For You Liberals Who Think Pepper Spray is Adequate for Self-Defense

The dangerous myth that pepper spray will stop an attacker cold is thrown at women with reckless abandon. Much like the groin strike myth it is aimed on woman in particular who feel uncomfortable with other weapons and have no idea how often men are stuck in their groins as kids horsing around. Find ten men and at least one will have allowed himself to be pepper sprayed by friends, and there’s probably one who’s taken a dose from a cop. Having experienced it they will not panic when it’s used on them again and can keep fighting. This is also the case with drunks, addicts and just people with anger problems who don’t care how much there eyes burn or how difficult it is to breath.

Observe. This guy is 53-yearold Glenn L. Horlacher. He was drunk and violent at Disneyland. Security pepper sprayed this old douchbag several times and he kept fighting:

Now I don’t think you shouldn’t have a good pepper spray in your arsenal (or bear spray if you can get it) but people have to understand what the spray does. It gives you an advantage over an opponent, slightly disorienting them with mild pain and discomfort, and that gives you the opportunity to flee or fight. But just spraying a guy then trying to walk away in your heels will get you killed. Spraying an assailant (and when you do you should empty the can on him then hurl the can as hard as you can into his head) should be followed up with some other form of violence while you have an advantage. Because as you can see after multiple pepper sprays it Glenn was able to knock the security guard off his feet and injure someone. A young healthy mugger or rapists can be expected to outperform him.

After pepper spraying someone it’s a good time to give them the groin kick, followed up by a stabbing in the neck with car keys and maybe some good old fashioned strangulation. That’s not even close to what an attacker is planning on doing to you ladies.

2 thoughts on “For You Liberals Who Think Pepper Spray is Adequate for Self-Defense

  1. THANK YOU for posting this. I had no idea pepper spray was that ineffective. I’m a city girl so I had never heard of bear spray. Have you used it before? If so, do you know how effective it is versus “people” pepper spray? Can I contact you directly to discuss home defense?

  2. Yes use my contact form, but I’m no expert. Bear spray tends to have a higher concentration than regular pepper spray but more importantly they are pressurized to spray much further. The cans are bigger though and in many cities it may not be legal to own or carry.

    I carry pepper spray down here because I sometimes see feral dogs about but pepper spray is not effective on all people or animals but it’s better than nothing.

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