All Americans Should be Proud of Tila Tequila!


I got a comment once where a person was nice enough to inform me that I had risque ads showing up featuring my favorite capitalist, Tila Tequila. It read:

FYI, your Internet ad is advertising a Maxim poster of Tila Tequila in scantily clad and suggestively postured. And a button of her which description, to give you an idea, says “huge boobs”.

It should be noted that thus far this is the only complaint I’ve received, but it isn’t the first time I had to explain to someone why I think Tila Tequila is a great example of what’s right with America in a time every politician, pundit and shut-in with an Internet connection is talking about what’s wrong with America.

Tila Tequila proves that America is still the land of opportunity, that America is still a country that rewards risk takers. You can be who you want without government interference and if you work hard and are smart you can make a living being that person. That’s what Tila did, isn’t it? She took an appearance on Surviving Nugent and a popular MySpace page and parlayed it into fame and fortune.

That’s America, a place where you can literally live your dreams. There is no English Tila Tequila, there is no Canadian Tila Tequila, there’s certainly no Russian, or Venezuelan or North Korean Tila Tequila, because Tila’s success is a product of American culture, political life and our free market system. She’s a product of freedom, and that’s something that, sadly, even our friends in Canada and England have less of than us.

Despite what some will say, Tila is also wholesome, for lack of a better word, but even my wife finds her adorable, not slutty. She may be in an issue of Penthouse or she may do some very provocative photo shoots (NSFW) but Tila still maintains an image of a fun loving, hard living woman who respects herself and is facing the world on her terms. That’s American.

Sure she got suckered in by Sicko and started yammering about free health care and and how great Cuba is. That just means she hasn’t read my Sicko Fun Fact posts showing that a socialized health care system leads to worse treatment for a nation’s most vulnerable populations, not better. Or maybe she needs to read about The Real Cuba and how the women there are treated by the Communist government. Or maybe she’s an old fashioned lefty. But so what? That’s her right as an American.

The fact is, Tila Tequila is the Gene Simmons of the Internet, a genius marketer who created not just an act but a brand. She makes a living just being Tila, and on this blog no ad has a higher click through rate than one with her name attached. She’s not just a celebrity, she’s an industry, and she makes sites like this one and dozens of others possible.

So I proudly display Tila merchandise, and for Labor Day, leave you with a selection of Tila Tequila web fluff sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Here’s Tila’s most recent single. I respect her for going around the corporate machine and doing her own thing (even though I’m more of a Sabbath fan):

Click here for a patriotic (and topless) video salute to America!

Click here for more dancing Tila madness!

This one’s for Theo Spark:

This one’s for me:

So in the future, don’t assume that because I’m a “conservative” that I’m stodgy, uptight and don’t want sex on my page. I’m for freedom, pure unadulterated freedom for all people everywhere to lead their lives as they see fit, and I’m blessed to have been born in the one country on earth where most people feel the same way. May the gods bless America and Americans like Tila Tequila.

37 thoughts on “All Americans Should be Proud of Tila Tequila!

  1. If you like her so much just travel to Singapore and pick up one for yourself, I bet you don’t have to be on a stupid ass TV show on MTV to get some down there

  2. Wow.

    A) I thought Tila tequila was Vietnamese.

    B) Singapore is not know for it’s nightlife or easy women, but for brutal canings and strictly enforced morality laws. I’d think you meant Thailand but that would clearly be outrageously racist.

    C) Like I said before, I like her ads and her business model. I’m sure she’s nice but a bit too young for me so this post has little to do with me “liking her”

  3. Sorry, but your premise is just downright wrong. This same persona exists in many cultures, not just American. China, for instance: go look up Furong Jiejie.

    And you have failed to convince me that being famous for any reason at all is inherently good. That a woman has become rich and famous for acting–you don’t seem like someone with a large vocabulary, so I’ll put it in simple terms–like a slut, says only that the buyers want more harlotry in their lives. Your amoral encouragement of this behavior is appalling. I hope you have matured since 2007.

  4. You didn’t read this post did you?

    And what’s with the insults? Especially galling when you write sentences like this:

    “That a woman has become rich and famous for acting–you don’t seem like someone with a large vocabulary, so I’ll put it in simple terms–like a slut, says only that the buyers want more harlotry in their lives.”

    That’s not English. Hopefully when you come back your vocabulary, and grasp of the language, will be better.

  5. ..and all Asians must feel ashamed of Tela’s image: sophisticaded, greedy of eager of silicone breasts, provocative in all ways, and above all, vulgar positions.She will earn more by sending her pictures to Pxx.Fortunately not all Asians are like her.

  6. hay pero q preciosa quisiera
    meterle un penesito en esa
    rica q tiene mmmmmmmm
    seve q nesesita leche
    mmmmmmmmm harmosa
    esa concha buena
    quisiera violarla!!!!!

  7. How the hell does America have more freedom than Canada? Here in Canada, gays are free to marry, people receive free health care and people are free from capitol punishment. So…yeah, I’d say we’re freer.

  8. Let me see, would I rather be in America where we have freedom of speech or Canada where vicious criminals who can’t be rehabilitated are treated like kittens, but lucky me, I can get free access to carefully rationed health care and marital entitlements for my same sex partner?

    No contest. America wins every time.

    No one who treasures liberty would subject themselves to the fascism of Human Rights Commission tribunals. Sarah, you might want to ask yourself how much those “entitlements” are actually costing you.

  9. Although there are a LOT of flaws with the “American Dream” and the individualism it proposes (and as such, I disagree with most of it), but at the same time, Tila Tequila IS a very fine example of someone who was able to use the system to her advantage.That’s not to say the American Dream is inherently correct (for some reason, accumulated wealth does not sit well with me, but at the same time, I feel as though Bellamy’s Utopian Society is a little TOO collectivist — maybe I’m just sitting on the fence?), I do agree that Tila Tequila has managed to use the media to her advantage — and by this, exact a great deal of wealth.

    Do I like Tila Tequila? Who knows. I’m ambivalent; I don’t see the point in hating or loving her. She’s a human who made it big, and good on her.

    Also, Jenn Q. Public, the last I checked, Canada had freedom of speech and does have jails. Please do not make outrageous accusations. 🙂 The Criminal Code of Canada does prosecute criminals (did you somehow miss that?)

    “Every one who commits first degree murder or second degree murder is guilty of an indictable offence and shall be sentenced to imprisonment for life.”

    If you still do not believe me, feel free to verify this for yourself at

    Thank you, and remember to think.

  10. i think shes a short retard with fake tits… thats about as clever and creative as i can get

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    que Dios te bendiga

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