Mother Claims Wine Helps 11-Month-Olds Sleep

It’s hard to argue with her. But then again who needs to argue when you’ve got the law on your side:

Of course there are people defending this woman on the basis that, if you’re my age, it was fairly common for a sick child to get a little whiskey poured in their tea or for parents to rub whiskey on teething babies gums. But if you can’t see the difference between rubbing a little whiskey on a child’s gums and filling up a bottle with wine then hopefully you don’t have children. Case in point, on Vince (Atty in Louisville) posted this comment in support of the mother on Strollerderby:

What harm or risk to the child? None.

This response to wine, use like the whiskey honey

and lemom so many kentucky grandmothers have long used,

is just psychotic. Whatever happened to law enforcement

common sense.

The Catholic Church gives wine to children.

Do the Louisville wine cops object to that?

State law even provides permission for that.

Louisville’s family courts are full

of anti-family activists, masquerading as “do-gooders”.

Another stupid abuse of a family in Kentucky.
August 22, 2008 10:29 PM

Right. It’s “anti-family activists” who want people to not fill bottles with wine and give it to their kids. It’s also anti-hugging activists who want tougher penalties for child molesters.