Inshallahshaheed Gone to Ground!

I posted about the 9/11 terror threat from Al-Qaeda mouthpiece Ignored pieces of the Puzzle about four days ago. I also reported them to the F.B.I. like any good citizen, one of hundreds I’m sure. Now the blog is down, presumably because of all the attention they’ve been getting and the anti terror operations that are ongoing.

This isn’t a victory, however, as the author and those he recruited through his site, like would be Jihadist Faizia, are now likely in the process of covering their tracks. The shutting down of their site may be a precursor for direct action. I believe Faizia is a 20 year old White or White looking Muslim convert who may be in the NYC area. She may work with computers and has stated on the website her desire participate in the Jihad.

Other frequenters of Inshallahshaheed’s site can sometimes be found on sites like Caravan of Martyrs. Some of Ignored pieces of the Puzzle’s fellow Jihadists’ sites are also displaying suspicious behavior that is cause for concern:

Shaheen of The Jihad Fields are Calling! has posted a Jihadist suicide note on his site.

Caravan of Martyrs has this odd post up plugging a transcription of a mysterious text that need not be named, if you’re an Islamist I guess.

Ahmed Ismail is signing off to “move to another country.”

With less then a week until the anniversary of 9/11, and a major storm that might be headed our way, this is the perfect time for Islamists to strike. I just hope the authorities have this situation in hand.

24 thoughts on “Inshallahshaheed Gone to Ground!

  1. ch ch ch ch

    i reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy feel sorry for you people

    infact i feel pitty for you

    so scared all the time

    i don’t know if there is more coward nations exist in the world then americans.


    Inshallahshaheed was not banned or closed down by authorities

    he himself shutdown the site

    we don’t stay here for long

    our real place is not this cyber world its somewhere else we just come here when we need it

    so long

    stay afraid cowards 😉

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  3. Right, your friend shut down this site after publishing a threat and getting exposed. Now he’s running scared and you’re afraid to get thrown in Gitmo with your Jihadi brethern. Sounds to me like you’re the one running scared.

  4. Majahid, You guys are really stupid leaving such a loooooong cyber paper trail! Looking forward to the indictment.

  5. they are disappearing because they don’t wanna be around when the nuclear dust settles…

    this is also why the camps in Afghanistan have emptied…

  6. Don’t you mean “delusions” Mujahid?

    Also, since you won’t publish my comments on your blog (because you’re the coward I guess) why do you insist on commneting here?

    I never thought I do this but … You’re banned! (until you publish my thoughtful polite comment on your blog that helpfully corrected your piss poor English and general unmaniliness)


  8. Hey Rob and all,

    Very curious indeed that the US released this Bin Laden video before Al Qaeda did! Very curious indeed!

    Right on cue, Al Qaeda releases another video, precisely when Bush/Cheney and cohorts need to scare congress into towing the neo-con line on the war. How many times must this occur before the corporate media outlets start asking some hard and pointed questions. This is much more important than Larry Craig’s follies. How many more unlikely coincidences are necessary before more people discern a strong pattern in the noise?

    Read More…

    Editor’s note: This page of “SevenStar’s” explains his automatic assumption of a “neo-con” (Jewish) conspiracy. Oh and on another of his sites he rails against Christianity and ends with this interesting quote:

    When finally confronted with the truth about what happened two millennia ago, these people will be completely unable to discern the true Messiah (me) from long-term lies and will fight tooth and nail to cling to the Roman deceptions and strong delusions of the New Testament. Christianity has always been an enemy of science, truth, and justice and recent events strongly reinforce this observation.

    Grain of salt, people, grain of salt. But aren’t most conspiracy theorists as crazy as Seven Star hand?

  9. Thy told you don’t you ever come around here,
    dont’t want to see your face you would better vanish ….. just beat it …

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  11. Well, I know several people that reported him. Maybe wordpress is antsy around this time of year to keep the jihadism low key.

    It’s for the best though.

  12. You’re all idiots. Thanks religion, for making this country, and entire world, a terrible place to live!

  13. I think sites like this one really freak out terrorists because they think the Kuffars are idiots– when in fact it is the other way around. Anytime you embrace evil as you chort and catalyst, you are on the losing side of thought, reason and ontological empathy.

    Dear killers of children who bury bombs in dead dogs and fight behind women– good bye see you in hell.

  14. You`re full of lies. Shaheen is not the owner of “Jihad fields are calling”. Shaheen is a female who has a blog about hijabs and things that matter every Muslim female. The owner of “ihad Fields are calling” is a tottaly other person. Your posts are full of weakness points and groundless accusations. Don’t make up lies just to drag more traffic to your propaganda-machine site because one way or another people will know that you`re full of lies and your whole site is a trash can.

  15. “This user has elected to delete their account and the content is no longer available.”

    Looks like the terrorist is hiding in a cave

  16. They’ve been taking a beating lately by counter Jihad activists on the ‘net. Someone just told me that some of the sites are being taken down as soon as they go up by people who watch the forums, get news of a new site and get a bunch of folks to contact the host companies.

    They try to cover their tracks, but their stuff is cached and I’m sure sent to the proper authorities.

  17. rob zombie taylor…
    10/17/07 today is 2/21/10. its been awhile.
    you still in the game?

  18. hehe…rob zombie taylor
    all wrapped up with petty, unneccessary details. who is rob zombie taylor? You sure do put together alot pretty sentences.
    what is your purpose?
    how do you define conservatism?

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