Another Filthy Jihadist Pervert Claims Child Rape is Acceptable

The second YouTube video in as many months where a fairly young guy argues for marrying children based on Islamic values. His argument is straight from the undergraduate liberal arts textbook. He’s preaching moral relativism, the flip side of social science doctrine to view cultures without your inherent ethnocentrism. His argument is that since our (westerners) ethics aren’t universally accepted, it isn’t “ethical” to judge other cultures using our moral compass, but we should use the morals and ethics of the society we’re judging to judge them.

A comfortable enough argument for many people who are the product of western higher education, until you apply that standard to, let’s say, the murderous Nazi infested Germany of WW II or the blood soaked Aztec empire. In both those societies the brutal and barbaric murders of sacrificial victims (political for the Nazis, religious for the Aztec) were quite common place and accepted. Should we not judge them? Is the Holocaust acceptable because it conformed to the ethics of Germans at that time? Skinning unwilling people alive who were captured from other villages? Human experimentation? Child Sacrifice?

This is how Wahhabism lures young Muslims into it’s fold, by offering “perks” to its followers like sex slaves, murdering infidels and for those with the “short eyes” child brides.

Watch to be disgusted, it’s in two parts so settle in. Vid one starts slow, but the last three minutes will make any feminist worth their salt go ballistic. It’s also the verbatim argument made by Jihadi Pervert one who was from California. Odd that the someone from Canada would be repeating the same tripe. It’s almost as if their being self radicalized by hanging around a jihadi propaganda outlet:



I wonder if this guy’s willing to extend the same non-judgmental courtesy to our western traditions, though he’s pretty clearly applying his ethics to Canada in the first video. It’s like he’s just using some tired old college lefty’s lazy Thursday lecture to fool college kids into thinking being against the sexualization, objectification, and exploitation of little girls is Islamophobia.

h/t MosqueWatch

Pandagon who mysteriously treats my comments as spam, has more important things to worry about than child exploitation. Like equating h2b visas to American slavery. Don’t worry, it’s o.k. that said that, their White liberals