DailyKos Commits Treason! (Sort of)

At least it would be treason if the story was true. DailyKos diarist Maccabee apparently has some sort of imaginary girlfriend serving on an aircraft carrier who wants the brave patriots at Kos to tell the world the exact details of an upcoming attack on Iran.

As Macranger points out, there’s a word for this besides dissent:

I passed this post on to the ONI AG – Office of Naval Intelligence AG to have a look-see and see if they can find this young lady – if she exists and have a chat. An active duty officer on a ship preparing for operations giving out the op plans to said operation is called – treason.

Again, considering the source (Kos), buyer beware, but if true the poster who goes by the name “Maccabee” – will be having some visitors.

That would of course be if the report wasn’t some lefty wet dream, which is the general consensus on the subject. If it were true though, wouldn’t Maccabee be endangering her fellow soldiers by releasing details of the attack plan?

Is that how you support the troops?

h/t Hot Air