China’s War on America

A Chinese submarine infiltrated an American navel exercise of the coast of Japan in another provocative move by the hard line communist government who are intent on provoking retaliation from the U.S.

China’s military buildup which has been an issue of grave concern for years seems to be in preparation for only one thing: War with America.

The rash of poisoned products coming from China is no accident, as JunkYardBlog pointed out a few days ago it’s right out of the C.C.P.’s own play book for war with America called Unrestricted Warfare.

As China move closer toward the inevitable conflict with America and Japan over Taiwan the C.C.P. is prepping the ground for the major conflict by chipping away at American Economic, Political and Technological viability. They are largely responsible for the devaluation of our dollars, in concert with Russia they are supporting our potential enemies in the middle east and are engaged in cyber attacks on the U.S. and our allies while at the same time claiming that it is Taiwan and the U.S. provoking them.

China’s new partner in Latin America, who has just recently turned gunmen loose on Democracy protesters in an attempt to imitate the C.C.P.’s 1989 crackdown, has been stockpiling weapons for years and with China’s help his bolivarian axis could literally open up a front line in a war with America on our own soil.

China may already have the capability to destroy America’s air superiority and there only serious navel weakness is a lack of range for their vessels. That weakness has been easily countered by their program of dollar devaluation which will leave our high tech navy adrift with limited amounts of fuel.

Conventional war with China will come, but war with China is already here. They will continue to poison our children, our pets and foreign relations until the Communist party achieves it’s stated goal, world wide socialism. When will politicians in America wake up to this menace which has already cost too many American lives?