Egypt’s Coptic population is especially hard pressed and the Janjaweed Militias in concert with Sudanese military often kidnap young girls and sell them into slavery.

There are also reports that witnesses have positively identified little Madeleine McCann in Morocco with Berber woman who fled the scene when she noticed the child being scrutinized.

Morocco was part of the Barbary Coast, whose corsairs enslaved thousands of European Christians for centuries. If little Madeleine is found to have been taken by modern Barbary slavers, will this be considered an act of war? For that matter, if the Moroccan authorities are turning a blind eye toward white slavery, what will our own government do if this girl turns out to really be a kidnapped American?

Lionheart has been blogging about the resurgence of Islamic sexual slavery in Europe for months. He also has prayed for good news on the McCann front, let’s hope they’ve been answered.

6 thoughts on “Kidnapped American Girl Found in Morocco!

  1. Thats non sense article. The girl that looked like Madeleine in Morocco turned out to be a moroccan girl and not Madeleine……..
    Please delete this article and stop accusing morocco of slavery…..
    Otherwise I will take this article to be sued in court. You are giving a wrong image about Morocco. AND THIS IS FAKE NEWS…

  2. rob

    now that the whole world knows that the little girl in the photo is NOT maddie and is indeed a local moroccan girl, do you hold your head in shame???

    thought not

    you are just a sad little man/woman

  3. A)Why would I hold my head in shame for blogging about a report from a local English newspaper? B) And since when does the “whole world” know this is a local girl? If that was true you’d be able to provide links to the news stories. I notice you didn’t. Odd.

    Do you hold your head in shame whenever Muslims are on the news raping and murdering people in the name of Allah?

  4. rob

    have you any idea how moroccans look or live?

    actually i do hold my hand in shame whenever acts of violence are done in the name of my religion….do you?

    i dont judge a whole community by the acts of a minority…if i did then i would classify white christian european men and women as paedophiles because almost all of the paedophiles caught in england are white european!!

    but i guess you’re not interested in these facts…your mind is aleardy set against islam and moslem regardless of whether what you’re writing makes sense or not….

    be sensible and use common sense

  5. Since I’m not a White European Christian I have no interest in how you judge them, but since statutory ages are so low in Europe and prison sentences for rape so light it’s frankly fair to assume Europe is at least run by degenerates, no? Many support that swine Roman Polanski who drugged, raped and sodomized a 13-year-old girl while she begged him to stop. Europeans and American leftists who supported him can be judged by their reaction to his perfidy.

    I am a supporter of many Muslim groups, such as Muslims against Sharia and the Iranian protesters. I have supported Kamalism and the very enlightened rule of the Shah of Iran. What all those movements had in common were the addition of Enlightenment values to Islam, such as equal rights for all citizens, no official state religion and no slavery.

    If you believe this too, that Jews and Christians and Muslims and even we Pagans can live side by side as equals in a Republic I’m not against you. If you think turning a blind eye to the modern day slave trade, of which many Muslim countries participate, then you’re not just my enemy but an enemy of decency.

    Now as I said before link to this story “proving” that that little girl was just some Moroccan so I can update the story. If you can’t stop complianing to me and complain to your government about their lack of law and order and how it makes you all look bad.

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