A Short Clarification of My Stance on Iran

I stated recently that people stroking themselves over how they were supporting the oppressed people of Iran by “mircobloging” was pretty pathetic, and I stand by that.

But then this lefty supporter of the mullahs of Iran piggybacked on my post in an attempt to prove supporting Iran was “chickenhawk” nonsense. That’s not what I meant and not what I believe.

Supporting Iran is great, but the Iranian people will be freed only when the Mullahs and their supporters are dead. I hope these protests lead to an overthrow and the gallows for the Islamic Imperialists who have crushed and destroyed the Persian culture, a culture that goes back thousands of years. But unless you can show me a way to ship guns, ammo and some willing bodies over there I just don’t see that happening. Obama will allow the heavily armed theocratic government to massacre anyone they want, just as Jimmy Carter allowed Islamists to destroy the Shah’s modern government where women held high level positions in the military and government and the Persian people enjoyed true rule of law.

Obama’s a coward who will not allow us to truly help. He will not allow us to ship weapons and ammunition to Iranian revolutionaries. He will not allow Americans to go help defend freedom as they did in the Spanish Civil War. We modern people have little choice but to wallow in nanny state impotence so I applaud those who stand in emotional solidarity with the people dying for freedom in Iran’s blood soaked streets even now. I just don’t want people to kid themselves that there is anything they can do to help the Iranians aside from providing some small level of moral support.

The U.N. doesn’t care what happens, nor does Obama. So getting the reports of atrocities out may be gratifying but ultimately meaningless. Pray for the Iranians and their struggle, and support the Iranians in protest.

But don’t kid yourselves. Iran is on its own. I’m not arguing that this is O.K., I’m arguing that we need to change that.

4 thoughts on “A Short Clarification of My Stance on Iran

  1. Thank you for the clarification. It’s breaking my heart with every new report, tweet, and blog I see, but like many people around the world I’m sure, I simply feel helpless.

    Praying for Iran,

  2. I would trust even the so-called moderates running against the openly hardline supporters of Ahmadinejad. Even the “moderate” counterparts to Ahmadinejad state they’d continue enriching uranium, and continue the nuclearization of Iran, minus the Jew-baiting commentary.

    All they’re doing is following the pattern which the Supreme Leader of Iran is promoting, which even he began to support the anti-Ahmadinejad protesters.

  3. Rob Taylor,

    Even if the people of Iran can’t overthrow their oppressors, and even if we can’t reform the country and turn it into a free westernized democracy, we shouldn’t treat every instance of that regime’s abuse as a non story. For one thing, people in free societies like our own need to be constantly reminded just how good they have it.

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