Communist Blogger Supports “Paris Jihad”

From No Parasan, who I keep linking to because of the events in France, I hope it’s no bother.

The quote is from yet another racist, White “revolutionary” who thinks that Sarkozy cleaning up the suburbs, and thus ending a wave of gang rapes which mainly target very young non-white girls, is an attack on the exploited downtrodden masses he couldn’t be bothered to associate with personally.

The media has covered the epidemic of gang rape in the run down suburbs of Paris before, and the horrific conditions for young girls are the subject of books and movies, but “Lenin” is unmoved. He believes that another few years of socialist rule, where the perpetrators of these atrocities are ignored or at best treated as victims of poverty and colonialism, would be infinitely better for the young girls who are being raped even as he types out his next screed than law and order.

So he claims he’ll support the “Jihad” (a telling choice of words) to protest the election of a man who ran partly on a platform of ending crime, including the gang rapes of innocent teenage girls, because in this sheltered armchair revolutionary’s view, the suffering of these women is not important, certainly not as important as his allegiance to a failed ideology.

Not that he seemed to physically support the “Paris Jihad” as his report on the first night of rioting is basically second hand accounts and analysis by others. I guess the weight of his self righteousness keeps him from getting up off the couch to take part in the revolution.

This is just another example, as minor as it is, of the racism and misogyny of the left. Where were the calls for a Jihad to end the gang rapes? Where was his righteous fury at the groups of men forcing themselves on young girls? It was non-existent, because Black or Arab girls being raped is a small price to pay for living in his Marxist dreamland.