Jihad in Jersey!

Six Muslim men, three of whom are illegal aliens, were gearing up for Jihad attacks in New Jersey, including planning to attack Ft. Dix!. Several were from the former Yugoslavia and it is reported that one may have fought in the Kosovo conflict. Just like relatives of the Salt Lake Shooter. Hmmm.

Fox News is all over this one. There’s a press conference from Ft Dix upcoming.
Jihad Watch is reporting the that the apparently home grown cell had a DVD of Bin Ladin calling Muslims to Jihad. Also, links to a story about their sad performance at the shooting range.

Michelle Malkin has the DOJ complaint and more details than most newspapers.

Hot Air is following this story with frequent updates.

LaShawn Barber: “Let the ethnic and religious profiling begin!” Being from the Motherland (N.J.) I’m too upset to weigh in on that. I want to cool off before thinking about the politics of it, but America hosts a lot of “white Muslims” who seem to be pretty radical. Time to send them back to Europe?

Hot Air linked to this piece about White Muslims being recruited for terror that should be read by everyone. It could shed light on this attack and why it may be connected to Salt Lake City.

Jihad Watch has a time line posted.

Fox News conference didn’t have much new, but the fact that these degenerates were Jihadi snuff film enthusiasts was a point they were very emphatic about. YouTube videos or purchased on the black market? I’m leaning toward the first.

Malkin has more on the Jihadists, and Jihad Watch has an excerpt from the Newark Star Ledger where a former classmate of one of the Jihadists claims he was a normal guy, until he converted to Islam three years ago.

It should go without saying that Debbie Schlussel is on the case.