Importing Violence: Muslim Family Disowns 8-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim – in Arizona

Not that local Arizona reporter Corey Rangel would have you believe there’s anything wrong with this, as his report goes out of the way to minimize and excuse this disgusting event. He even goes so far as to “tweak” the Liberian Ambassador’s comments to make it seem like he’s not defending the 8-year-old victim. Observe the multicultural mindset in all its glory:

Of course that isn’t at all what the ambassador said. In Rangel’s softball report the ambassador says that in his native Liberia the victim would be embraced by both law enforcement and the family, implying that there is some other influence on them.

Liberia is a little under a quarter Muslim, and former President Charles Taylor allied himself with Islam to consolidate power. The Mandingo tribe is one of Liberia’s Muslim populations and Surprise! according to this AZ Central report the local population has enough Mandingo tribe members to support a social organization bearing their name:

Ali Keita, a Liberian refugee and president of the Arizona Mandingo Association, works with refugees to ease their integration into U.S. society. Keita said that Liberian families may question why sexual-assault victims were in a situation that left them open for attack but that the initial response likely stems from disappointment and frustration with the family’s circumstances.

I’m sure. What I find unsurprising is that “African Studies” teachers and people with Journalism degrees promote the racist view that blaming the victim of rape for her abuse is an African tradition which is of course untrue, all to avoid saying that the family are Muslims and that Islam does indeed blame women for their own rapes. Disgusting.

Here’s a report via Breitbart that shows how horrific the crime was:

Rangel’s report says the father now wants the girl back, but that the boys “aren’t to blame” for the rape. If Arizona authorities give that poor girl back to him he’ll kill her for sure. Then we’ll get a bunch of articles about how Black people kill rape victims all the time from White reporters eager to please the sensibilities of Muslims.

16 thoughts on “Importing Violence: Muslim Family Disowns 8-Year-Old Gang Rape Victim – in Arizona

  1. Rob Taylor,

    This is really upsetting. We should never tolerate rape. Anyone who thinks there are no meaningful differences between cultures, needs to either study more, or think about things like this, long and hard.

    By the way, you want to hear about pandering to Muslims? This story I’m about to link to, is disturbing, and it is even more so, in light of this child rape.


  2. Rob Taylor,

    I know that England has been heading in that direction for some time, I just hope they turn back, before its too late.

  3. The upcoming elections there may be a wake up call for Labour, but Islamism is so entrenched socially and culturally that it will cause social upheaval to start eliminating it.

    That’s probably what they’ll have to do.

  4. Rob Taylor,

    But the alternative will be far worse, and hopefully enough people there realize will realize that.

  5. OK, so this is “a big cultural difference”, would that excuse the rapists if they chose a blonde/blue-eyed victim instead of this little girl who was also a refugee? Not likely. So why is it an excuse in this case?

    Why are people coming to this country being expected less and less to learn what sort of behaviors are appropriate here? Really, excusing the rape of a child anywhere is inexcusable, but don’t do it on my doorstep and expect me to keep my mouth shut. This is just out of control. Those boys shouldn’t be treated any differently than if their families had been here for generations.

  6. DodiaFae wrote:

    Why are people coming to this country being expected less and less to learn what sort of behaviors are appropriate here?

    One word: multiculturalism. It has become politically incorrect, especially on the left, to ask immigrants to assimilate, to learn and absorb American values and standards of behavior. But all cultures are not equal and should not find equal acceptance in America. A good example is the acceptance in some regions of Mexico of rape and abduction as long as the victimizer intends to marry his victim. Another example is the practice of ritual clitoridectomy. In the multicultural world view, that is just one of many cultural threads in the wonderfully diverse fabric of the world. While we might find it appalling, who are we to judge?

    Well, I’m judging. I’m pro-immigration, but it needs to be structured in such a way that the importation of violence, rape, and abuse is clearly unwelcome. And that starts with prizing assimilation over preservation of barbaric cultural behaviors.

  7. When we abandoned the “melting pot” model of immigration we set up situations like this by encouraging immigrants to ghettoize themselves and create small non-Americas within our borders.

  8. The behaviour of this family is unacceptable. However, it should not be seen as representing Islam as a religion. Indeed, Islam does not permit rape and had this family been sincere in their beliefs then they would not have treated their daughter so badly. They should have given her their full support. Unfortunately, many people from the 3rd world, both Muslims and non-Muslims do blame their women for being raped.. and this can be seen all over Africa and Asia .. and such an issue is not related to any particular religion.

    Also please do not blame multiculturalism for this either. Multiculturalism is essential to life in all of the new countries, ie, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.. without it, life will come to a stand still.. and we will also be spending all of our time trying to solve ethnic problems like the ones in West Side Story instead of getting on with our daily life.

    Multiculturalism is cool.

  9. Another thing here is that unfortunately, what is being illustrated by article and some of the comments, is that as if rape is something that was invented by immigrant.

    This is not true, except for the fact that the first immigrants who built this great American nation were involved in multiple rape crimes against the indigenous North Americans, the Red Indians… this is as well as the fact that rape is a part of daily life in the US. If you page through the statical studies of rape in the US then you will see that there is a rape assault every two minutes in the US. That makes it 30 rapes per hour or 720 rapes per day.

    How many of those rapes are committed by migrants? Please think about this.

  10. Multiculturalism creates permenant underclasses in society for the bnenefit of ricc elites who exploit unassmiliated immigrants.

    Your version of U.S. history uis Marxist. Native Americans (the term Red Indian is racist) were being exploited by the Aztecs when Europeans arrived. White mountain men often took Native brides as a bond of friendship(like Jim Bridger, who married multiple Crow women) and some Native tribes, like the Apache, were known to rape all prisoners. Geronimo himself is known to have participated in the gang rape of a 12-year-old Mexican girl whose family, including her infant siblings, he slaughtered.

    A significant portion of those rapes you mention are in fact committed by Unassimilated illegal immigrants. But you already know that, your interest is in

  11. Now I see that the misleading information in this site is delibrate. Last week I left YOU a reply/comment to the lies against muslims in this fabricated report and you delited that and yet still, did not get your facts straight. You need to stop spreading this gabage against the billions of moslems around the world or else …you will be found and punished apprppriately!!!

  12. I live in Mauldin SC and I’m listed. You’re a bitch and will NEVER come “punish” me but should you find any balls I guarantee you that I can whip the ass of any five Muslims any place and at any time.

    You’re a punk, your mother’s a whore and your dad sucks cocks. Is that enough to get you to come down here? No. Of course not because you’re a bitch.

  13. There you are’ that’s exactly your punishment ,”exposing the kind of person you really are!” By the way when you are capable of throwing these kinds of gabage out there ,what else you cann’t do?
    Knowingly fabricating and twisting facts of situation you are aware of or should be if you going to write about it. Is it just to serve your illed thoughts about a particular group of people.
    Are you capable of really getting to the botom of anything? Or you are so consumed with hatred you can not stand the fact that a Liberian chriestian family was in an unfortunate situation and got help from another Liberian group that happened to be muslims? ….Please get your facts straight.

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