American Al-Qaeda Member Outed as Active Online Pedophile


The above photo is James Gray, also known as Musa Islam Abu Ayyum to his fellow Muslims and “Onemililgram” to the online pedophile community. Gray is known as a “LGL” or little girl lover and has been extremely active both before and after his conversion in the Girlchat forums and online pedophile activism in general.

If the name James Gray sounds familiar to you it’s because in 2006 he made the news when he was arrested by Egyptian authorities for recruiting Jihadists to fight American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was deported from Egypt but escaped prosecution here and is assumed to be back in Egypt with his wife who he was given in an arranged marriage soon after he arrived in Egypt. He may sill be in Ohio however.

Fundamentalist schools of Islam, and Wahhabism in particular, have become quite attractive to child rapists because of the practice of child marriage which theocratic Islamic states allow to this day, and because the more radicalized Muslims of today are so loathe to admit Mohammed wasn’t The Perfect Man that they defend his forays into pedophilia as natural and essentially lawful for Muslims.

But that’s only one part of the picture. The fact that Islamic states treat rape victims harshly and demand total fealty of women to men upon pain of death is also a powerful lure for men who are planning, as Musa Islam is, to molest children, perhaps even his own. In a society where a rape victim may be executed as an adulteress, those who exploit children may be assured that few victims will dare speak out against them.

It should surprise no one that a degenerate who rapes children would join Al-Qaeda and arrange for his fellow Americans to be murdered. Wikisposure has a complete accounting of his online activity including his numerous screen names and social networking pages. I wonder what his Al-Qaeda brethren would say about him if they knew he was frequenting child rape message boards with fantasies like this one:

I know in the USA it is pretty hard for a single man to adopt, hehe but get this, 78% of adoption agiencys are pro, and Allow gay adoptions. I talked to another LGL friend, and when the time comes we simply get married somewhere and pretend to be a gay couple. Of course there are alot a different ways of doinng it.

I don’t think Osama will approve of that little scheme. Do you James?

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  1. Allah is a figment of disturbed imaginations, and Mohamed was a syphilitic gutter-dweller. They both enjoyed pork while drinking copious amounts of liquor. Then they would sit with the soles of their feet facing the Earth, while fornicating and bowing to the West, just to be different. I heard Mohamed blew a camel once. If I were a better artist, I’d draw a cartoon of both Allah and Mohamed, just to get the sissy Moslems’ panties in a twist. Sheesh! How do they expect to take over the world, when they start crying about a damned CARTOON, for Pete’s sake! What a bunch of cry-babies they are. I’d bet that they got their whiny-ness from the teachings of their piss-stained Koran. It really is no big surprise to hear that they condone pedophilia- after all, the whole damned religion was founded on rape and murder. Did I mention that Mohamed was a faggy, pork-eating, dress-wearing pansy?

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