Is There a Cover-Up in Saleman Abdirahman Dirie’s Death?

Some reporters seem to think so. Judi McLeod from the Canadian Free Press wrote this piece about the convention in Denver which states that only one lonely local talk radio host has been keeping the story on the front burner:

Nobody’s talking about the Canadian immigrant found dead in a Denver hotel room with a pound of cyanide just blocks away from the site two weeks ago today.
Just ask 630 KHOW Denver talk show host Peter Boyles, who’s been the only one trying to keep the story on the front burner.

“It’s been pushed away. The story went to ground,” Boyles, an award-winning Best Investigative Radio Talk Show Host said on his morning show last Tuesday.
A local police lieutenant had told him that Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, found dead last Monday in Room 408 at the Burnsley Hotel had been “up to no good”.

With the strange silence surrounding the Burnsley Hotel event, Boyles had to rely on reading interviews of Dirie’s sister in the Ottawa Citizen to his listeners.
But like Denver’s homeless, the circumstances of Dirie’s death, have been swept under the rug, making way for Thursday’s crowning.

The FBI’s claim that Dirie had no link to terrorism, taught Boyles a lesson in what he calls “federal speak”.

“In federal speak, that means they have no record of him. He’s a ghost.”

Like I said before, the authorities are trying keep bad reports out of the news rather than serve the public.

7 thoughts on “Is There a Cover-Up in Saleman Abdirahman Dirie’s Death?

  1. You may want to take a look at the Islamic Society of North America, a notable front group organized by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. I believe this group may have lobbied Denver law enforcement to rule the death of the Somali Canadian national as a “suicide” since it’s also reported the same ISNA group signed a deal with the U.S. government on being “anti”-terror.

    I should also point out that the ISNA also attended an interfaith session the DNC supported prior to the convention. Even ISNA leaders also hope to send representatives to the Republican National Convention.

  2. Sounds like the makings of a set up. The ISNA could get a lot of their goons positioned all over the city with the clout they have with the Democrats.

    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Also as being non-partisan here, with the ISNA, these closet Muslim Brotherhood types are also infiltrating the Republican National Convention. The same Marxist radials whom are leading the rallies in Denver have gone to go to St. Paul, Minnesota which is very close to the U.S.-Canadian border.

    I fear this Somali Canadian national was just the tip of the ice berg of the sleeper cells being prepared to implement terrorism. But was likely dumb enough to take in too much cynaide in one room. Not smart for a would-be terrorist.

    The ISNA is also allied with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), where cadres of PLO supporters often reside in Canada due to Canada’s own problems of Leftist politics and policies. A notable number of Hezbollah supporters whom are also supporters of the PLO came right out during 2006 during the Lebanese-Israeli War to demonstrate in favor of Hezbollah even more so than their counterparts in the USA.

    I’m sure the Somali Canadian who “committed suicide” likely participated in those brand of rallies. If there is a similar incident in St. Paul, in the coming days, I would not be surprised if local St. Paul law enforcement officials, like their Denver counterparts would cover it up due to ISNA also signing a deal with the U.S. government that they would “help” them on terrorism.

    Even when many of their other front groups are right in the mix with these Marxist-led rallies quite reministic of the Muslim Brotherhood’s early upbringing in Egypt with their close collaboration of the Egyptian Communist Party and the Free Officers Movement which brought Gamal Nasser to power. As also of note, the late Yasser Arafat has admitted to have been an MB member during World War II in support of a particular pro-Axis Grand Mufti whose father and also brother were originally friendly to the Jewish settlers in British Palestine.

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