Jihadi Website Post Terror Threat Against NYC!

The website of Al-Qaeda propagandist Inshallahshaheed has posted a threat regarding the “upcoming invasion of Manhattan” which is scheduled for this coming 9/11. Most of his post is in Arabic, with a link to a bizarre sound file featuring gunfire and what I think is Arabic speakers giving some sort of instructions.

The website, called Ignored Puzzle Pieces of knowledge has posted footage from the Iraqi insurgency as well as from Jihadists in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Chechnya. This is to my knowledge the first threat posted prior to some sort of operation.

The author has just recruited a young woman named Faizia who may be a accomplice in a New York operation if there is one. Her MySpace page was set to private shortly after she had inquired about helping with the Jihad on this post, but I think she listed the New York area as her residence, I’m not 100% sure however.

Given the recent panicky statements by the Northeast Intelligence Network this sort of posting obviously gets me suspicious. Any readers who can translate Arabic drop me a line.

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