Pogrom Against Jews in Europe Continues While American Media Silent

Gates of Vienna has been keeping busy following the attacks on European Jews. American news sources are basically ignoring what should be one of the most important stories of Gaza conflict which is how every country with a large Muslim population has become unsafe for Jews and their governments are basically powerless (or unwilling) to protect them.

Have you heard about the Synagogue burned in England? No, off course not.  From The Daily Mail:

The number of anti-Semitic attacks in London has risen sharply following Israel’s land assault on Gaza, Jewish community groups said today.

Their leaders have compiled a dossier of attacks against Jews which will be handed to seniors officers in the Metropolitan police.

The attacks include claims of:

* An attempt to burn down a synagogue in north-west London.
* An assault on a Jewish motorist who was pulled from his car and punched.
* A gang of youths chanting anti-Semitic slogans as they tried to enter restaurants and shops in Golders Green.

The Community Security Trust, which is responsible for the safety of Jews in Britain, has also noted the emergence of anti-Semitic graffiti in Jewish areas across London.

Slogans sprayed on walls include: ‘Kill Jews’ and ‘Jews are scumbags.’

The trust has now logged 24 anti-Semitic incidents – most of them in London – in the past week. Police are said to be stepping up patrols in Jewish areas.

Mark Gardner, the trust’s spokesman, told the Standard: ‘There has been a significant rise in the number of anti-Semitic incidents, especially when compared with what is usually a very quiet time of year for racist, anti-Jewish attacks. (!?!)

‘It is a pattern with which we and police are now sadly familiar, whereby hysteria is whipped up against Israel: and British Jews then suffer a wave of anti-Semitism.’

The arson attack on the synagogue in Brondesbury took place on Sunday night. The arsonists first tried to smash open a window but failed because of the toughened glass in place to protect such buildings from terrorist attacks.

Mr Gardner said: ‘Having been thwarted they then appear to have attempted to set the front door alight with petrol, causing some damage to the exterior of the premises. Police, CST and fire brigade attended the scene.’

On New Year’s Eve, a man was pulled from his car just as he was about to drive off and assaulted by three men whom he described as being of Arab appearance.

The victim did not suffer any serious injury. The same night a gang of youths alarmed locals in Golders Green by trying to enter Jewish shops while chanting anti-Israeli slogans.

English Jews were already the frequent targets of Muslim and Leftist anti-Semitic attacks. Maybe it’s time to come to America where at least 60% people don’t hate Jews. That’s better than England I bet.

This recent attack in France should thouroughly disgust you:

Fears that the conflict in Gaza could spark violence between Jews and Muslims in France have been heightened as three teenagers were arrested yesterday for an alleged anti-Semitic attack on a 15-year-old girl.

An inquiry was launched after the victim said she was insulted, knocked to the ground, kicked and punched by a gang of 10 youths as she left Leon Blum school in Villiers-le-Bel north of Paris.

Three of her alleged attackers – aged between 13 and 15 and all from her own school – were arrested on suspicion of ‘aggravated violence and anti-Semitic insults’, according to a police source.

The girl said they had told her they were seeking to avenge Palestinians in Gaza as they set upon her on Monday.


The National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism, said it had received about 100 reports of anti-Semitic insults and threats since the start of the conflict in Gaza. On Monday a stolen car was driven at high speed into the front gate of a synagogue in Toulouse, south west France, and set on fire.

The article goes on to state that there are around 4 million Muslims in France and about 700,000 Jews. The Muslims can probably rally twice that with the help of Leftist allies so French Jews are in a pretty bad position, especially given that the French government can barely maintian law and order now.

Everything old is new again it seems. Arm yourselves.

4 thoughts on “Pogrom Against Jews in Europe Continues While American Media Silent

  1. Isn’t it quite an exposure what a lie how Palestinian radicals state during these rallies that it’s “okay” to equal Jews on the lines of the Nazis, but never mind getting away with Nazi-like deeds such as this?

  2. ‘Come to america and leave england’, maybe this is one of the problems that people find it difficult to understand what jews feel, looks like if jewish people can easily take or leave any land which for many millions of native consider their identity, english, french,… it´s like if jews are not german or french or italians, they just jew, they marry jew, they relate with jews… so maybe yes, maybe people don´t care that much because looks like jews are always and only worried about themselves.

  3. So Jews should stay in England and be murdered? I have given the same advice to women (because of all the gang-rapes by Muslims) and I’m sure many English people have fled their native land after being denied the right to self-defense, the right to prosper and the right to speak freely. Are thos people wrong too?

    Grow up “Victoria” the writing is on the wall and all those Jews in Europe are going to die while Europeans stand idle and people like you cheer.

  4. This is how they are trying to get Israel to stop defending itself – by attacking Jews around the world. It’s extortion. Blackmail. “Stop defending yourselves and we will stop hurting your people!” F*cking pathetic. Little barbarians like this need to get the snot beaten out of them to send a message back!

    By the way, Rob, kudos to you for being able to decipher the incoherent drivel of victoria. Wow. I guess they don’t have schools where she is from.

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